Utterly, utterly, utterly heartbreaking. I haven't read the whole post as my heart is too broken to carry on right now. There are thousands upon thousands of similar stories but no-one gives these people a voice except those rare individuals, like yourself Dr Alexander, who care passionately for others. I read a book about 40 years ago by Colin Wilson called 'The Outsider'. His contention was that a small percentage of the population (5%) can truly feel the pain of others but the rest don't really care. I think he is correct.

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Thank you, Dr. Alexander. You are an angel.

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The truth will set you free.Those that stand for truth to expose the New world order agenda of depopulation through the covid vacs.To bring in a new world order government ,the UN. That will brng in there agendas .Being control of all humans living things and land and resources.There religion is that of Satin .All this they have laid out for those that are awake and have the courage to face them.Fight you are fighting for your children grand children and humanity . Failure is trans humanism digitally controlled life, totalitarian governments with vacs mandates and there religion with the destruction of the family and man and women .

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Thank you for memorializing these personal stories. They are riveting and heart-breaking. “Cry, the beloved country” . . . for the loss of our humanity.

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Read them all. Many thanks to Dr. Alexander for the compilation.

There are some very clear and stark trends as to those to be held most accountable. A few of you misuse the ubiquitous term "Nazi" to decry this Covidian gulag we find our pure-blooded selves in; however, I would state Hitler was famously anti-vax, he was well aware of the nightmare of the Spanish Flu jab scams (same small hats ran that depopulation too).


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Thank you Dr Paul for your diligent writing in support of all of us.


I took my flu shot in Fall 2019 but I identified the Covid-19 Lockdown scam in Jan2020 and published on 21Mar2020, six months before the identical Great Barrington Declaration. NO GENERAL LOCKDOWNS!

I wrote my Alberta and federal government reps on 8Jan2021 to NOT release the toxic Covid-19 injections, NO TOXIC COVID-19 INJECTIONS!

All correct! See https://CorrectPredictions.ca/

I calculated based on Alberta total death data that the global death toll from the toxic Covid-19 “vaccines” is (conservatively) 12.9 million to year-end 2022, increasing to at least 19 million by end 2023.

More recently, the following paper independently calculated essentially the same number, 13.25 global vaxx-caused deaths to 24Jan2023, based on Israeli and Australian total death data.


We have the opportunity to save millions of lives now through simple prompt action – there will be plenty of time afterwards to lay the blame, prosecuted the guilty, etc. – Nuremberg 2.0!

I am trying to make inexpensive, voluntary, over-the-counter “Ivermectin plus” packages widely available for treatment of the Covid illness and the vaxx-injured.

This “Ivermectin plus” treatment will save millions of Lives.

Best regards, Allan MacRae in Calgary



[Twitter length]

The toxic Covid-19 "vaccines" have now killed ~650,000 Americans, ~50% more than all the U.S. Armed Forces killed or missing in World War II. If we continue as-is, and do not act to treat the vaxx-injured, total estimated U.S. vaxx-caused deaths will exceed ~1 million by end2023.

The toxic Covid-19 "vaccines" have now killed ~98,000 Canadians, more than two times all the Canadian Armed Forces killed in World War II. If we continue as-is, and do not act to treat the vaxx-injured, total estimated Canadian vaxx-caused deaths will exceed ~140,000 by end2023.

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Thank you for publishing these stories. They are truly heartbreaking.

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My Optometrist told me yesterday she had a yearly patient who was 55 and no cataracts. She had a mild case of covid but her work insisted she have the booster in a timeframe close to having just gotten over it and she resisted but they insisted or she would lose her job. Her sight became noticeably more blurred quickly so she went back to the Optometrist who did a thorough checkup just two months after the previous checkup. Now just two months after no show of cataracts, there were advanced cataracts seen in both eyes. I asked if a VAERS report was made and the Optometrist said no as if, why would I do that? I may not utilize this Optometrist again, as I have lost total respect.

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Reading between the lines, it appears that Americans were harassed much less to get the death jabs as compared to other countries.

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Feb 16, 2023·edited Feb 16, 2023

If you aren't in tears after reading this, you must be a covid-terrorist. The book that will be written over the next decade will be about 100 Britannica Encyclopedia volumes thick all filled with the horrors that the medical terrorists have inflicted upon humanity.

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Gut-wrenching stories. It’s shocking and so sad, because the public is not hearing about these stories. This death wave is flooding our world, and yet these toxic shots are still FDA approved and being pushed by the government and medical professionals.

Where are the leaders speaking out and saying NO MORE?

I’ll admit I’ve given up warning my family. None of them will listen.

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Our next door neighbors 28 year old daughter developed blood clots in her lungs after her Covid vaccination.

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Thank you for posting this excellent compilation. I believe that I almost certainly had the ancestral covid virus in January 2020 and I have apparently not had it since. Now I'm apparently expected to believe that I'm at increased risk for diabetes because I've never been jabbed:

COVID-19 Shot Appears to Reduce Diabetes Risk, Even After Omicron


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Thank you Dr Alexander for giving voice to the people who have been silenced throughout the misfortunes that so many of us experienced. The jabbed people I work with who to this day refuse to acknowledge the pain and suffering inflicted upon the world through their "safe and effective" death shot should be required to read all of these stories and witness the suffering that ignorance, denial and compliance brought to so many....much in the same way that German townspeople, after Jewish survivors were liberated, were required to view the horrors of the concentration camps and death pits they professed not to know about.

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Heartbreaking. I could relate to so many elements of many of these, in sympathy. My prayers go out to all.

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