Aww, thank you for sharing this, Paul, and for your unwavering commitment to living not by half-lies 🙌

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I used to listen to Neil Oliver every week on talk radio during lockdown and he kept me sane. He is a true hero for speaking out and I’m not sure how long before (Ofcom; governments tentacles) insist that GB news don’t air his show on Saturday night. His show every Saturday on GB news is fantastic and as are his monologues.

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Absolutely brilliant and compelling article, thank you!

As Edward Snowden says:

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals!”

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First they ignore you.

Then they laugh at you.

They they fight you.

And then, you win.

We are at the "fight" stage.

I had this thought listening to a Twitter space where the PhD in ethnomusicology and African studies felt comfortable using every internet forum trick in the book, including dissing participants because they didn't have a PhD (at all), or one in the right scientific field.

The fighting is getting desperate.

We WILL win.

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This Peter Hotez character has won a date with Madame La Guillotine. May he/it enjoy the anticipation of this head-shaking event.

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Got a transcript for one of these-- here you go:


January 20, 2023


WOMAN CRYING, FILMING HERSELF AS SHE IS WALKING: They gave him his first vaccine and he was just a couple months old and he almost died, OK? He went into a fever of 106 and he almost fu*king died. So since then I never allowed him to go get a vaccine. He wanted to play sports so bad, see my mother snuck him, took him to go get the fu*king vaccine last year, OK? Right after he did that—Keep in mind he went to go get the vaccine so he can fu*king play sports in school because it's mandated that you be vaccinated, OK? So she went and took him to get it.

Then he went for his sports physical the next month. They told him his heart rate was extremely too low, they don't understand why it was that low and he had to go see a heart specialist. He went to the heart specialist and I sat there, I looked at the doctor in the fu*king eye and I said all of this is from that fu*king shot, it's from that vaccine, I kept telling him not get it and I didn't want him to get it and now that he got it his fu*king heart ain't working right.

And the doctor say, Oh no no no, it's not that.

And I said to my son, they're just trying to downplay that sh*t because they fu*king know and they don't want people to be scared, I said, and he understood that, OK? Whew.

So the whole purpose of him getting the whole vaccine was to fu*king play sports and he can't even play sports because his heart is fu*ked up from the shots, OK? So tell me I'm a conspiracy theorist when I'm fu*king living it.

Then, then this year— he think that, OK, so the specialist cleared him, his heart was still at a low rate and he couldn't tell me why, but he cleared him from sports. Now, imagine if he would have fu*king played. Anyway.

So this this year he's decided he wants to play sports again. He went to the doctor just now to go and go and get his sports physical. Huh. Well, there's something wrong with his fu*king heart again, it's extremely low. So you cleared him, but you didn't even clear him, but he wasn't even OK. So for a whole year he's been sitting here with a heart problem. And they cleared him.

Now they're saying oh, he has to go see a specialist because for his age it's beating way too slow and if he does try to play sports and exert himself he could have a fu*king heart attack!

So you keep telling me all these people dropping dead for nothing and it is my son who's on jeopardy.

Don't tell fu*king me this sh*t ain't real. Don't tell me it's just a conspiracy theory. The government is literally [inaudible] on us. And I don't even know what to do because I can't get that sh*t—



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By March 2020 it was self-evident that the journey ahead would be lonely and fraught. After the lock downs, free money and social constraints, the mandates were imposed, my own in November 2021 with a subsequent loss of clinical practice. With every dystopian tyrannical step came the faux "choices." The ease with which a dumbed down, fear laden majority were assaulted with needled barrels, betrayed by those claiming to be their champions, abetted by a colluding, servile and treacherous MSM was self-evident. And so we descended into kakistocratic tyranny with a simple "yep," accompanying PM Jabaconda's wistful leer, a deluded hell scape that persists today. NZzzz.

It was always going to be a close run race to the finishing tape, tyranny or liberty, between the corporate globalist overlords or a mass of alerted awakened.

It'll be a tight finish, but their tyrannical over reach revealed their 'game'. For most, murderous servitude (even as an middle-elite) is not a future or life to which many are instinctively drawn.

It is beyond gratifying to me that what started out as a lonely solitary journey is now one in which one is accompanied by an angry epic multitude.

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God bless Dr. Ladapo, and you, and the rest of the dissident doctors!

Here's his letter shot back at the murder and maiming business model monsters of our government


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The State of Israeli is a creation of the CROWN who devised the policy of Zionism. The Balfour Resolution and Rothschilds instigated the movement for Israel to became a Zionist, Terrorist state. Many moral and religious Jews have become hijacked by the illusion of a Jewish homeland. The Torah says there will be no Jewish State until the second coming of the Messiah - The Neturei Karta Jewish sect explains - https://tinyurl.com/5k2nkhah

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Holocaust Survivor, Vera Sharav "The government is doing what Mengele didn't finish" - https://tinyurl.com/2x7jwbmt

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wow, that's a great article. we don't don't give out our seal of approval lickity-split, but with depth and deeper contemplation over decades of truth seeking, then it suddenly dawns on you; you've been on the narrow path to Heaven's gate who is a person named Jesus Christ. Amen, so be it. ty4posting doc.

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