The lab origin theory has gained traction, and yet they still have this note from the editor:

"30 March 2020 Editors’ note, March 2020: We are aware that this article is being used as the basis for unverified theories that the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus."

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Dig into the manufacturing of the vaccine. It was well underway before "Operation Warpspeed" even had a name. Look at the DOD contracts under "Other Transactional Authority". Look at the body of law that has paved the way for this tyranny for many years.

This is what they are striving to cover up.

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You are absolutely correct! This has been many years in the making. Dr. David Martin has exposed many of the patents for this mass Democide.

Yet, too many disregard this eye opening information. I understand to a point, that many people find it very hard to believe that their own gubment would do this to them, but unfortunately, they did and will continue, unless we stop them!

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Martin said they had vaxxes ready to go in 2016 !!

Remember.... Hillary was supposed to win in 2016. Trump stalled their plans by winning instead.

Can you imagine what they had planned if Hillary won?

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We need to say poop to them.

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Jun 30, 2023·edited Jun 30, 2023

What is the role of the HIV sequences in the Spike? In the early days of the plandemic most people who were not over 80 years old who got infection recovered from infection with the benefit of gaining natural immunity. But subsequent mass vaccination has driven the emergence of new variants and subvariants with immune escape properties. These new variants may have a low IFR for the acute or prodromal phase of the illness they cause but it's the later phase that's the problem. These new variants and subvariants are not mild respiratory pathogens. Just as Geert Vanden Bossche predicted would happen, and as Baric no doubt knew would happen, the virus has evolved to become more lethal. It only appears to be less lethal. The illness that people call.COVID-19 is nothing. That's not the real illness. This virus can attack every organ in the body. The low IFR people talk of is only the IFR for the first phase of the illness The real harm comes after the initial infection. The virus is immunosuppressive, cardiotoxic, neurotoxic and oncogenic and for many people mRNA vaccination appears to make it worse.

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As a reminder to those of us who appreciate your posts - thank you!

But...how do we get this out in front of those who believe the "pangolin did it", that the cdc, etc. is trustworthy ?

THAT is what needs to happen.

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That paper was published in 2015.

Think about that...

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Right. THAT'S just it.

It is nothing new....ppl need to be force-fed a healthy dose of reality.

And....GET BARIC ON THE STAND. Somewhere. Make him spill the beans. Ignoring him can ONLY be intentional. Imho.

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He has been flying below the radar for far too long.

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Each of us can amplify, send to our contacts. The misnamed "MSM" is controlled by government and pharma and will NEVER be truthful.

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Those murderous psychopaths at UNC Chapel Hill also developed remdesivir.

It they didn't kill you with their NIH funded weaponization of the coronavirus, they will kill you with the "cure."


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Its nice to see someone bringing this up again. Mike Adams of Brighteon and Natural News gave is this info early in 2020 when this all just started. I told plenty of people in turn. People who want a nanny government do not believe it no matter what they are shown.

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Lab origin. ✅

Accidental or intentional release? INTENTIONAL. ✅

** Remember always: **

1- The experimental shots were not created to stop Covid.

2- Covid was created (and released) so they could launch the experimental mRNA shots.

That also explains how Moderna had the shots all ready to go in a couple of days.


P.S. Vineet Menachery went to Galveston, Texas, after leaving Baric's lab at UNC Chapel Hill.

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Thank you Dr. Paul for sharing and the incredible work that you do for humanity. Bravo!!!💝

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Thank you so much for your posts. The first thought was, these are monsters whose aim is to kill and destroy.

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Oh…I don’t even want to think about if hag won. We probably wouldn’t be here writing, right now.

The patents go back even further.

This was a very well meticulously planned mass Democide.

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God now we need every scientific paper submitted to be read by smart people such as Dr. Alexander to find out what the hell is going on and to shut them down.

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