Time we heard more about MIT Prof. Robert Langer, "Mr. Nanoparticles" himself, who made $1B off his Moderna stock.

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It absolutely IS a Military and US DoD bioweapon. Follow the work of these two courageous ladies, Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova.



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Dr David Martin brought the receipts.

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If I’m not mistaken Justin Trudeau is partners (with 2 Canadian “doctors” ... I use quotes because they clearly broke their oaths for money) in the facility that made that product and it was established in around 2015. That makes this premeditated. That reeks of genocide. Just saying.

But I could be wrong.

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It was definitely planned and is most certainly a bioweapon. If it was unintentional it would have been hauled off the market after the first few deaths. Here we are with millions disabled and God only knows how many deaths and they are still pushing it into as many arms as they can. Now we have talk of all future vaxxines being made using the same toxic method. That can only equate to one thing. They want more peeps dead.

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It can be used as a bioweapon + chemical weapon combination. The mRNA can encode any biological proteins. So it can produce the same proteins that the most toxic plants produce. But I think you need several different proteins to do that.

It was the first thing that I thought about when they wanted to inject mRNA into people. Not to kill them, but to drug them and make them will-less with the "devil's breath" zombie-drug.

With LNPs it can be sprayed in the air over people that you don't like. A single invaded cell may continuously produce the proteins that are necessary to form the toxic component. So one particle can still produce a high dose of the toxins. The most effective are toxins that attack the nerves and that attack the mitochondria. They can function as a catalyst and can repeat the attack. So only small doses are necessary to harmt a person.

Besides a way of poisoning a victim, there is also the need of an anti-dote or immunity. And there is a need to hide the attack.

(0) Hidden attack via "natural" pandemic. Spread via bioweapon viruses and via sprays with mRNA. Make sure that there is no good test, so it can not be traced.

(1) Hidden Attack via "random" error. With the Covid mRNA experiments and DNA experiments, there are small broken sub-sections of mRNA (or DNA). These sub-sections may encode toxic proteins (more toxic than the spike-protein) . That way a manufacturer can pretend it did not want to harm people. It would be interesting to check if some of these correspond with known bioweapons or chemical weapons.

(2) Hidden Attack by disabling immunity. By using boosters, the victims develop IgG4 antibodies. This stops the immune system from destroying a virus that exactly matches the IgG4. Which means that any new virus from a lab that matches this IgG4 will kill a person, and the immune system can hardly do anything.

(3) Immunity via special drugs. This is easy and most common. Like how Ivermectin works against covid. Whatever is sprayed or spreading, the drug will disable the poison before they become dangerous. Make sure the people that you target do not get it.

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It’s already been answered. https://www.youtube.com/live/CMSz209wV8g?feature=share

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DOD/CIA and Big Pharma/CDC is a unending waltz!

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Fauci did gain of function for +30 years for MIL app; Facts are facts; In the mafia world he's what we call a 'made man' aka untouchable;

Most of COVID is/was the common cold and flu re-branded.

That said the COVID-19 variations dumped on IRAN & ITALY were potent; So it was used as a bio-weapon in some places;

The mRNA was always in the wait and its choice as the 'vax' by DC lobbyists was that there was no choice in the matter, mRNA was to be deployed in the western world;

The problem is that most mRNA was made in factorys in India on contract, since there was no liability, nobody gave a fuck about QA; I saw entire shipments to Japan destroyed and/or rejected because the liquid in the little bottles had metal or white power suspended; IMHO most of the harm of the mRNA vax and the reason that it was 'harm by batch' is/was a total failure in QA;

Again nobody gave fuck about deaths, because no CEO or Doctor or politician could ever go to prison.

The other problem with mRNA is that it was never tested on humans, and the animal tests were a failure, but who gave a hell?? You get paid, you shut up and deliver; What do you expect? The MIL aka DOD was running the COVID deployment;

So just like Spanish-Flu of 1918 it was a DOD failure that caused the death of 50 million people worldwide;


Then an now the DOD will cover their ass an in time the subject will be verboten.

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Trump fast-tracked the mRNA and got Billions for his family transferred to trusts in children name ( Clintons, Faucis, 100's of insiders did the same ). Musk says the only reason Trump wants a second term is to give a pardon to himself & family and make the money 'untouchable' forever; Everybody knows the 'clawbacks' are coming;


Big-Pharma was born in 1920's by Big-OIL, Rockefeller made pot&opium illegal and declared 'all homeopathic rural drugs to be illegal', only oil-based pharma AMA, and Pharma created the 'prescription' Oil-Based medicine arrived and USSA became a Sick Nation;


Going forward "FAUCI" must be made to squeal like a rat and he will, he looks like a sqealer, Trump has always been a Kosher-Nostra bagman, he's know Omerta, nothing will come from his people; Once the Fauci's spill the beans before a non-uniparty committee and once the entire world convicts all these people of being enemy's of the human race, then "Follow the Money", and claw it all back

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I have come to think that the decades of research into coronaviruses (and other viruses) was not intended to engineer any novel infectious virus, per se, but rather to use the virus as a model for understanding the tricks and tools that enable infection, cell entry, and pathogenesis.

People like Baric work to discover receptors and domains that facilitate binding and cell entry. They also study toxic effects of certain proteins and peptides (yes, including snake venom). They learn how to combine these elements into synthetic chimeras. Then they look for and develop delivery mechanisms: anywhere from the mundane blow dart or roofie, to aerosolized drops, lacing water supply, to mRNA encoded particles that mimic viruses and hijack exosome pathways.

The LNP is the newest delivery mechanism, analogous to a blow dart, a bullet, or a vape-delivered poison.

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David E. Martin deserves a medal.

Why does the WHO want only mRNA haccines and not adenovirus vectors, which are also weaponizable as lethal Trojans?

1. “mRNA vaccines are incredibly cheap and easy to make. Produce cDNA sequence on computer and send sequence to company to produce cDNA> Mix cDNA with nucleotides and bacterial RNA polymerase> remove cDNA and bacteria> mix with proprietary lipid vesicles> product complete.”1

2. It’s the perfect Trojan horse. Nobody has a clue on what mRNA instructions are included and what they really do. No authority cared to ask why, if both Pfizer and Moderna hacked your cells to produce the same spike protein, one had 300% more code than the other.

3. Lipid nanoparticles are toxic by design.

4. Adenovirus vaccines were proven to cause platelet clotting and thrombocytopenia for more than 25 years. Even back in 2006 the mechanism was clear. 2 Stats were too obvious from scratch: that’s why it was quickly banned, especially Nordic countries.

More here:


In that substack, I'm about to post something huge I discovered, which isn’t anywhere else.

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P.S…From Mother/Grandmother Lion again…

To Paul and all you other substackers…

Will be needing EVERYONE who cares about America including many of you to help spread the word FAR about the last serious effort to take back this country from SATAN…peacefully!

Stay tuned!

I have a big mouth for Freedom and will help spread the word VERY soon on how ALL AWAKE persons must unite finally and help…yes…unite in our efforts as it is way past time!

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Yes, I know we need proof, real scientific proof. But, consider this-- it took 3 years to get "proof" that the SARS COV-2 came out of the Wuhan lab in China, at least as the main source. We still do not know if it was an accidental or purposeful leak. How much longer will it take to get real scientific proof that the US military (DARPA) was involved, probably the principle instigator? We may all be dead (from another pandemic?) before the hard truth is revealed. I personally have seen enough from Katherine Witt (Balliwick Substack) and Sasha Latypova's substack (who have done great work on the subject of military involvement) and other online sources to draw my conclusions. My main conclusion is that the US is more responsible for the genocide via the bioweapon than China. Lately many so-called conspiracy theories have been proven correct. I say go with what we have and spread it over the globe. We do not have the luxury of time waiting for real, scientific proof. Stop the worldwide genocide now. And let the chips fall where they may.

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