As the late, great medical hero Zelenko said, the censorship in Israel would make China proud.

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Prof. Retsef Levi 27.07.2021

- MDA Emergency calls (2021): Increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks


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That the blind would see.

Nope. The blind, for the most part have their own personal reason for being blind...and neither hell nor high water will tear it from their eyes.

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Post anything censored in twitter with @elonmusk #freedomtesting

e.g., his satellites are attacking us:



Presenting Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA tech:


( based on 2000 papers: https://bit.ly/research2000 )

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My husband, a brilliant physician before he passed in 2020, a friend and I read everything we could starting with the Pradhan et al paper in January 2020 (that fauXi forced the retraction of). While we were certain and feared the fallout from the injections, it is another thing entirely to watch it happen. My friend's workplace colleagues are all injected, "up to date," save for one besides herself. They are all suffering from impairments and injuries. My friend educated and begged one work friend not to get injected. That person's cancer that been in remission a decade plus, came roaring back 4 weeks after. the first series. Several strokes, heart issues, kidney problems, and immune problems. One person stated in a meeting they were starting to wonder if it was unwise for him to have gotten the injections. No one chimed in or looked into their cameras when he said that. Several people have taken early retirements. All of these people who had kids in the home took them to be injected, as well. Very worried for them all, they have no idea, just faith, then hope that if they adhere it will work because they are all pursuing "woke." Most of the employees are Caucasian and they spend time at each meeting, or in emails belittling "whiteness." The new admin head send out emails committing to eradicating "micro-aggression, and things like that. This state agency is geared to helping mothers and families get good nutrition for babies and little ones to get a healthy start in life and many employees spend time each day indoctrinating themselves instead of doing their jobs.

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