"who is funding this"

The same criminals who funded the original, NIH/NIAID/Fauci of course.

"This work was

437 supported by Boston University startup funds (to MS and FD), National Institutes of Health, NIAID

438 grants R01 AI159945 (to SB and MS) and R37 AI087846 (to MUG), NIH SIG grants S10-

439 OD026983 and SS10-OD030269 (to NAC), Peter Paul Career Development Award (to FD), and

440 BMBF SenseCoV2 01KI20172A (AE) and DFG Fokus COVID-19, EN 423/7-1 (AE)."

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Oct 16, 2022·edited Oct 16, 2022

Dr. A you are absolutely 100% correct that "they" have no intention of this ending, ever. Frankly, I am baffled, to put it mildly, that so many still do not realize the depopulation agenda that is in full force and accelerating as we speak, going into Winter 2022/2023 and beyond. If 80% lethality is even remotely true the term "dark Winter" doesn't come close to describing what may be coming :o

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I have a perfect solution.

We give these scientists all the germs they want, we build them a dream lab, with everything they could ever ask for. Unlimited funding.

Then in the night we round them up, because “SURPRISE COCKBAGS!!!” The lab is actually built on one of Elon Musks spaceships.

Then we blast them towards Mars, where they can work on whatever they want, to their hearts content.

We make a holiday in their names, for their selfless sacrifice.

And if they survive the mars landing, Elon Musk gets to claim that he put men on mars.

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Research like this comes from bright people seeking funding. It is the set goals from government agencies, and the volunteer reviewers of research grants, that define what is fundable. The scientists that review grants have a mindset, an opinion, about what makes a good grant worth funding. But, once you get the money, you are able to work on more than just what the grant is about. Imagine you have two or three grants that will last 5 years each and overlap over 8 years due to when you got the awards. That frees you to explore not only the original grant’s specific aims, but other side projects that could yield new ideas resulting in new grants. Anytime a funding agency puts out a request for new grants based on a topic, there are lots of researchers that apply. Research is a business where you are constantly looking for overlap in what you are interested in researching and a source of funding. You have to produce results in “quality” journals related to your grant’s stated Specific Aims or reviewers will consider you aren’t worth funding. But side projects and cross collaboration with other researchers leads to new grants, new ideas, and grows funding. It’s a good system until ethics, morals, and open minds become skewed, bad, and closed, respectively. This is obviously an exciting idea that should never have been explored except over coffee and/or tea. Whoever said, “Go ahead, let’s do it!”, is walking a dark road to hell, ethically.

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I try to refrain from excessive cursing, so apologies in advance, but...

What in the actual fuck??? There are so many different ways that this is completely, blatantly, IN YOUR FACE WRONG. Makes me just think we are completely fucked. I keep going back to a terrible 3am infomercial....you literally cannot imagine it getting worse...BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

It's the part where a large percentage of the population will just blankly nod and talk about something else...like this isn't happening. Or isn't concerning. wtf.

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What the hell is "the S gene of Omicron?"

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What lab/university/institution is allowed to develop bioweapon in the USA? Which lab/university/institution do these researchers belong to? who funded this research? 80% mortality means just about everybody. Surprised the globalists are allowing this. Many of them would be included in the 80%.

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Show us the physical virus and its provenance, transmissability and pathogenicity, not in silico polynucleotide computer generated sequences accompanied by an awful lot of hand waving in an intentional fear inducing polemic.

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I just made a thermonuclear device in my basement. It vaporized a couple of mice. Now I don't know how to disable it. I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

It's like a Larson "Far Side" convention of mad scientists. Used to make a funny cartoon. Now it's us or them.

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This is why these medical terrorists can't release an 80% killing virus since they would be as much at risk as anyone. Maybe they might claim to have an antidote but they could never be sure it would work especially against such a violent pestilence.

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Hard to understand what you are saying...but 80% says plenty.

There was a WEF/UN promise of a decade of pandemic....2020- 2030.

It appears they will kerp their word.

The msm will certainly continue to cheerlead...and the msm zombies in front of their televisions will continue to agree.

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80% mortality for a population that has not had Covid. How about a population that has recovered from Covid??

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And just in time for Halloween!

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Lol they are not even trying to hide the gain of function xD This is insane.

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Tamara Ungolini of Rebel News is in Berlin, covering the World Health Summit.

She managed to get close enough to the (virtue masked) director of the W.HO. for him to drape his arm around her shoulders...

However this disgusting Raton scurried away upon being asked a question about the "pandemic" era lockdowns:


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