Please let us know how to help those arrested who held the line. I’m 💔 for Canada. But we don’t want them locked up in prison and forgotten. What they did and are doing actually matters. Please don’t forget them - they peacefully did this for everyone else. Please, please let us know how we can help.

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Please stay safe, Paul. We stand with you and all freedom-loving Canadians 🙌

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Just doing their job is not an excuse. Never forget. Glad you are safe.

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Re the police… “…they were doing their jobs…”

What, doing their jobs to facilitate the demands of a traitorous government, which has turned on the people, stealing their freedom and their money?

If those police and other enforcers refused to comply, it would be over.

But they are working on behalf of globalist controlled governments - they should be arresting those responsible in the governments, these are the real criminals!

Traitors to the people…

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Will you still be saying don’t blame the police as you’re being loaded into the boxcar?

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I am so glad to hear from you with this latest entry. I've been so worried for you since the first I came across your position on the jabs. I am not a Canadian so my perspective is not of much merit. But, it sounds like 1) Trudeau did whatever he could to paint the protestors as illegal, violent, racists, Nazis, etc. and then went to 2) declaring an emergency which theoretically was reserved for imminent threat to the nation of Canada (which the truckers were clearly not)and then 3) removed the parliament which was deliberating on the legality of his declaration. Sooo - how is this not a coup against the nation state of Canada by Trudeau? He is unilaterally grabbing power and unwilling to back down from mandates. He is a Young Global Leader and it's looking like, "You Will Own Nothing" means you aren't going to own your body, either.

If this is all true, you are very much an enemy in that you have been educating people against the aims of the coup operators. And as much as I can understand your empathy for the police and the difficult position they find themselves, if they side with Trudeau, Canada will fall. In fact, if the people of Canada acquiesce, they will lose even autonomy over their own bodies and their children's bodies. The only thing that has a chance is if the entire nation just simply strikes - no violence, just non-compliance. Everyone.

Just my two cents and not worth even that. I wish you the very best of luck. My prayers go out to you every night.

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No!! the police have turned on the people. They should have ALL handed in their badges and refused to support Trudeau's tyranny. Stop making excuses for them. They are every bit as bad as Trudeau. You need to have many more Canadians on the streets.

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Dear Dr. Alexander, I truly respect your scientific knowledge about medical issues, but this is now about HUMAN RIGHTS and FREEDOM...

If you can save the whole world from viruses, but cannot save a sovereign nation's citizens freedoms and liberty from their criminal tyrannical government, the effort is in vain and other means must be employed.

For the anyone to say you cannot blame the police, they are living in the very communities and they were working so well with the truckers all the while that violate the citizens basic God given rights is ludicrous. They will say, "We are only obeying orders," which is precisely what the Germans told the courts. IT IS NO EXCUSE...! THEY HAVE A CHOICE, JUST LIKE THE TRUCKERS MADE A CHOICE...

To lay it all on the line in the hopes of preserving their Freedoms, Liberty, businesses, vehicles, families, wives, children, homes, bank accounts and religious choices.

To have those things taken from them by the police acting as agents for the criminal tyrants in government is no different than becoming tyrannical themselves. Obeying orders is no excuse, and they should be tried in court when this is over...

It's is sad, but it will not be over until the red blood of freedom stands out against the white snow...That is how all tyrant governments end...

I wish it could end differently but many police will find the rest of their lives in prison along with their criminal bosses...

Stay safe Dr. Paul...The world needs good scientific minds like yours...!


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This is illegal and unconstitutional.

There is a reason they covered their names & badge numbers.

They took a pledge they are now breaking. Each officer has a choice.

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Hi Paul, I continue to stand firm with you and our many friends and colleagues who have seen this coming for a very long time. We saw this coming because we actually did follow the science. At this point, anyone who is not actively contributing to taking back our freedoms is complicit and, therefore, part of the problem. I have no more patience for those who choose to cower while our once-great democracy is being destroyed. Keep up the great work.

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Dr. Alexander,

It is a dark day in Canada. One way that people can peacefully show support for the Ottawa Civil Rights protesters is at the one week anniversary Friday, February 25th from 6PM to Midnight -- lights out in homes and businesses that support the protesters. It is a form of speaking up and not remaining silent.

Will you help spread this? Will everyone reading this help spread this? Can we make it go viral?

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The very big machine has shifted gears in lock step and the reasons are many and one, money. US social security goes bust 2026 or so, and the Cabal is doing a 'dine and dash' on our retirement, but instead of just leaving the restaurant they are killing as many inside it as possible...can you hear the cha-ching, the more of us die early? So please be safe and know that I am thinking for you and drinking to you...best from Oregon Dr A

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By the way, obviously the blame lies with Trudeau & the others acting for the WEF in ushering in the Great Reset.

But their power was mediated by the police & I do blame them. They should have declined to follow their illegal orders.

You wouldn’t have done it & neither would I.

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This is no longer about science or medical protocols...This fight is for the very freedom of every Canadian...

Hob-nobbling with elements of the oppression (police) does not secure a place for a freedom loving people...The police are not the friends of the Canadians...Except for a few who are not cowards and did indeed walk away...One high ranking officer has just been arrested...!

When citizens try to maintain freedom, especially if it is done peacefully, you must choose sides...There's no excuses about just following orders...!

There are important choices everyone must make...Freedom or tyranny...There is no in between...There cannot be any excuses...There is simply to much at stake...The police have made a choice and can never serve in that capacity ever again...They are true traitors...

Praying for Dr. Alexanders safety...!

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Well done Dr Alexander but the Third Reich was facilitated by just such “good people doing their jobs” to such an extent that many were tried in Nuremberg on just the same grounds. Justin Trudeau has usurped power, overturned freedom for so long that he believes its his right to do so… and everyone “just doing their jobs” is an accomplice!

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Smart wording. I am more radical in my stance with the order takers. If enough said no we would not be in this position. I know I am not on ground and front line like you. So I understand your message. Stay safe and thank you for all you have done and are doing for humanity ❤️

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