Jabs working as designed.. depopulation through vaccination.

I still remember Bill Gates's words from a TED talk a few years back.. 'if we do a really good job with the vaccines, we could lower that by 10, maybe 15 percent' (he was talking about population)

Now I know what he meant!

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How can so many people be so blinded as to what is happening here?

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We should have all followed Africa.

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My God! What have we done?

This is horrific!

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Looks gruesome. But that's the way big pharma likes it.

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From what I've read, all heavily jabbed countries have had an increase of 8% (England's percentage went down a bit recently but did stay at over 14% for a long while) to 15% unexplained death rate.

it's all over the planet, but I guess the data does not make it to MSM headlines right?

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Has anyone studied data of suicides if they were vax?

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That graph demonstrates what we've all known anecdotally, but couldn't prove because NO ONE HERE would ever do and publicize the necessary study. It's nice to see someone outside the US finally doing it

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Believe it or not, this data havent been mentioned once in the German msm. In the last 3 years, they imposed severa lockdowns upon their citzens, accused the unvaccinated of endangering the safety of the vaxxed, issued many restrictions who are a violation of civil rights, like a house arrest for the unvaxed and mask mandates, in order to prevent COVID deaths. And now with excess death rates higher than ever, and which arent due to COVID, those numbers are being covered up. The elephant in the room is the vaccination. So it never had been about our health. This is beyond outrageous, a huge scandal, but they wont be able to hide the truth for much longer.

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Not one word of concern or doubt about the VAERS events on Canadian news. And all health clinics and pharmacies promote these mRNA vaxes to every person who comes in.

Every person.

Every day.

And Trudeau has just committed to Moderna for 7 years and orchestrated a plant in Montreal (gee, I wonder if SNCLavalin are the engineers!?!?) to manufacture these deadly gene therapies!

Another Moderna manuf plant and long contract in Australia and in the UK.

So even when there is changeover in political administration, the contracts are paid for snd the committment to promote these vaxes is in place.

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How come no one ever mentions the TV news? None of this would have taken place unless it was on TV... and not just once, but 24/7/365. If it wasn't for TV fear porn Gates would have been blowing hot air. HorribleWood must be held accountable.

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Geert, is that you? Because no I don't see the 'virus' getting stronger. Or more virulent. Nor do I see ADE or cytokine storms. In fact it's ridiculous to be talking about the 'virus' at all, though given that nobody has actually SEEN it, this is the only option were left with. They had to bring back Flu after two years and throw in RSV just to keep the ruse going. But what we do see is very clear:. You take the shot, you get filled with blood clots and you die of heart attack or stroke. They barely even attempt to claim with a straight face that the virus is doing this anymore. Now they've resorted to blaming exercise, sleeping, folding clothes, stress, food and of course Climate Change. How long you going to keep hanging in there Paul? Ducking my very simple daily question :Where is the virus? Why is it everywhere yet nowhere? Why can we isolate particles a fraction of it's size, but not this omnipresent virus? Why can I look at individual atoms of a polymer that is a perfect analogue of a protein, but not see the 30000 proteins bound together to make one COViD virion? Why can I centrifuge and separate individual proteins, but not a virion made of 30000 of them? How does a 30000 bp sequence have 12000 variants? Why do 8 amplicon sequences of ~100 bps each claim high specificity for a 30000 bp sequence with 12000 'known variants'. So 800 bps identify it precisely even though it can vary by up to 12000 bps? Really? That's the science you're believing and promoting? I know I'm tough on you but I like you Paul. I'd love to see you stop this nonsense before the house of cards fall on you. And I promise you the house of cards is falling. Germ theory is in it's last death throes. You don't owe it anything and you don't have to go down with the ship. But you have to call bullshit when it's bullshit. Why is Geert so quiet these days? I like him too. But with every passing day his credibility wears thinner and thinner. To your original point it's the shot and only the shot. Why must you cling to the virus narrative to the very end? Who do you owe this to?

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It's not that more people are dying; it's just that our ability to diagnose death has got much better over the years.

A few years ago, you could be dead for decades at a time, and nobody noticed - you would just watch mainstream TV, go to work, come home, have something to eat, watch more TV, and go to bed - and nobody realised you were dead the whole time.

But now, with science being so much better and more accurate, and the vaccines working so well and being safe and effective, these outliers in the statistical charts are becoming more noticeable.

As long as we all keep up to date with our boosters, this blip in the numbers should change very soon.

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The funny thing is that the KBV (=Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung -> National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) first admitted that there had been an unusually high number of deaths in 2021 - only that this should not simply be causally attributed to vaccinations. Instead, the KBV attributed the excess mortality to the "pandemic" and even had the audacity to claim that without "vaccination" the death figures would have been even higher. Totally credible, if you ask me...

A few days later, the "ZI", a scientific institution of the KBV, claimed that the interpretations were flawed because only patients who had been to the doctor in 2021 were included in the statistics.

That is why the death figures for R96.0 and R96.1 are allegedly so high.

However, if only patients who saw a doctor in 2021 were included in the data set, a steep increase in the number of deaths would have to be found in all types of death. However, this is not the case. There are types of death that have risen continuously since 2016, e.g. T71 suffocation. In this case, there is no significant increase for 2021.

If you look at the communication of public institutions in Germany, you can only quote Alexander Solzhenytsin:

We know they lie.

They know they are lying.

We know that they know they are lying, and

they know that we know that they are lying.

And yet they continue to lie.

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The next bio weapon will target young people and Africa. They already announced this at the Catastrophic Contagion conference....the follow up to Event 201.


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"Star Trek" A Taste of Armageddon

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