This is an awesome paper to remember. Very germane to all the cancer cases we're all seeing all around us.

Guys -- Saturday was a landmark day in sports catastrophe history. 4 players collapsed on the pitch in one day, one was a youth soccer player who later died. All "mysterious" ailments. You know, there's "mystery," and then there's "not-looking." We have a severe epidemic of not-looking right now.

Here's my write up from Saturday, May 27th:

FOUR Athletes Down on the Pitch, Youth Player DEAD -- Pt. 10, The Rise of the Medical Emergency


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Keep an eye out for Rebekah Barnett's Dystopian Down Under substack. The Premier (Governor equivalent) of her state of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, has just resigned, both as Premier and as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, half way through a four year term that he won in a landslide, almost wiping his conservative opposition from.the map. He'll be gone from parliament completely within a week. Westen Australia, known as "the hermit state" closed its borders to domestic and international visitors alike for 697 days from April 5, 2020 to March 3, 2022, a few months before achieving a COVID-19 THIRD DOSE vaccination rate of 80.1% among Western Australians aged 16 and older. Prior to opening its borders, COVID was almost non-existent in Western Australia. By late 2021, however, as the "hermit state" transitioned to the "spike protein state," the hospital.system there had become overloaded with non-COVID cases and the Premier and his health bureaucrats were baffled as to what could be causing it. Within weeks of opening its borders the triple vaxxed state was awash with COVID. Triple vaxxed McGowan and all.of his triple vaxxed family caught it. His triple vaxxed teenage son was hospitalized with it but pulled through. In early 2023 McGowan bowed to pressure to set up a supposedly "independent" inquiry into the response to.the pandemic. Now, he says he's "tired, extremely tired" and exhausted. He's only been Premier since 2017. Lots of people have served in the role for much longer. The Chief Minister (Governor equivalent) of Australia's Northern Territory, Michael.Gunner, who infamously told the unvaccinated to "stick it" (shove any vaccine "hesitancy" where the sun doesn't shine) has also cut and run. lDidn't the MSM and bureaucrats claim that being jabbed would protect from "long COVID"? After three jabs, IgG3 is wiped out and there's a class switch to IgG4. IgG4 is associated with autoimmune disorders and reduced tumor clearance. Rebekah Barnett presented Western Australian health dept data in her substack some time ago and things were not looking good. Are the chickens coming home to roost? Maybe I'm wrong but I think I can sense the fear.

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which brings up the question: should the vaxxed be quarantined from the rest of us? not allowed to interact with food or anything else due to the shedding and generally being contagious if their immune systems are open to catching anything?

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I doubt anyone who has heard the early discussions by the "Awake" doctors is surprised to hear the information in this paper. Question is...how are they going to spin it to blame the unvaxxed.

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If only this study had received the attention it deserved when it was concluded two years ago in May 2021.

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What do you expect when you reprogram cellular function to create foreign proteins that consume essential components of normal cellular function!

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This is why my friend took the shot bc he said his immune system would fail without it but it did him in. I tried to dissuade him from taking it. A former employer told me yesterday her 41 year old daughter died of covid but that her husband and her took it and it probably saved them. What?! I told her about my husband and the vax. I think her daughter died from the vax and then got covid. Like my friend. Idk. Not everyone seems to get sick from the poison. 😞💔😢

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Is it likely that two jabs could let Hep C out of immune jail 40 years after initial exposure from blood transfusions given to baby in NICU? The person never had any evidence of viral load elevation on any previous testing and was not exposed any other way since birth. Devastating. Yet another possible long term effect?

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May 29, 2023·edited May 30, 2023

„In an inheritable fashion“ even without the mRNA, all by the PEG-2000 medical device. Which is no biological. Wrong admission division. Wrong procedures. Not admissioned.



As probably many nano particles reprogram epigenetic setup.

Now hot selling TiO2 nano sunblocker.

New crime against humanity as acceptance of shots wanes?

Do we have to measure every ingredient for nano particles especially food also for active vaccinations?

Summarising the last 3 yrs:

I think so.

Nano particles disrupting epigenetics:

Which affects much more than immunity (aka concept of „self“).

Eg. the hormonal setup !

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What about blood donated by the vaccinated?

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Oh and Kate, the lab is outright lying to you!

I was a surgery scheduler, ALL of my patients donated their own blood prior to surgery!

We ran them through a ton of testing prior to make sure they were healthy and had THEIR own blood ready to go if needed.

Trust me this was my biggest headache, because this is where we found a lot of things wrong, which often postponed surgeries.

Today you literally cannot trust anyone in the allopathic sick care mafia.

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Yes, I see and have seen the problem for a long time now. Regardless, you or anyone who needs blood for any type of surgery is basically screwed. They don’t care, this is DEMOCIDE. Hospitals today are death camps. I think twice when doing anything anymore that could land me there.

The Red Cross was never for the people, never have been, in fact they too are a huge part of child trafficking, so if they are doing this, do you really think they care about poisoned blood?

My heart goes out to anyone that needs hospital services today, it’s basically suicide.

My brother in law needs a hernia repair, weird he can’t get in until august in the United States.

I worry, because odds are he’ll be vaxed unknowingly or need blood and that will put a strain on family visits as the vaxed are shedding this chit to everyone and killing families who stayed away from these Genocide jabs.

They want you dead, and will go to great lengths, especially if your over 50.

Wish you the best, it’s a dangerous world we live in today.

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I make all our meals from scratch and try to buy all organic or close to it , non-GMO etc. It's just nice to get a break once in a while especially on special occasions...

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For Your Readers,

Here’s a thought that you are welcomed to:

Imagine for a moment that you did not synthesize “Controlled” with “Opposition”.

Begin by examining “Controlled”.

Is Dr. Robert Malone Controlled ?


As, with further examination, you are likely to observe the same of Breggin, Cole, Kory, McCullough, et al.

Each controlled by the worst mis-education a human could experience.

It’s only a matter of degree.

Start there. That’s the work, leading them while they kick and scream.

Succeed at that long enough, and you will see that you may very well be a leader. And in that, where to throw your punches.

It’s not hard. Actually yeah it is.


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