Very rare, my ass! Ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, melanoma, etc are ALL dramatically increased! It ain’t F**KING rare!

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Follow the links to The Atlantic for a really frightening prognosis for those who took the jab and suffer disease that grows rapidly. I know at least 4 people who took the jab and who have developed cancers so rapidly.

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Dr. Alexander you may recall during the Vietnam War the philosopher Bertrand Russell organized a war crimes tribunal. You sir are ideally situated to help organize a Covid Crimes Tribunal of medical experts. Such a Tribunal not only would find millions of interested people but with you leading it would be sure to be able to have the finest medical experts participate. Especially with our technology today you would be able to arrange remote testimony. Substack is fun but useless.

A Covid Crimes Tribunal you call into session using your network would not be. Millions of people would watch the proceedings and learn.

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Nov 2, 2022·edited Nov 2, 2022

The article is from the Atlantic and has its typical promotion of fake news and fake science. It is almost nauseating how Michael Goldman tip-toes around the COVID shot issue, firstly calling it a "vaccine", which it is not (properly stating it, the ones available in the U.S. ought to be labeled "gene transfer drugs" because they are delivery systems for getting foreign genetic material into human cells, and no, they are NOT "gene therapy", because there is absolutely nothing "therapeutic" about them!). Then he stresses over and over that he doesn't want to discourage anyone fron taking the shots (because he obviously is not aware of the data demonstrating that the shots are highly dangerous and that the risks massively outweigh any possible benefits, which don't even exist!). Apparently he is still "drinking the Kool-aid" and believing the lies from Big Pharma that the shots have some benefit, but what he believes that benefit might be, he does not specify. However, all he needs to do is study the data from Israel's pathetic results to discover that the shots neither prevent infection nor transmission, and instead of reducing hospitalizations and deaths they are producing the opposite effect! So in spite of his own very serious adverse event, he still refuses to look at reality and condemn the damn things!

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I ask Saint Joseph, Patron of the Dying, to pray for vaxxed family member. Every day.

Only by a miracle will she live. And, she has no apparent symptom. But she's a walking dead girk. Utterly tragic.

And who is worried? Not her

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Talk about burying the lead with the headline "made his cancer worse." Since he'd already had two Covid jabs before his cancer was discovered, the shots might have caused it to begin with...

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How is it these top physicians have become some of the most gullible dumbasses on two legs...and within the spectrum of their chosen carreer.

So much counter info was already available...this clown got what he deserved.

Smart truck drivers know that trucks running over them can kill them...so avoid being run over.

So called smart doctors willfully injest and inject all kinds of toxins...for their health.

Need some health advice...I suggest a trucker.

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Goldman was chosen by the Europeans to run the private/public partnership investigating autism. He didn't find anything regarding a cause. He's not a good man.

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I was wondering where the deaths were. Boom... In last 60 days, cousin, uncle, friend, in law. Dead.

And... I have very few friends. As anyone who knows me coulda figured out.

Two were burnt... How do you ask family of other2, did you hate your family member and do a pagan cremation? But I'm sure curious.

Saving a few bucks doesn't justify burning a loved one up like a stack of old newspapers

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This reply goes to David Cashion. Please watch this video link. https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/alternatives-to-chemo/

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This is where I wanted to be wrong. Fuck.

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I say let him take the next booster. I'll get the popcorn and watch this unfold!

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Likewise, plus heart attacks, cardiac arrest etc etc.

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I feel intense Schadenfreude after reading this...

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Good example

But there were what 4 TV channels?

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My friends of youth

Smoking in the boys room

So cool

Quit at 40

Odds were good

60 was a breeze

New dealer blows in

Table turned

Biting nails

Biding time

Odds are not good

Who's next

9 out of 10

Ain't got good news

Aggressive cancer

Not just my lungs


Legs feel like bricks

Chemo ?

F You

Gna check out

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