A study proved spike protein production in the injected... 18 months after the last shot.

A recent study proved it's not the mRNA but also DNA designed in circles (proving bio-engineering and not just genetic rubbish), which was detected in high doses (way above safety thresholds): DNA circles means they changed cells' DNA to produce a self replicating vaccine, which works like a virus!

mRNA can't explain shedding (except reverse transcription, which is hard), but DNA does!

There's a plan to murder 95% of the global population.

Start taking some redpills and doing your own homework by searching the following in duckduckgo.com or presearch.com:

- Both Churchill and Roosevelt were masons and plotted to get the reluctant USA into the war by provoking the Japs and letting Pearl Harbor (left the whole fleet defenseless and concentrated there as an easy candy to be taken from a kid, no radar warning from outer islands, etc.)

- 9/11: 2 "planes", yet all 7 World Trade Center towers destroyed, not the closer towers not belonging to World Trade Center, and the owner with his 2 grown up siblings failed to show up for work (never skipped work before)...

- J6: The fake riot was mason-planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!!


It's such a mason manual that they organized the same play in Brazil when it was proven that the voting machines owned by mason Soros, were rigged:



- At least since the 90s, vaccines were weaponized to reduce the population, for example:

1. Adding hCG to infertilize women: lab detected in 30 countries

2. Overpassing the FDA 10 ng limit to human DNA “contamination” by 2000%, thus causing neuro-damage (autism, asperger, tics, etc.) and childhood cancer epidemic (n.b. leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas)

- COVID was designed as a primer for lethal COVID haccines:




- Wake up videos:


- It's genocide for depopulation:


- It’s the masons, who create counterfeited currencies (trillions of dollars and EUROS) and bought the listed corporations, media, healthcare, universities, parties and political careers:


ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard's confessions:


Now, are you really ready for this?:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


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My guess is that the excretion studies were probably done and that this was how they planned to deal with those who refused the injection.

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In July of 2021, I went to visit my new grandson. To my surprise, my son was home sick and this was the 2nd day he was off work. We sat next to each other holding the new baby. That evening I was out riding my bike. I began having fairly significant heart palpitations. While cycling, we passed by an ambulance that was parked by tbe side of tbe bike path. I pulled over not too far from them to get my breath and see if my heart would settle down. At one point t I sent my husband to see if the ambulance was still nearby, because I wanted them to check me over. They were gone, so I slowly made my way home. These palpitations went on for months after that - but there was no way I was going to see a doctor or enter a hospital to get harassed by the staff as to why I did not get the shot. In Canada, we are essentially NOT ALLOWED to seek private care, and I was NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY by aeroplane, train, bus or any other mode if public transport to get help elsewhere. So I simply ignored the symptoms and they eventually subsided. A few months later my son told me why he was home from work. He had taken the Pfizer shot 2 days earlier (after taking Moderna a few weeks earlier. Remember when THE EXPERTS said it's okay to mix and match??) and it made him very unwell. He himself wound up in the hospital emergency March of 2022 with feeling like he was having a heart attack, he was white as a sheet and feeling very unwell. He is in his 30's and in excellent health. I have to wonder if being exposed to him and whatever he was shedding is what made me sick. And if it made him have those heart issues as well.

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No doubt in my mind. I pity the baby.

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Karen Kinston & Dr Anna M. have an excellent talk, with photos & videos of their blood research. The current nano tech from the Convid vax is present in the blood of both vaxxed & non vaxxed.

Part 2 of Convid won't even require a 💉 IMO.

Get the BBQ fired up for Soylent Red®️™️, biolab engineered/manufactured "Beef", AKA- cancer cells on a bun. Don't even ask about their agenda going Green. You really don't want to know...

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They reveal the disproportionate damage being done to women by the vax. Anna Mihalacea is a bloodhood for scientific research of Convid effects in blood.

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Yes, but I suspected early on that the fit guys were targeted for sudden death. Military had fake vaxxes, a hunch. Some women are dying when fit, but rates appear different based upon gender. The nanobots are targeting women in their most important job: babies. Just the thought of a miscarriage or disabled birth will cause perception issues for many. Pharma drones appear to know their enemy.

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Watch out for that dr Ana mikalcea 🚩🚨🆘

She may be right on some but out to lunch on more important eternal


She channels some supposed 30,000 yr old

Being and believes we are gods and so

Much more

New age crap


Own research

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She's Nutty as a 🐿️ on life & I've wasted no time on her beliefs. I have & do research as I'm semi-retireded 😜 & have too much time on my hands. All of what she shows about nano tech is currently being used in medical research & treatment, bioresearch, bio warfare etc. among others. The tech she reveals is not impressive in itself. It's where it is, how it got there, why & what does it do? I follow medical research & nano science journals, and what she is showing is far from the current tech. It has grown exponentially since Convid was first designed. If we disregard loony beliefs of scientists at the expense of their research, you won't have much of anything left. All the tech she shows creates RF Wifi which tags us, similar to what the EU did to farm animals in the 90s for quotas. It's being used for medical census of the human herd via cellular and/or satellite with a personal GPS signal we can't ditch.

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Can you explain why you think she is nutty? Can you point me to links? I've wondered about her research especially that people who've been inoculated have their own IP addresses. Being in tech, that's really not possible from my understanding. Nobody has explained how that could possibly happen technically.

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Her personal beliefs compete with scientology's author Mother Elron Hubbard best science fiction IMO. The fellow who I replied to above explained it accurately & briefly. I didn't even read as far as he did to regard her personal beliefs as a moot issue. I follow her research narrative in parallel with a couple others in the same path. . I'll dig for a mini doc by a Chilean (?) professor who set up testing of vaxxed & unvaxxed in a remote location with no 5G. They were sent away & then returned to the cabin in random order. With his wifi scanner eqmt he could differentiate who was 💉before they even arrived. Each of those persons had their own ID code. Nano tech at its basic level is still 👀🤔 on The Incredible Journey...

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Well, I guess that depends on where you buy your beef, lol 😝. Stay away from grocery meat, find a good local regenerative farmer.

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Totally agree with that 👍Corn fed beef & chicken are the norm in the US & to me the meat looks jaundiced & it's reflected in its taste. In Kanada, grain fed for finishing before slaughter is the usual. Natural grass fed is vastly superior of course & wild meat can't be beat.

I honestly wasn't joking about the current tech from Israel that is spawning lab meat. They only need to make it profitable on a mass scale. If the anti econut elite, like Bony king charlie, get their way the only choice we'll have left will be between bugs & cancer meat. Netherlands has already confiscated/stolen huge areas of farmland for their 15 minute prison plan, literally banning farming in the 2nd largest food producing euro state. Gates & Blackrock are buying up huge tracts of farmland in the US & BR is front & centre in Ukraine, "leasing" & buying literally millions of acres of farmland to prepare for post war reconstuction on contaminated land & fracking of natural gas. There's a war on against independent farmers worldwide. Without farmers we're done.

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Bottom line! Human Petrie dishes! And the push to inject with RNA’s has just begun!

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Relatedly-- what Dr. Michelle Perro told Dr. Peter McCullough about shedding

"Maternal Instincts and the Health of Children"

The McCullough Report Podcast on America Outloud

by Dr. Peter McCullough, April 18, 2022




DR. PETER A. MCCULLOUGH: Dr. Harvey Risch* appeared with me on Laura Ingraham, the Ingraham Angle, and he presented a case, a vignette from the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and it was a breastfeeding mother who, ill-advised took the vaccine, and then a few days later the baby suffers a hemorrhagic death. And you can imagine, a breastfeeding infant, how rare that would be to have some horrific thing happen to the baby. And Dr. Risch just presented it, said, listen, here's just a case example. In your view as a doctor who looks after children, but probably advises many as they move into womanhood, should a woman ever, while they're pregnant or breast feeding, consider one of these vaccines?

DR. MICHELLE PERRO: That's an easy, that's simple, no. No, no, and then again no. Because number one, I mean, it's not like the placenta protects the fetus from whatever the mother receives. Whatever the mother receives the baby receives. The placenta is not a barrier, there's an open exchange, right? Absolutely. And then of course through the breastfeeding everything's transmitted through the breast, but also we know that the vaccine is, people who have been vaccinated transmit spike protein through their breath, through the skin, this [?] nanotechnology. And I've had a lot of people unvaccinated who develop symptomatology from those around especially recently vaccinated.

DR. PETER A MCCULLOUGH: OK, I want to pick up on this. So this is shedding. This is the most common question I get, of shedding. And all of you listening to the McCullough Report who are going to ask about shedding, I'm here with Michelle Perro, and Michelle is an expert, she's from California. And I want to hear your clinical experience. What have you have you seen that you clinically think are legitimate shedding vignettes?

DR. MICHELLE PERRO: Absolutely. And you know, and I would share with you that I live in an area that's highly vaccinated. So there have been a lot of people around shedding. And I myself experienced it. Recently-vaxxed-with-a-booster friend, that I didn't know, because if I hear someone's recently boosted, I run for the hills. My own husband had to go into, he didn't get boosted, but he had to go into the other room for a-- another story, Peter. But anyway, I picked up on this. I got vertigo. And I had to use all the techniques I knew to clear my vertigo immediately after being with her. Never had vertigo. Vertigo is spinning, for the listeners. And I thought, no, baby. And so I used the various of techniques to help clear that spike protein, including things to dissolve spike, things to bind spike, things to clear spike. I did everything.

DR. PETER A MCCULLOUGH: So what did you do? Because people, this is the most common question I get. Just, I mean, now again, we don't have large randomized trials, we don't have government research. Governments are not acknowledging vaccine injuries, let alone even shedding. But we're hearing from an expert today, Dr. Perro. What did you do for yourself?

DR. MICHELLE PERRO: I'll tell you what I did. And remember, Peter, there was a time where case reports were what physicians read. Remember the case report? I would read those with gusto, thinking like, oh, a clinical case, what did you do?

So this is what I did. Because I have no doubt in my mind I got, I call it spikeproteinitis, spikeproteinopathy, whatever you want to call it, from my friend.

First of all, I took Ivermectin. And I took it to bind spike.


DR. MICHELLE PERRO: I took 12 milligrams twice a day and I took it for three weeks because my vertigo wasn't clearing. It was getting better, but it wasn't clearing. That was the first thing I did.

I took NAC, N-acetyl cysteine, the precursor of glutathione the master antioxidant in your body. I took 900 milligrams twice a day. 11-AC, and you need a lot of antioxidant to protect you from being oxidized because the basis of all disease is oxidation, which is loss of electrons. This is the basis of every disease, autoimmunity, cancer, etc. So I took NAC. I'm a big fan.

I took zinc with circadin. And circadin helps zinc get into cells, it's a zinc ionophore. And I took zinc picolinate which is a zinc that I like as an integrative practitioner. And I took 25 milligrams of zinc a day. I didn't want to do more than that for myself because zinc and copper are in a balance, so you don't want to over zincify because then you can throw your copper out of balance. And you need copper as a metalloenzyme for a lot of reactions in your body. So be careful with that zinc-copper relationship.

Some people say take 50 milligrams of zinc a day. Maybe you get away with it, but I started with 25, knowing about the copper and I didn't want to offset it.

The circadin I took about 200 milligrams twice a day. You can take way more than that, but that's what I started with, and seeing how I did. OK.

I did vitamin D. I take vitamin D with K2. I never take Vitamin D alone, because it can offset calcium. I took 10,000 a day. Why? because it's a hormone. It's great for immune function. I decided to alert my body that it needed some assistance. Alright?

I didn't feel like I was getting covid. Like, how did I know I wasn't getting covid? Because I didn't have the things I see with initial onset of covid. Most of my patients who first get covid get brain fog, fatigue. The initial symptoms are brain fog and fatigue. We're not seeing in the [?] and all that, at least initially. Then they start getting the other symptoms, the profound myalgias [muscle aches and pains]. So it's, when they start getting the weird brain fog and the fatigue, then I know they're going to get covid. I didn't have any of that. I just had the vertigo.

DR. PETER A. MCCULLOUGH: That is such an important encapsulation. And these are suggestions, again, not proven. But I want to anticipate, we're years away from conclusive studies to even nail this down. Now what have you seen clinically, in terms of a shedding vignette? A patient comes in and tells you something. What have you seen that's most tractable and most significant?

DR. MICHELLE PERRO: I'd have to say, of all the things I've seen, and this is mostly the moms of my patients, is that, abnormal menses. And the women report, those who've been exposed to vaxxed and they start from, let's say, the shedding, heavy bleeding, more frequent bleeding, menorrhagia, and menometrorrhagia, and women who've been in menopause starting their period again, bleeding.

DR. PETER A. MCCULLOUGH: From shedding or the vaccine or both?

DR. MICHELLE PERRO: From both. Because these people are [?] living in a highly vaccinated community. And I knew when these peaks were coming is because when they pushed the boosters. I think the booster was like, the really bad, like, nail in the coffin. As if not the first two were benign, but it was that booster that really got things going. So I think those GYN, the bleeding thing got me really concerned. And I read the spike, you know concentrating in the ovary, you know. It likes fatty tissue, and likes bone marrow, likes the brain, likes other—

DR. PETER A. MCCULLOUGH: Right, so on my twitter feed today I just reposted the really good review by Bret Weinstein, Steve Kirsch and Robert Malone on the Japanese bio-distribution study which clearly showed lipid nanoparticles accumulating over the course of 48 hours in the ovaries of mammals that were in this study. No messenger RNA involved, just the lipid nanoparticles. And in a paper from China before Covid 19, that I've also summarized multiple times, shows that the lipid nanoparticles do concentrate in the corpus luteum of the ovaries. So it makes sense, installation of the code for the spike protein, disrupting cells. I literally had my last guest on the McCullough Report from Greece indicated, he thinks every cell that takes up the genetic material and expresses the spike protein is killed.

DR. MICHELLE PERRO: Well, I feel that to be true, too. I think that's actually accurate.


# # #


Peter A. McCullough's website is https://www.petermcculloughmd.com

Dr. Michelle Perro's website is https://drmichelleperro.com

* Dr. Harvey Risch MD, PhD is Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases); Affiliated Faculty, Yale Institute for Global Health


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I really appreciate you, Transcriber B! It is often faster to read a transcript than listen/watch a video.

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Thank you, Michelle, so glad you find the transcripts of interest.

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I had 3 blood clots and Nattokinase seems to do the job.

BUT it will NOT dissolve the hydrogel responsible for the massive clots from Pfizer’s ‘vaccine’.

Only EDTA will do that, and they will come back when you around shedding individuals.


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Where can I read scientific studies regarding shedding? We make homemade nattokinase. Is that superior to store bought?

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Take a look at my comment. I have links to pfizers document and the fda.

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I agree with Dr Bryan Ardis that the Covid that contain the spike protein is connected to snake venom . The word shedding is also connected to snake. The snake shed their own skin from time to time. Base on this information Dr Ardis has a solution to this. Vitamins C,NAC,EDTA,hydrogen peroxide can denature spike proteins. He mention nicotine and ivermectin to neutralize spike proteins.He also mentions coconut oil and other I can’t remember off the bat of my head. My amateur opinion.

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So I have a question. I am taking lifelong warfarin for hundreds of PEs, have not been injected. Does warfarin interact with these drugs and if do what can I do or take to detox myself? One doesn’t know who has been shot up or not!!!

I already take ivermectin, selenium, zinc, Vit D.

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I think serrapeptase, lumbrokinase, nattokinase (and of course, aspirin) have blood thinning qualities, though perhaps not as strong as warfarin.

So, yeah, probably shouldn't take both.

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Jun 4, 2023·edited Jun 4, 2023

Thank you for posting that. It is stated in articles about these systemtic enzymes that one should not take them with blood thinning drugs.

Here's a good article on how they work and what to look for: https://ericbakker.com/nutrition/systemic-enzymes/

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That's why you need edta chelation and nattokinase.

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I've been noticing that there are an unusually amount of sick dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. this year and at the end of last year. We have an account for our dog on instagram and so many dogs have died - cancer, embolisms, stroke, enlarged heart, atrial fibrillation (something that's rare in small dogs - but a small dog had it), etc. I'm trying to help someone who's cat has an abdominal tumor. I know of one dog who recently had an embolism and died. The sibling of that dog died in Sept. 2021 though I don't know what caused her death. The human was inoculated for work. Another dog had some issues that was either a stroke or related, it's unclear and died. All these dogs were fine and "suddenly" sick and died. A dog friend of my dog got lung cancer. I'm not sure how a dog gets lung cancer unless they live with someone who smokes but the person didn't smoke. Unfortunately, I don't know if the person got vaxxed or not.

I do know something very strange is going on with these beautiful beings because of the humans they live with that got vaxxed.

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Spike support is not for everyone. My unvaxxed but very ill son tried it thinking he was ill from shedding & it almost killed him.

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Really? Oh my gosh! I’m surprised. Hope he’ll be ok

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Thanks, he’s much better now that it’s out of his system. He must be allergic to one of the herbs.

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I've been suggesting zeolite powder to everyone. I think everyone should be taking it at the detox dose everyday. It's a naturally occurring substance from volcanic ash that is negatively charged and binds to positively charged substances including spike proteins, lipid nano particles, graphene oxide, all heavy metals, flouride, mold, the list is very long. It also binds to glyphosate but in a different way. It suppresses cancer cells by "awakening" or activating the P21 gene within the cell. It's an amazing well rounded detoxing supplement that is gentle when taken at the correct dosage. When one takes too little for their health issue, it can cause herxeimer effects or symptoms that the person was experiencing that caused them to take it in the first place. The reason being is that you need enough of the zeolite to scavenge around the body. So the more the better most of the time. https://www.therechargeclinic.com/post/how-much-zeolite-should-i-take

Here's a website that helps you figure out how much to take: zeolitedosing.com The website is from Dr. Howard Peiper. He is a retired naturopath and has a book called Zeolite that is sold on amazon (unfortunately) for $7. It's a short read but has a lot of valuable info in it. Definitely worth it. I know of several people who's symptoms has subsided because of taking zeolite. One had extreme fatigue, joint pain, stomach pains, and other issues. Her relative had nightmares. Both had there issues resolved within weeks after they started the zeolite powder that I suggested. Also, a mother and daughter I met had nightmares (mother) and seizures (daugher) and their issues were either resolved or improvement dramatically. They were also taking other supplement.

In addition, this website that someone posted on another substack, lists a protocol that he said worked for him and for someone who was severely ill, going blind in one eyes and is now well. http://estateartistry.com/blog/reversing-vaccine-injuries From what I saw and read, it seems like a good protocol. It took this person 3 months to heal.

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I take the powder...thanks for the info. We have to tread lightly with lots of these detox supplements.

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Jun 6, 2023·edited Jun 6, 2023

You're welcome. As mentioned, I know people who's symptoms have resolved (whether they are out of the woods or not, only testing can tell) from taking zeolite powder. It's definitely worth taking even if current situation didn't exist because of all the toxins around us.

Every animal that is living with people should be taking it, too. We give it to our dog more so because the rescue stupidly and irresponsibly had him on prozac thinking it would help his anxiety. It just made the anxiety worse and now he's got a lot of flouride in his body. Prozac is 18.5% flouride and flouride is highly toxic. This is a safe and gentle way to get the flouride out of his body. It's not easy finding supplements that are safe for dogs to take that bind to flouride and other toxins. He also gets medicinal mushrooms which are also great detoxifying supplements. Different mushrooms help with different things.

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Hmmmmm, not buying it.

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I don’t really care if you don’t buy it……if it helps someone that’s all I care about. Just because something comes from nature doesn’t mean you can’t be violently allergic to it.

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So true!!!!!

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Any evidence with other enzymes for those who are allergic to soy?

Or what about EDTA?

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Systemic enzymes should have nothing to do with allergies to soy. Can't comment on EDTA.

Here's a good article on how they work and what to look for:https://ericbakker.com/nutrition/systemic-enzymes/

Hope that helps.

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Yes, you are correct, we will be done in the end if we don’t fight and take back our lands.

The grocery meats here in the USA are horrible! It’s no wonder why we are one of the sickest nations in the world! My meats while I can still get them are grassfed and finished, no grain.

The taste is amazing and my body thanks me, lol 😆.

We are in a spiritual war and satan is having a hay day, yet it will be short lived. We need stop stand strong and stand together and fight these evil bastards!

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