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I did see this study some time ago. Due to the sheer avalanche of studies demonstrating that the gene injection is neither safe nor effective, I had forgotten about it. There have been so many such studies that it's hard to remember them all. Thank you for bringing this to readers' attention.

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No more studies need be done. It's now an etched in granite fact the mRNA technology is not a vaccine but a deadly killing machine.

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Those who pushed the mRNA gene injection in France are very, very fortunate that the globalist cuck WEF puppet Micron was re-elected. If Marine Le Pen was president they would be swinging in the breeze now, after having first had proper trials of course.

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In regard to the study, the unvaccinated have been shown to be discriminated against by the health care staff and are disproportionately ushered to their demise on ECMO/Vents. So who knows the real numbers 🤷‍♀️

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I have a hard time accepting that study with 2.5 death with jab and 2.0 without. something stinks in france, we are not seeing those numbers in our area. But I guess there are different strength to the kill jab.

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I identified the Covid-19 scam in Feb 2020 and published on 21Mar2020. See CorrectPredictions.ca

I analysed the Covid-19 data in Feb2020 and on 21Mar2020 I published the following correct analysis – NO GENERAL LOCKDOWNS!:

Six months later on 4Oct2020, world-class physicians and researchers made the same recommendation in their Great Barrington Declaration.

Alberta had NO significant increase in total deaths to 1Jul2021, because our physicians performed early treatment of Covid-19 symptoms. No excess deaths means no dangerous pandemic!

On 8Jan2021 I wrote to every Alberta MLA and many federal and civic politicians the following strong recommendation, which has proved entirely correct – NO Covid-19 VACCINES!

Two years later, the Surgeon General of Florida published the same conclusion.

There was a large increase in total deaths for all ages after the toxic Covid-19 injections were deployed in early 2021 – deaths primarily caused by the toxic “vaccines”.


Based on Alberta total deaths and the increase post-vaxx, I calculated 12.9 million Covid-19-vaxx-deaths worldwide to end2022, increasing to more than 19 million by end2023.

That death count was just independently verified by Rancourt et al (Feb2023) based on Israeli and Australian total death data, at 13.25 million to 24Jan2023 – the same as my total.


These total global Covid-19-vaxx-caused deaths will increase by at least 1/2 million every month unless we take action.

I am trying to make inexpensive, voluntary, over-the-counter “Ivermectin plus” (IVM + Nattokinase?) packages widely available for treatment of the Covid illness and the vaxx-injured.

This low-risk, high reward “Ivermectin plus” treatment will save millions of lives.


The toxic Covid-19 "vaccines" have now killed ~650,000 Americans, ~50% more than all the U.S. Armed Forces killed or missing in World War II. If we continue as-is, and do not act to treat the vaxx-injured, total estimated U.S. vaxx-caused deaths will exceed 1 million by end2023.

The toxic Covid-19 “vaccines” have now killed ~98,000 Canadians, more than two times all the Canadian Armed Forces killed in World War II. If we continue as-is, and do not act to treat the vaxx-injured, total estimated Canadian vaxx-caused deaths will exceed ~140,000 by end2023.

"At a high level, corruption stems from the systemic disrespect of a nation’s institutions and legal system, especially by those in power. . . .The hallmark of virtually all corruption is “playing dumb”."

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When I go to read this article, I cannot find the information posted above. When I read the article, its conclusion is that the "ajusted odds ratio" is much better in the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. What is going on here?

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It means nothing.

Small sample size of vaccinated

Vaccinated are much older, probably more comorbidities as they were among the first to receive vx

Behavior might be a problem, maybe those partially vaccinated felt safe and socialized more

We need to know when they tested + affter the first dose. Is it within 3 days? How many? This group are already infected before the got the shot.

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