Your correct the 2020 election was Stolen Trump won by a landslide and there is no way in hell PEDIPHILE Biden received the most votes in presidential history and most popular let me remind people that during Reagan’s Second Election Run he won by a landslide with 49/50 states and all electoral votes except 13 also Jan 6th was a Democrat inside job to Get rid of trump here is a documentary from Jake Lang political prisoner Https::/www.J6TRUTH.Org

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In my estimation, I would give it around 99% odds that Trump won, 100% odds that Jan 6th was setup to be the so-called insurrection with undercover FBI agents doing much of the violence, and 100% odds that Israel knew that the Oct 7th attack was going to take place beforehand, and let it happen so that they could drive the Palestinians out of northern Gaza to make way for the Ben-Gurion canal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Gurion_Canal_Project

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Without a doubt 2020 was stolen from Trump! It was mathematically impossible for Biden to have won PA and that’s just the start. Ballot counters were seen on videotape pulling ballots from under tables and stuffing them into the tabulators, then there’s the famous “water break” in Ga that paused the count!

Ask yourself this question, if Biden and his minions thought he won, why didn’t they want to comply with audit requests to inspect the ballots?

This shows the type of person Biden is, his election fraud ties in perfectly with the way he sold out America to our enemies for cash money! This guy is worst than any of the corrupted countries in this world and I despise him and all the corrupt people that are protecting him!

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If anything, the insane covid policies in Democrat states should have worked in favor of Trump. We will never know for sure (unless some footwear drops on that front) but I think he won it big time.

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I saw a map a day after the election and it showed not only did Trump win in a landslide, he actually turned California red! Yep, the military have the proof, the CIA was trying to take Trump down, and they were caught and the head CIA LADY WAS INJURED AND SENT TO GITMO, where she sang her treasonous heart out. Yes, Trump is our president and biden is nothing but in charge of a foreign country, Washington DC. WHY DO YOU THINK Biden has been breaking the laws of our country, because Washington DC is a foreign country, they have no constitution! That is why he keeps trying to pass illegal laws, he doesn’t think he has to follow them. The truth will come out, remember they keep saying it had to be this way, enjoy the show!

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Of course, it was a set up Dr. Alexander...many things had to be in place for them to steal the election. Most obvious to anybody was that Joey stayed in the basement because they were so self-assured that they had it all in the bag... covid et al was planned way before but there’s one thing many people have forgotten that the Trump team knew exactly what the Dems were going to do and they had to step back and let them screw themselves in plain language which is exactly what they did. That is why you see them in dire straits needing to take T down. To those who are oblivious, I feel sorry for them because they have been used as tools by the Democratic Party. Do they seriously think the Trump Admin didn’t know they wanted to take him down even before he was inaugurated in January 2017 ... but then again, Trump et al had a mission from the beginning. All of the nefarious behavior of the Democrats is recorded

Including all the fraud that was done in the 2020 election. So many of you already know this, this is nothing new, but we have a whole bunch of people in this country who haven’t a clue. So many people in our country r under the spell of the media, and in cognitive dissonance and the hate perpetrated by the Dems. Many of us have been waiting for this all to come to fruition. Let’s just watch them go down one by one just like Hunter was indicted today, long overdue. So we stand up and we don’t give up ever. Many people have been traitors to our country whether it be from the medical side or our politicians that have played ball with other countries that want to take over here in America. They forget about one thing you can never ever keep down the American spirit. It is alive and well and that’s the part of the equation that the Democrats left out.

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Of course, the Covid hoax was also used by the UniParty to pave the way for much of the ballot fraud they used - fake ballots, hundreds of thousands of ballots printed ahead already marked for Biden, drop boxes for mules to insert thousands of fraudulent ballots, not from real voters.

Not to mention the votes that were removed from Trump's total, by the machine rigging. And there was foreign interference.

There is no way in hell Biden got 81 million real, lawful votes from actual voters. Trump got 12 million MORE in 2020 than he did in 2016 when he won.

It all came down to the six states where they used one corrupt county to commit the fraud. Trump legitimately won ALL those states.

Biden was allowed to take office as the "p"resident. The oath was not conducted properly, the cannon salute was done as a military funeral salute, the nuclear football went with Trump, etc.

Then the criminal regime including traitor Cheney did the J6 committee as the coverup of THEIR insurrection, which is now being exposed by the release of all the video footage.

In fact Dr. Paul, Trump set THEM up for J6. He knew what they were planning, and wanted a million real American patriots there that day. The only violence was committed by the Capitol police, antifa and the FBI operatives that had been part of the plan to cause a riot. Pelosi was in charge.

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Yes she was why don’t you ask her mother or husband I dare ya and 3 others murdered by Capital And Metro Police

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No, Paul. The main factor that swayed many confused voters, on this one event, vaccines, was to delay the vaccines UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION. All Bilderberg-Pharma planned. Trump was correct with WARP as he was working on avoiding the fake '29 planned bank crash that resulted in Hoover doing the exact right thing: NOTHING. But he CFR controlled fake news of that period was ready and blamed for economic problems by constantly talking and using photos of homeless 'Hoovervilles.'

Trump knew that the fake vaccines had to arrive before the election. He had no idea the DoD had set up foreign consultant Dominion hackers set up and ready to fake the numbers AT ALL POINTS DURING THE COUNTING. Even then the hackers sorted out almost too late that the election was already won by our Trump; at the last few minutes, hackers were forced to increase the numbers in support of CrackHead revealing their program of the ACTUAL structure of the fake RIGGED election. All views watched the fake numbers increase HUGELY at the last minute for Pedo.

Yet, here we are, in ruins, All caused by Pence, Senators and House folding when all in the Beltway KNEW the numbers were rigged. They watched, were compromised and sold out Americans for their MKULTA victimized prostitutes.

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You should see this and what Democrats are Responsible For https://youtu.be/Cs9pDyL-b4Q?si=2_QhTKDV8tE3mbus

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Well ........

Come on now .......

You have to make certain allowances

For the inferior and those less than equal.

( Let me count the ways )

That’s democracy.

Right ?

How else .....

Are they supposed to feel good about themselves ?

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Trump sure was a poor judge of character, wasn't he?

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I am well aware of what you have said but it looks like you many not have read Dr. Scott Atlas" book.

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We need to forget about taking our country back. Not possible. Instead, we need to focus on building our dual power, alternative country -- America the Beautiful. Realistically, our new America might have 30 to 50 million, well-armed citizens.

-- We shall pay zero taxes to Homo States of America.

-- We shall be protected from any and all transgressions by HSA and its criminal minnions by our two protective forces -- our People's Militia (to which all citizens over the age of 18 must contribute in some effective manner); and our American Mossad, which, modeled after the Israeli Mossad, will be most effective in convincing any who would harm our citizens that to do so would result in certain retailiation against themselves and/or their family.

-- We shall may minimal taxes to our ATB government.

-- The laws and regulations imposed by America the Beautiful government on its citizens will be minimal, primarily aimed at protecting them and their property.

Divorce is far preferable to Civil War II.

Peace Now.

Live and Let Live.

Lock and Load.

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I fully agree with Dr. Alexander and if you go back and look at the expression on Fauci's face during the televised conferences with Trump, Pence, Birx and Fauci I could see from Fauci's expression that he was attempting to undermine Trump. But sadly much of this was due to Trump's inability to read people and putting too much faith in Jared Kushner. Don't forget that Trump brought in Dr.. Scott Atlas who told him that this was nonsense AND TRUMP DID NOT LISTEN TO HIS OWN EXPERT. He chose instead to listen to Fauci.

If Trump were told that he needed bypass surgery he would most likely get a second opinion. But when he had to make a decision for the whole country he got a second opinion but completely ignored it upon the advice of his son in law who is not a doctor. Trump was responsible for the election fiasco AND for the "v@((*ne fiasco for which he seems to accept no criticism. He is still bragging about how many lives he saved.

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Anyone who was in power during that time should resign, no exceptions. They are simply no good at what they do. We should only respect those who didn't fall for the lies and actively tried to help. We all like to say "we didn't know", but that was the job, the one job they had was t know. Isn't that what a leader and a doctor does? Isn't that how they justify the disgusting wealth they extract for their time? They failed and should gracefully accept the lesser roles or accept the consequences of their actions, not make excuses and blame others. Blame yourself, you forced grandma to do something that killed her, period. Your actions have spoken, now clam up and move on. For the rest: LEARN.

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