We do not need leaders. We do not need criminals governing us.

When enough people realize that they are complying with color of law and not actual law of the land, they will finally understand that the entire Federal government is illegitimate and must be removed. At most 3-5% of the Federal government as it exists today can stay as per the Founding Fathers.

Until people realize that they do not need leaders and do not need the permission of gov for all aspects of their lives we shall remain enslaved to the ideological programming of the 4th Branch of Gov (the one that rules the other branches).

Time to break free from the slave conditioning.

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GOP turnout was down from 2020 and even so, there were more republican votes nationwide than democrat. The stealing is still a problem, but McConnell and McCarthy stabbed us in the back. They diverted money away from MAGA candidates towards establishment people loyal to them, willing to risk control of the House and Senate if it meant keeping MAGA-friendly candidates out of office.

In other words, the RNC/McConnell/McCarthy were not trying to win. They were trying to keep MAGA out of power.

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Kevin McCarthy already says they want to extend a hand across the aisle after R's take the house. NO.

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There is absolutely no way in hell that this election wasn’t tampered with. The economy alone would dictate that the democrats should lose.... and lose big. We saw what happened in a state that protected itself against fraud.... Florida went overwhelmingly Republican. No slow roll, no bullshit... results announced on Election Day, not later.

The democrats learned a lot from fascist Germany......

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What is the solution? I travelled with you in the American Trucker's convoy. Where we saw such great support and enthusiasm on the overpasses, at the truck stops and on the sides of freeways. There was such great energy, but then, fizzled from lack of cohesive leadership. Can we all withhold our taxes? Do we leave our jobs and march on the Capital? I'm told we should all join our school boards and attend city council meetings and focus on a third party...OR do we just live our lives the best we can in love and peace while we protect our kids and grandkids and hunt the wolf? I am frustrated.

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Venezuela here we come and Americans aren’t awake enough to see it! No protests. Nothing.

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The Biden coup ended the Republic existing only in name on a grave long forgotten and unmarked. Voters do not mind and candidates care little and putative leaders simply cash the check. We have gone from Friendly Fascism to Totalitarian Democracy and once the Ukraine war begins in earnest China will be very happy.

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Republicans lack any issues to bring to the table. They have zero solutions. As an example, ‘inflation’ is a ‘problem’ for which Republicans have no solution to offer. They’ll just vote for a ‘Continuing Resolution” to continue running the country more $Trillions$ into debt. Kick the can down the road.

A few of my suggestions:

Withdraw from all foreign entanglements (NATO is an example)

Close all US military bases outside the US. A standing army is NOT authorized under the Constitution.

Assess the bases within the US to determine how they can be maintained IF the states need to raise an Army within the provisions of the Constitution. Eliminate most of them, transferring them to the States for proper disposition.

Immediately stop ALL foreign aid. We have enough need here. Let the rest of the world figure out their own problems.

Immediately cease any funding of any conflict anywhere in the world. We have enough problems here in the US. Let the rest of the countries in the world solve their own problems with their own funds.

Re-deploy the current Army to combat the Invasion happening at our borders.

Resurrect the Glass-Steagall Act and put the banks back into their place. They should not be in the Casino Business.

Put the Federal Government out of the medical business, the banking business, the higher education loan business… just for starters.

There’s a few of my suggestions.

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This is it. If they take (steal) both Houses of Congress we are done. They will pass ‘laws’ turning this place into a dictatorship with no way out..... all for our own good.

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I get it, Dr A; you're running an "argument reduced to absurdity" past us to provocatively make your valid and sensible point about the Repubs. Well done, and well taken.

Now, can we get serious? I, for one, will not accept a Dems-Forever USA. I'll resist more and more as time passes.

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Nov 13, 2022·edited Nov 13, 2022

The GOP leadership is playing for the other team. Just look how weak congressional support has been for us anti-jabbers. We have to walk away from the GOP. They’re betting we don’t have the guts to walk away. Stop donating to the GOP.

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Don’t worry. With few exceptions, the Republicans have shown us again and again that when in control, they cede the agenda to the dems anyway.

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A friend told me today, when he was growing up in Yugoslavia, they experienced the same kind of blatant law breaking. This went on for ten years (after Tito died). Finally, the fuse lit and that was over.

I asked when he thought it would happen here...."it's up to Heaven, as far as the time".

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The do not deserve a damned thing and I will enumerate several key reasons:

1- LEADERSHIP. They have none. Trump is not exempt.

Mitch is a nightmare. He is repugnant. His words are without any positivity, his focus has zero respect or relevance to the American people. He is physically hideous and yes, human nature does respond to what they see, like it or not. His voice is even more repulsive. The combination is a resounding shudder.

Kevin McCarthy is modern and pleasant in appearance, but he is a night.Zero passion, zero ideas, zero energy, zero policy. He’s neither repulsive nor polarizing, but he offers up nothing. Is he better than 75% of the current body GOP? Yes. So let him fill a seat in the House.

2-The hyper-focus on abortion and the unbelievably insane push to overturn R v W. How did that work out for the “Conservatives”? All one needs to see is the extremely healthy , assured winning numbers disappear the day following the leaked Alito document.There was still a chance to regain it. Very few believed it to be the ultimate decision, but to save face from being seen as a political entity caving to the mob, R was overturned.

3- The greater questions are why it was brought to SCOTUS, the timing and why SCOTUS took the case at all? And just before the midterms? My guess is the GOP wanted to lose.They seem to prefer a minority. It allows them to appear as relevant opposition. It also takes away the onus of having to put forth any alternative and to forever claim victimhood. As their personal wealth is accrued thanks to corporate multinational, banking, Pharma and the forever war military industrial complex cash for compliance globalist elite

4-They are lazy, clueless losers who remain in the days of Mayberry RFD with endless war as a bonus.

5-They do not see and hear themselves the way most Americans do. Nor do they care. If they cared, they would shift to a new, modern, welcoming approach representative of America’s changing population. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the GOP

6- The midterm platform, candidates, leadership and why.

What I wanted to see and hear: A younger, energetic, less ideological and far more important topics.

Not on the platform-

Covid, the origin, the policies, withholding proven safe therapeutics, the players behind it, the global destruction , how, who , who and what was behind it all? I’m pretty sure I can answer every question and so can everybody on this site.

The World Economic Forum “ Great Reset” You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy”. Gee, where have I heard that sentiment ? Oh yeah! Huxley’s “ Brave New World”, Orwells “ Animal Farm “, “ 1984”, Ayn Rand “ Alas Shrugged”Rod Serling,Bradbury,Asimov, Mathieson,Vonnegut,Solzhenitsyn,Pope John Paul,Moynihan,Goldwater,Welch, Gandhi,Dalai Lama,Bertrand Russell, Reza Pahlavi,Salman Rushdie, Epoch Times,Neil Oliver, Nigel Farage, Czech Presidents for a day Mlos Zeman,Salvini, Greece,Chile,Bolivia,Peru,El Salvador,Brazil,Columbia,Honduras,Japan,Israel,Guatemala… All with curious WEF “ Young Global Leader “ replacements

7- The Ukraine/Russia debacle and who pushed it, why and who gains from it?

8- Call attention to the remarkably timed release of COVID, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and how it fits into the Great Reset. Explain exactly what the Great Reset is and how we are already in its final phase

9- The global chaos and who is leading it.

10-The UN! WHO Pandemic Treaty, Biden’s Transhumanist Executive Order.

11- Who is really funded the migrant invasion? Hint, it isn’t the cartels! It is the US taxpayer courtesy of the Biden admin bill funneling our dollars through the UN in the form of USAID.

Why, to create a reunified Americas continent and a trilateral governance by Mexico/US/Canada. No borders, no sovereignty, no Republic, no democracy.

12- The US/EU/NATO is in no way protecting “ Democracy”. It is building up a global USSR , but more brutal and authoritarian. It is the combined doctrine of Mao,Hitler,Hirohito,Stalin, the Kim Dynasty,Ho Chi Min, the Ayatollah Regime,Castro,Ceaucescu,Franco, Idi Amin,Desmond Tutu, Mussolini,Ferdinand and Isabella, Pinochet

13-Instead of just bashing Biden, the Dems and Mitch… NAME EVERY CORRUPT “ ELECTED” , APPOINTED,UNAPPOINTED POS who sold us out and who they conspired with!

14-The BlackRock/Vanguard/StateStreet/McKinsey/Goldman Sachs/Bloomberg/China/Iran/Soros/WEF Biden admin and what it has to do with the Build Back Better ultimate agenda

15-Stop with the “ Who is the real and most Conservative” candidate. It is tantamount to holding up a cross and wearing a garlic necklace . Make it about “ We The People”. Welcoming, pragmatic,good for all of us as a people. We hear you. We care about your concerns. We value all Americans.We value your well-being. We do not stand with the warmongers. Our concern is the well-being,safety, prosperity,opportunity and freedom for every American. We work for YOU, not vice versa. Not corporate multinationals, legacies, the WEF, UN, political dynasties , the Surveillance State or the UN. We will expose the truth and together with you, take out the trash!

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Yes, the worthless R leaders/leadership all need to go.

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