That or Blackmail. We know how these monsters use it in Congress now so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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Why can’t you accept that he knew and he did it purposely? He is part of the WEF and WHO and all of the power structure. He always has been. He is also a self declared Zionist and proud of it. If you do the tears of research that we have and look for the truth you will find it. I’m sorry he is not what you want him to be.

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There was a period where a body double for Melania Trump was seen getting in and out of helicopters with Trump. I don't know if there is any connections to what you are talking about.

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They presented Trump with a "problem" and a "solution".

Problem : suspected 'bioterrorism' by Chyna resulting in extensive U.S. civilian deaths and economic damage ("modelling") prior to election.

Solution : DARPA's ADEPT: P3 - '60 Days to Stop a Pandemic' with MCMs - and "NPIs" to bridge the gap.



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President Trump and Trump even before becoming President wanted to be seen as a hero...

he wanted to be a hero.... that was his down fall... and his advisors used that to their advantage.

make a "vaccine" that is "safe and effective" is what they probably told him and they said they could do it..... i am certain they lied to him that it was "safe and effective"

what troubles me is if he still believes the lie about it being "safe and effective" and if he doesn't, when did he start having doubts about the "safety and effectiveness" of the injection?

to his credit, he never mandated the jab..... Biden did.

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Paul - Being threatened is no excuse. Everyone that has run for the Presidency has known about the Deep State JFK Presidential Control Techniques. That not only includes the Dallas Lead Depository Solution. It also includes the JFK (where the F stands for F***ing) Blackmail Plan. As JFK said about making the despised, corrupt, and thoroughly evil LBJ Vice President, I was blackmailed into putting him on the ticket. Trump knew that going in. What ever the reason, Trump was in charge and he supported it. He still does.

You are big on calling out murders and hanging them. With Operation Warped Science, Trump will go down in history as one greatest mass murders of all times. He not only murdered the living, he murdered the Human Genome.

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ivanka says trump entered into partnership with moderna 1/13/20. maybe she got it wrong? https://www.dailydot.com/debug/ivanka-trump-coronavirus-vaccine-tweet/

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I have a serious question for you…


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Trump’s invitation to his supporters for the Jan/6 rally “it’s going to be wild.”

Many rotting in solitary/ what has he done to help them?

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