If they actually cared even one iota, they would have tried to hide the data completely. If they really cared, they'd act on the data and stop this vaccine madness.

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They don't care.

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Note.....The current weekly ‘snapshot’ of ‘preliminary’ reported deaths (preliminary is a term recently applied by the CDC) to the vaccine adverse events reporting system USA (VAERS) using the most conservative data reported by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) is 42 ‘preliminary’ reported deaths per million covid injection doses administered.

That’s currently 42 times the pre-Covid rule of thumb for the acceptability of a vaccine. And some weeks the ‘snapshot’ number of ‘preliminary’ reported deaths has been as high as 203 per million covid injection doses administered or 203 times the pre-Covid rule of thumb acceptability of a vaccine.

Regardless the CDC is currently reporting an ‘average’ from December 2020 to May 9, 2022 of 25 ‘preliminary’ deaths reported per million covid injection doses administered.

Or 25 times the pre-Covid rule of thumb acceptability of a vaccine.


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US military fried by transgenic injections:

Based on data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), Renz

reported that these whistleblowers found a significant increase in registered diagnoses on DMED

for miscarriages, cancer, and many other medical conditions in 2021 compared to a five-year

average from 2016-2020.2 For example, at the roundtable Renz stated that registered diagnoses

for neurological issues increased 10 times from a five-year average of 82,000 to 863,000 in

2021.3 There were also increases in registered diagnoses in 2021 for the following medical


 Hypertension – 2,181% increase

 Diseases of the nervous system – 1,048% increase

 Malignant neoplasms of esophagus – 894% increase

 Multiple sclerosis – 680% increase

 Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs – 624% increase

 Guillain-Barre syndrome – 551% increase

 Breast cancer – 487% increase

 Demyelinating – 487% increase

 Malignant neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands – 474% increase

 Female infertility – 472% increase

 Pulmonary embolism – 468% increase

 Migraines – 452% increase

 Ovarian dysfunction – 437% increase

 Testicular cancer – 369% increase

 Tachycardia – 302% increase

Source: US Senate



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please provide links to the actual documents Thank you.

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