$$ is the root of all evil. Saying Sorry doesn’t excuse the decision. I want to see these people on trial. 👊🙈🙊🙉💉

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Feb 2, 2023·edited Feb 2, 2023

A rather pathetic attempt to obfuscate by the hapless, disingenuous Lauterbach.

I am no 'expert', like Lauterbach, but, I know the declared 'mistake made': keeping schools and daycare closed longer than they should have, has nothing to do with the 36% increase in ACM.

Analogous to the captain of the Titanic declaring the mistake made was putting too much ice in his scotch.

It will be interesting to see just how many people will be dumb enough to fall for this BS.

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As F. Dostoevsky pointed out, “Everything passes, but truth remains.”

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There was no science involved, only politics.

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Clown World!

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Why isn't anyone talking about Dr. Oletta Fuller dying in Nov. A "temporary voter critical in helping get EUA for FDA. Died from a short, non-covid related illness.

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So much for the WHO.

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This could get a lot worse. from Brownstone Institute's Amendents to the WHO's International Health Regulations; An Annotated Guide

"Review proof of medical examination and any laboratory analysis;

require medical examinations;

review proof of vaccination or other prophylaxis;

require vaccination or other prophylaxis;

place suspect persons under public health observation;

implement quarantine or other health measures for suspect persons;

implement isolation and treatment where necessary of affected persons;

implement tracing of contacts of suspect or affected persons;

refuse entry of suspect and affected persons;

refuse entry of unaffected persons to affected areas; and

implement exit screening and/or restrictions on persons from affected areas.”

This (article 18) was already in existence. New Article 13A, however, now requires States to follow WHO recommendations. The WHO will thus now be able to, based on the sole determination of an individual (DG) under influence of non-democratic states and private entities, order states to incarcerate their citizens, inject them, require identification of medical status, medically examine, isolate and restrict travel.

This is clearly insane."

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"Mistakes" yea.

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The rise in All Cause Mortality is close to what it is in the US. Its happening in Russia too, but there aren't any Statistics on it. It is probably the same.

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"This is a pure lie, he was just power-drunk and inept and malicious to the German population, and must be investigated as to how much was he compromised to do what he did."

You are so spot on!

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