I know our collective hearts are breaking for this poor defenceless beautiful soul.

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Diabolical. 😢

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Another testimony, by a doctor.

"If you take anything from my story, understand this: The hospital has become a jail. Based on the nurses reaction, the doctor is not in charge, and 6 nurses willing to abandon a patient drowning in pus means that this is a systemic problem."

Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19

October 13, 2022




DR. STEPHEN GUFFANTI: OK. I'm Dr. Stephen Guffanti. I was minding my own business. I'm an emergency room doctor, so my job is to find people who are dying and stop that. And I was admitted to the hospital with covid 10 days after I contracted it, which means I was no longer contagious. My doctor told me I was no longer contagious, but he had no explanation for why I was in isolation or why I was getting Remdesivir, which is an anti-viral evidently used in this protocol.

The fact that my doctor could not explain his treatment plan meant that it was not his treatment plan. So whoever's pulling the strings, it was not the MD whose name was on the order.

So this young man [indicates a photograph], 20 years younger than me, a marathon runner, became my roommate. And I watched him get sicker and sicker. Now I'm an ER doc with my own two cents in the 80s, but I can recognize when somebody's having a hard time breathing. So I grabbed my IV pull, I went over to him, I tested his inspiration volume, and he's running on one fourth of a lung, and I say to him, Keith! Why are you so sick? And he says, I don't know. I said, Do you want me to be your patient advocate? He said, sure.

So I got to the nurse, I say, I'm his patient advocate, let's take a look at his lab. The guy's got a bacterial pneumonia for the last 4 days and nobody's giving him any antibiotics! They're not even working him up! They're watching his pneumonia get worse, watching his white count go up, and they're doing nothing!

So I say, well, the doctor's probably missed this pneumonia. Even though he's the one that ordered the lab! So let's talk to the doctor. Twelve hours later they still would not talk to the doctor. Keith is now looking like this [indicating photograph]. He's drowning in pus and I say to the night nurse, this man needs to see his doctor. She would not tell us who his doctor was.

I got an infectious disease doc on the phone at 3 in the morning because in the emergency room you're allowed to do that. So I did that. And they wouldn't tell the infectious disease doc which of his colleagues was taking care of this guy.

They tied me to my bed and they put me in isolation. And the only reason I can have for them doing that to an MD who is on the spot—- right—- in the medical protocol the MD who is at the bedside has priority over the nurses and any of the other personnel. The only doctor that could have had protocol over me would have been the patient's doctor—- if he showed up at the bedside.

Well, I got tied to my bed. I got put in isolation. I was [?] even though I told them, you don't have to do any of this, I'll sign out AMA [against medical advice]. They wouldn't let me sign out AMA. Finally, some doc came by and said, Why are you here? I said, I'm being held against my will. He released me and let me go home.

When I left that hospital my oxygen saturation was 81. Normal oxygen saturation is between 95 and 100, and if you've got normal lungs and you hold your breath you will never break it down below 90. You'd be lucky to break it down below 95. So my lungs were really damaged. Turned out I had a bronchitis. I started treating myself, I went and got some oxygen and then — [indicating photo] This happens to be a facebook post done at 3 in the morning. The other facebook post I did was the last nurse walking out on the patient that he desperately needed.

That got me here because for some odd reason people think if you're a retired doctor and you've had covid, you know how to treat it. So I talked to Dr. Littell*, I don't know, about a month after I got out, and I just started picking his brain.

All I'm telling you is, this is not real medicine. Medicine does not give mandates. We give advice. Whenever you hear medicine mandate, that's not doctors, that's the government. And I've had patients worse than me that I've brought oxygen to and given them Ivermectin and given them high-dose Vitamin C. And now there's this wave of long-haul covid.

If you take anything from my story, understand this: The hospital has become a jail. Based on the nurses reaction, the doctor is not in charge, and 6 nurses willing to abandon a patient drowning in pus means that this is a systemic problem.

So what have I done? You know, I'm an EM doc so I do whatever it takes. I have replaced half the hospital board. [?] is the fifth board member. If I get [?] on Sarasota Memorial's Hospital's board we can do an investigation into what laws created this chaos.

Now, you're probably not from Sarasota. But out of the 67 counties in Florida, 21 of them have elected hospital boards. So if you belong to a county that has that I highly recommend you go to the board and find out who's going to listen and who's not.

I went of course to doctors and nurses to get on the board because if you get a businessman on the board he has no clue what you're talking about when you talk medicine. We had a guy on the board for 20 years, we asked him, what's informed consent? And he had no idea. Can you imagine being on a hospital board and not knowing what informed consent is?

I've probably talked more than my 3 minutes. Thank you very much for coming here.


1:39: 44


# # #


* Dr. John Littell's website is https://www.johnlittellmd.com/

See also

"Doctor Restrained, Put Into Solitary Confinement After Advocating For Mistreated COVID Patient

The Stew Peters Show

August 13, 2021


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Heartbreaking. As a family member of someone with special needs, I almost could not finish this post. No other words.

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This will continue under Biden. We must stand.

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And Jesus warned the love of many would grow cold! The doctors and health professionals who participated in this kind woman's death should be charged with a crime or they should get out of the health profession.

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Fauci cut the vocal cords of the Beagles to stop their cries of pain. He etc and false prophets are next. By their fruits shall you know them.

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And another one:

October 13, 2022


Patty Myers: "My Tony: They Used to Call Those Hospitals"

October 13, 2022


PATTY MYERS: This is really hard.

FEMALE VOICE: You can do it.

PATTY MYERS [holding up photograph]: My name is Patty Myers and I'm from Winter Garden, Florida, and I drove my husband of 31 years to the death chamber. They used to call those hospitals.

The government, hospitals, and some doctors, are out there trying to put fear into people to do what they want them to do and I am frankly tired of it. They bullied me in the hospital by asking me over and over, was I in the medical field? They mandate protocols, Fauci in particular, I won't even refer to him as a doctor, and ignore any of the patients' rights.

My husband Tony went into the hospital just to get a little oxygen. He was dipping in the 80s for his oxygen. While he stayed in the ER for more than 12 hours with no oxygen given, he sent me a text saying, quote, they are trying to figure out a reason to keep me here.

He said his oxygen was OK in the 95s and 98s. His hospital records show that as well.

Why did they keep him? Well, they figured out the reason. That was Remdesivir. He got it early the next morning. Within 48 hours he was getting worse. They kept giving him more oxygen, flooding his lungs. They didn't allow me to see him for 5 days.

Hmmm, Remdesivir is a treatment for 5 days.

Hospitals isolate. This is not misinformation!

I demanded to be let in to see him when he was steadily getting worse those next four days. They let me in. I couldn't believe how he looked. He looked exhausted. They weren't letting him get up at all, he was using bed pans, he had not been bathed that whole time. He was also sleeping on a ripped, holey mattress.

Hospitals neglect! That is not misinformation!

That day, I demanded Ivermectin and they made fun of it. They said they didn't have it. They said it's not an approved medicine for covid. All were lies.

He was increasingly getting worse on BiPAP* and high-flow oxygen. After a week of being there they were pressuring hard to have him get on a ventilator. He wasn't even on the most oxygen at that point. They kept saying, We have done the protocol, there is no other meds to give you. The ICU doctor later said, He should have been placed on the ventilator when he was doing better.

My husband was panicking.

Doctors lie about meds that are available. That is misinformation how they say that those aren't available.

I finally got a doctor to say yes Ivermectin after he was there in the hospital 10 days. He made major improvements after getting his lifesaving medicine. The day he got it, he couldn't eat, he couldn't sit up, he was on 100% high-flow oxygen. Within 3 days he was off the high-flow oxygen and he was only on 6 liters of regular oxygen. He shaved, he asked me to bring Chipotle, and he told me he was healed. They said he would be going home in a day or two. Three days before this, they don't wasn't going to make it and he had to be vented right away.

Doctors say the only way to live is to be vented. This is misinformation!

I'm almost done. Sorry.

He was moved to ICU right after because he had a shortness of breath episode which he had in the

early morning. He was pushing the button to say help and the nurse wouldn't answer, no one came, he kept pushing the button, over and over, no one came, so he had to start screaming for people. After that they stopped the Ivermectin and they were hard and strong now about the ventilator and how he wasn't going to make it. He was only on 40% high-flow at that point.

He was in the hospital another 10 days, they wore they wore him down by their words and actions.

He saw bodybag after body bag pass his room. One day it was five. He begged me to call the nurses and close his blinds. He begged for ice and water over an hour, no one came to bring him some. The last week he wasn't given food, either.

The doctors wouldn't give vitamins C, D, or zinc, they said it was not proven to work. We both begged for Ivermectin to be continued and increase the milligrams, but they stayed hard and strong about him not getting it anymore.

Hospital administrators said Ivermectin is not proven to work, as well as high dose vitamins. This is misinformation!

Hospital administrators are telling doctors what they can and can't prescribe. That is truth!

I met his doctor after my husband passed away and he said, quote, He died because he didn't get the vaccine. In my husband's ICU half of the people that were in there, I asked each family, they were vaccinated, they were boosted and they still died. That is truth!

The government incentivizes the hospitals to use these things that kill. That is truth!

The hospitals are profiting from the murders of our family members. That is truth!

They murdered my Tony, they refused to honor his patient rights, and right to try. He called [?], he called the governor, he emailed the news media, including Channel 9—- that I appreciate they were here earlier, but left. There is no other local news media here right now. And you're cowards! To tell the truth!

No one responded. My husband was only 55 years old, and I have known him since I was 19. He was funny, he was the love of my life. In less than 4 weeks from having no problems at all he was gone. He died on September 9, 2021.** I watched him slowly suffocate as many doctors and nurses stood there saying that there's no more meds to give him.

Stop the fear tactics! Stop the lies! Let's show our loved ones' faces and remember how brave they were to sit there and watch doctors and nurses not give proper care and needed meds to heal.

We are not standing for it anymore. My husband didn't deserve to die, and he certainly didn't deserve to be treated the way he was for weeks in the hospital.

And I want to read Luke 18: 7-8. Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off? I tell you He will see that they get justice and quickly.

Today we are here to share the truth and I hope you'll stand with me. Thank you.


# # #


*BiPAP is a form of noninvasive ventilation therapy.

**Joseph Anthony "Tony" Myers' obituary is at this link:


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And the tears rolled down my cheeks. So wrong, brutally wrong!!! I started working with the mentally and phsically handicapped when I was a teenager, did my RN and worked for years with special needs, group homes, 1:1, mentally impared, psychiatry, mental health, etc. Thru that I met so many wonderful, unique idividuals who taught me so much. The treatment of this young woman is truly despicable. Truly heart breaking. God bless her family and may she have found peacein the love of the Lord. God bless. Truly heartbroken. Despicable attitudes I find have not changed enough over the years towards special needs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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It doesn’t get any worse.

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Yet another

Woman Escapes Hospital Imprisonment

We the Patriots USA

by Teryn Gregson

September 28, 2022




TERYN GREGSON: It's almost been a year since this happened to you. Why have you now started to share your story? What prompted you to do so?

GAIL SELIER: Well, so when I first, um, when I first, when my husband pretty much stormed the ICU with my daughter and got me out, it took quite a while for me to recover. It took me longer to recover from the hospital abuse and neglect than it did from covid quite frankly, and so the first couple months that's what that was dedicated to. But I did tell my story initially to Crusader Radio and His Glory TV because His Glory TV actually had connected with my daughter to help while I was in the hospital, to help advocate, get her in contact with people. So we did do an interview there.

But I think now there's more people willing to hear it. At the time, there were very few stories coming out. I can remember when we started the Covid Humanity Betrayal Memory Project with Former Feds, I hooked up with Former Feds I think it was in February of this year and you know, initially there was I think like 10 stories out there. And now there's hundreds and hundreds of stories, and hundreds in the queue to be told that our interviewers are working through.

So you know initially, I was like, me and my husband and my daughter said, nobody's going to believe this crazy story we have, this crazy hospital experience we had. I mean, it's like, because you know, something out of a sci fi movie.


GAIL SELIER: And even today you know there were people that were right there with us in the beginning and I have to double-check with them, I'm like, they tried to kill me right? And they're like, oh yeah, they tried to murder you dead.

So it's because it's a wild story. And so. But now I think people are accepting those stories, they're starting to see more and more of them. You know, they can ignore 10 people talking about a horrible hospital experience or death, and especially you know the stories where the loved one doesn't make it, the person's child or the person's husband or wife. There's a bit of a pat on the head, you know, misplaced grief, you know, the doctors tried to do everything they can, and they kind of gaslight. And sometimes people don't know that they're gaslighting the victim. They're just, you know, misplaced grief, they didn't really try to kill your— But when you have a lot of survivor stories coming out, they can't, you know, it gives credibility to those stories, right? Because the family has the view

outside looking in, what they went through. But people like me and many other survivors that have come forward since the Epoch Times article* broke, they have the view from the inside. They know what's being said, I know from my own experience, the doctors and the nurses knew what they were doing. They absolutely know what they were doing. There's no doubt about it in my mind.



# # #


*Covid Humanity Betrayal Memory Project: https://chbmp.org/ 

*Woman Escapes COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols, Says Others Not So Lucky

by Matt MacGregor, September 15, 2022


See also:

"Unvaxxed Patient: How I Was rescued From Hospital Death"

by Dan Skorbach

November 22, 2022


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These stories of hospitals' violation of covid patients' rights and malfeasance are coming out in an avalanche. Here is another one of many:


"a hospital, a place of healing, became a prison"

"Our medical rights are being taken away. We couldn't stay with him and state his wishes. We couldn't make the choices we had the right to make for him. And how dare they take that from us."

Kissimmee, FL Press Conference: Your Story Counts — The Untold Atrocities of COVID-19

October 13, 2022




ERIN: Hi, My name is Erin [?]*. I am mom of nine children and 11 grandchildren. Sept 20, '21 my son Daniel was under a doctor's care at home. He was being treated for pneumonia. The doctor had warned them not to go to the hospital. People were not coming out. But at the time the doctor had prescribed him Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and the pharmacy could not fill the script, or would not.

It would be several days or weeks before they could get it. His wife and inlaws took the Ivermectin and recovered, and we knew many more who did.

They had no choice to call the paramedics, his oxygen had dropped below 70. He was struggling to breathe.

I got on the next flight to Kentucky. My son and his wife Chrissandra were well aware of the protocols of the hospital and verbalized they would not take Remdesivir treatment or any ventilation treatment.

They were strongly against it and made that very clear.

Once Daniel was admitted, they did not let his wife into the hospital with him. After a period of time his wife was able to go back in but for 30 minutes a day. Not into his room. Standing outside his room to pray over it.

After a period of time I was allowed in there and the same restrictions, and the times were very restrictive for me but I was only allowed outside.

We received a frantic phone call, they had to vent my son. He was struggling to breathe. After speaking with the doctor we knew the percentages of people that walk out of the hospital, that don't walk out of the hospital after being vented. And we told them that. And he said, well, your son has no chance to live right now, so at least give him that. We said no. We are on our way.

When we get there, Daniel is vented. Again, against his will.

I asked the doctor to read me the list of medications my son was on. I was shocked to hear that Remdesivir was on the list. I immediately told him to take my son off and to please refer to the records that him and his wife signed regarding the medication

when admitted.

No Remdesivir, the doctor promised me he would.

Daniel's wife Chrissandra followed up with the doctor about this subject and she was lied to, and lied at the actions taken.

He stated that he was following protocol. I asked him, what about Ivermectin? Through tears. He responded to me with the statement: I know it works, I have used it, but my hands are tied. And I would have to go to the administration to speak with them.

I was screaming at them. I had a lawyer on my phone. I had my phone up, I've got my lawyer on my phone, which I did. And—

I am going to the administration immediately, here is his script.

At that moment a kidney specialist joined us outside his room. He was one of the doctors that was treating my son. He said, I'm very sorry, it's too late. We stood in disbelief and questioned, what are you even talking about? He said that Daniel's kidneys were shutting down, a side-effect of using Remdesivir.

That was when I found out that my son was on the hospital CDC protocol, totally against his will. And within minutes, they ran out of his room, screaming, all hands on deck!

My heart was crushed, I was confused. Daniel was one of seven people that coded in front of us in one evening.

The nurse ran out and asked me, Do you want to come in and watch us resuscitate your son? The same nurse that would not allow me near my son. I said to her, we have been here for 10 days and you have not let me near my son. Now you want me to come into the room and watch you resuscitate him? How dare you.

I was standing in the hallway looking through the door and just praying. It was his bare feet I was able to see from my vantage point and I prayed into them with every intention. My baby boy was so close. I could sense him breathing, his body rising and falling. I traveled over 700 miles only to come against an evil no parent should have to face. A hospital, a place of healing, became a prison. And I was one moment away from being forcibly removed from that hospital for just wanting to be with my baby.

All I felt was helpless standing outside that door, barred from entering the room where my child was laying 10 feet from me. They physically won't let me near him. This is criminal! All's I wanted to do was touch Daniel, to let him hear my voice, to soothe his spirit and speak life into him. God's holy word. To treat him with Ivermectin because I knew that it worked, to restore this young man's glorious God frequency!

To be denied the opportunity to be healed was pure evil. Everyone who knew and was part of this is complicit. And you are responsible, they are so responsible, for every murder.

This time it was my precious boy. It could be anyone, easily anyone that's listening to this story right now.

Daniel was a light in this world. He walked in faith, he loved his family passionately. My husband and I gave Daniel God's inheritance and legacy and in turn, Daniel gave it to his children. And in the end God wins. But the torture of this journey is a heavy burden. With all of my heart I know where my son is and we will be together again.

The inhumane treatment of patients and families has got to come to an end!

The Ivermectin was being withheld from people. People were being sent away from the hospital until they were so so sick that they had no recourse but CDC Protocol.

The patients are alone, scared, having no family to advocate next to them, to protect their rights.

What is truly going on?

When we went to the hospital to pick over a thousand pages of medical records, the medical lady who handed us the big box of papers printed them out, you know, have to pay per page, handed them to us, said, "These are free. And I do not work at this hospital, I am only subbing in today. I need you to take my cell number." She said, "For anything, please take this, please do something about this. They are killing people here."

Our medical rights are being taken away. We couldn't stay with him and state his wishes. We couldn't make the choices we had the right to make for him. And how dare they take that from us.

In closing, I'm so grateful for the continued stand of support for my family and friends, [?] words are inadequate, all of my friends who I see here today. I am thankful for our governor who fights for families and fought to make sure that your family will not be dying in Florida alone.**

In a million years I could not have thought that this would be my son. I was fully informed, and it was still happening to me and my family. I hope that by sharing my story that it will encourage you to share yours.

Research these things!

Learn the truth and fight for it!

Our rights as Americans are being taken away.

And I will end in scripture. Psalm 34:18: The Lord is close to the broken-hearted. And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

And I am so thankful that I do not walk alone. Thank you.



# # #


*I was unable to verify the spelling of her last name.

**On April 6, 2022 Governor of Florida Ron DeSantos signed the No Patient Left Alone State Bill 988 that guarantees visitation rights of patients and their families. See


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How many will they kill because they are labeled "useless eaters"?

This story has be repeated probably over a million times and all for money.

Hospitals are places you go to die today as they make more money from your death than they do by healing the sick.

These people need to die.

“But if there is a person who hates his neighbor and lies in wait for him and rises up against him and strikes him so that he dies (intentionally murders), and he flees to one of the cities of refuge (to hide from justice), then the elders of his city shall send and take him from there and deliver him into the hand of the avenger of blood (closest relative), that he may die. You shall not pity him, but you shall purge the blood of the innocent from Israel, that it may go well with you. (Deuteronomy 19: 11-13)

This is natural law and the laws of this land that allow this murder to go on are invalid.

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I can’t finish reading this. This is why ewe have the 2nd. Go get your loved ones when all other avenues are blocked. Force the issue or accept it.

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This is so much like the horrifying story of Grace Shara!

Please God help us.


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I am a 61-year-old male, retired Licensed Practical Nurse. I am so ashamed to be associated with healthcare, based on what is happening today. I was also a long haul truck driver for 12 years prior to nursing. I am more proud of being a professional driver than being a nurse.

I became an LPN later in life so I only worked as an LPN for 12 years. But in that time I have never witnessed, and can not conceive that healthcare workers can behave in this manner. In my mind I picture the faces of my co-workers over the 12 years that I was a Nurse, and try to imagine them being turned into killers without a shred of remorse.

I don’t think I would ever enter a hospital for treatment for the rest of my life.

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