Zuckerberg got caught on video admitting concern over the injections changing our DNA and was forced to walk it back. But, there’s no way he wasn’t privy to more information than us average citizens. He just didn’t expect to be recorded saying that. It demonstrates that the elite have known from the beginning that the shots alter your DNA. Anyone in the upper echelons who eventually feigns shock at this is lying.

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We need to implement a simple, affordable effective ways to SAVE LIVES of the vaxxed.

I took my flu shot in Fall 2019 but I identified the Covid-19 Lockdown scam in Jan2020 and published in Mar2020, six months before the identical Great Barrington Declaration. I am Covid-19 Unvaxxed.

I published in my recent FDA presentation in which I identified what I believe to be THE BEST COVID-19 CURE AND VAXX-DETOXIFIER for the general populace:


Cost for a 7-day package would be about ONE DOLLAR!

Typically cures cases of Covid-19 in (less than) one 7-day package.

Helps rid the body of the toxic "vaccines" with several seven-day packages.


We should ASSUME that every vaxxed person is vaxx-injured, +/-. It may be just a matter of time for them…


I presented 26Jan2023 to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee”

There were two conversations – the vaxx-injured want the toxic-and-ineffective Covid-19 vaxxes stopped now; the drug companies and the FDA Committee seemed utterly deaf to those concerns and just want to peddle more ineffective-and-toxic vaccines. Big Pharma owns the FDA.

Here are my slides (augmented). Later, we need Nuremberg 2.0!

Regards, Allan MacRae



Allan MacRae, Calgary



January 26, 2023

Docket No. FDA-2022-N-1608


Sept2019 – Took my annual flu shot (for the last time).

Jan 2020 - Studied Covid-19 full-time for 3 years since Jan2020.

29Jan2020 - Cancelled my 4Feb flight to Thailand via China due to early news of Covid-19.

Feb2020 – Identified the Covid-19 “pandemic” as a scam based on credible foreign data.

20Mar2020 – Learned that our Alberta hospitals were EMPTY and decided to publish. The feared "tsunami of Covid patients" never arrived.

21Mar2020 - Published that the Lockdowns were not justified and would be net harmful. No rational, informed person disputes that fact now.

4Oct2020 – Six months later world experts published identical conclusions in their Great Barrington Declaration.

8Jan2021 – Advised my governments to NOT release the dangerous, toxic Covid-19 injections. (My e-friend Reid Sheftall reviewed before sending.) No rational, informed person disputes that fact now.

The most credible senior physicians want to end these toxic injections.


Data showed the virus was only fatal to the very elderly and infirm – not younger people. The full-population lockdowns were never justified.

No significant “Excess Deaths” in Alberta or Canada in the 12 months ending 1Jul2020. No Excess Deaths means no serious pandemic.

Hype was identical to the Climate (CAGW - Catastrophic Manmade Global Warming) scam.

CAGW scam was proved false in 1990, 2008 & 2013 – CO2 changes LAG temperature changes. "The future cannot cause the past."

The same “usual suspects“ promoted both the Climate and Covid scams and linked them. "To solve Covid must also solve Climate. Woke Nonsense!

More Scams: PCR tests over-run to push false positives; Ivermectin was banned, a criminal act; “Vaccines” caused the variants (Darwin); etc.

Both the Covid-19 Lockdowns and “Vaccines” were ineffective, hugely harmful and too often fatal.


Stop ALL Covid-19 injections immediately; DO NO MORE HARM!

Make available the best medical treatment to reduce harm to the vaxxed;


Reinstate and compensate the un-vaxxed who were dismissed from their employment.

Reinstate those who were persecuted because they spoke out against the Covid-19 fraud.

My FDA presentation of Thursday starts here:


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There are moments in history when we are faced with a moral imperative to be utterly without compromise. This is one of these moments and we applaud your position Dr. Alexander. mRNA and DNA treatments and platforms are experimental, unapproved, toxic, and demonstrably deadly. We call for a complete ban.


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Well, I may become "hesitant" to give my Dogs their shots now that they are going to put mRNA in animal vaccinations. Who can stop this? My family is also declining shots for their kids as well. We won't get fooled again. We all will work on our natural immunity from God and not this Russian roulette of a shot for anything now. I may even decline Tetanus too.

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They not only played God but they spit in His face. I have believed from day one this was a satanic agenda to wipe our God gene from our bodies, to damage our souls and the essence of who we are, we are made in the image of God, the demons hate that so they wanted to wipe it out. I know in the end those monsters will be driven back to hell and God will cleanse the earth of all of them so we can live free and finally heal.

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And Mr MRNA himself needs to be KICKED OUT of the truth movement- PERIOD!

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Now is the time to ban all DNA (including Recombinant) and RNA jabs and gene therapy FOR ANY AND ALL LIVING THINGS.

That includes plant life, livestock, exotics, pets and humans.

We should not risk contaminated livestock in our food systems. BUT THAT IS THE PLAN.

And while we’re on it, ban all GMO feed surreptitiously slipped into the ingredients. Along with insect protein in pet food. So far in UK only in pet food, but EU has ok’d it into human chain.

Concl. If they’re out to sicken or kill us, and they publish such plans, is it delusional to comment? Or is truth now considered untruth?

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Agreed. It's playing God. Right from the start I had questions. Some of my medical co-workers tried to make me feel guilty because I wouldn't take it to protect Grandma. Now it doesn't protect them but harms them. TY. I'm christian and playing God is something that had crossed my mind for the past 2 yrs. That's my religious belief.i don't mess with what God has designed.

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Dr. Alexander is solidly over the target once again, and we can all sense your frustration...and also the knowledge that as their narrative collapses, we can win hearts and minds.

Still, I think that those of us who can mellifluously string together a beautiful sentence, should be more concerned with developing our physical and tactical skills. The fact that the narrative has collapsed, their MSM lackeys can not contain the fallout, almost certainly means something major, an escalation/obfuscation is coming. It may not be medical, could be a "natural disaster" that gives us the equivalent of another Fukushima, or perhaps an economic or technological disaster.

But, just as the WEF, BCG, WHO and the Gates/Rockefeller/Clinton foundations spent decades dreaming up Convid, the next one also had had the "best and brightest" plus AI and Quantum Computing working on how to trick the hobbled masses in to still greater self-harm.

tl;dr? Train for war. Lose weight. Get strong, train at altitude. Practice intermittent fasting. Shoot tight groupings. Take no shit from The Left. it is time to ridicule, and push back.

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5B initial dead, then another 2B+ from collapse consequences.

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One small correction, they are not "playing God". The pushers at the very top are "playing satan". Satan wants to destroy humanity. There is enough influential humanity who likes the goodies they get from the 'ruler of this world' to do whatever it takes for their own benefit. (Power, money, etc.) It is an inter-connected cabal across many organizations that are "playing satan". Satan wants humanity destroyed. He'll use war, abortion, abortion masquerading as 'contraception', transgenderism, transhumanism, and anything that will destroy health (legal drugs, illegal drugs, garbage inserted into the food chain) and the seeking of the true Creator. It all comes back to a spiritual battle first. Let's work to get people to stop "playing satan".

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It's always been about money and fame and fraud , just as it was in the earliest days of germ theory and vaccine development; to this day the likes of Louis Pasteur are idolized when medical history clearly reveals that Pasteur was a fraud, a plagiarizer, a second-rate chemist who stole discoveries from Antoine Bechamp; Pasteur was the Fauci of his time while Bechamp was a genuine scientific genius whose remarkable evidence-based experiments were never fully appreciated, even to this day; Pasteur put his own ego and notoriety ahead of scientific facts and truth and sowed the seeds for the development and growth of big pharma and the medical/industrial complex(allopathic medicine); thus began one of the greatest frauds in medical history, motivated by greed (money) and power, and at the expense of human health and welfare; the history of medical science is replete with similar examples where real scientists and their discoveries were ignored, vilified and had their work and lives destroyed so that the medical status-quo could persist in maintaining its evil agenda. Sound familiar!? "Satanism is not a belief in Satan but the false pursuit to self-deify oneself."

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It amazes me how the obvious signs of mRNA and LNP failures were ignored/censored from the beginning.

1. As you rightly noted "All prior animals studies failed, all." Why? What made us think it would be different this time? That was the most important question and it was not only never answered, it was never asked. Failure to answer or even ask that question can only be due to evil intent. For that alone Fauci should have lost all credibility.

2. Fauci showed his true Deep State/Big Pharma loyalties in the AIDS Wars with the devastating take down of the whole AIDS program by Peter Duesberg. Fauci's AIDS program was the framework for Covid. Rigged drug tests. Stifle cheap drugs and all honest debate. Continuous propaganda to create an Ashe impact mass panic. Push Vaccines Uber Alles into everyone regardless of risk. When that approach fails, push it harder (i.e. AZT intravenously to mainly minority women giving birth.) It was all public and it occurred 30 plus years ago. Why would anyone, particularly healthcare professionals, not know Fauci's sordid history and immediately warn everyone to ignore his advice on early Covid treatments (or on anything for that mater)?

From the beginning, these and other basic, foundational truths (like "don't vaccinate during an epidemic", "leaky vaccines leak", etc.) were obviously not only ignored by Fauci et al, they often did the opposite, guaranteeing failure. And of course, the MSM covered it up.

Fauci's violation of the foundations of epidemiology was too obvious to ignore and should have resulted in immediate mass condemnation and banishment from informed society of the entire Fauci Mafia....... That's not the way it turned out.

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They’ll never acknowledge anything. Who cares? We know. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

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The medicine man is destroying the balance of nature at the cellular level. When you introduced a viral like particle that reprograms the function of a human cell it is no different than having a cancer virus reprogram a human cell. When the abnormal production of corrupt cells exceeds the immune system’s ability to destroy, we have the destruction of the human body in unpredictable ways. Those reports that the Covid virus never existed is just misinformation and miss direction to hide those responsible for this crime against humanity.

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Within 5-10 years, all injections will be based on mRNA technology. It's cheaper to make and doesn't require any manufacturing standards. It's faster to re-formulate because the FDA does not require any serious testing (mice will suffice). No matter the price per injection, the stupid insurance companies will pay for if it the government doesn't. Safe and effective does not matter either because as we know from previous experience, as big pharma always says...TRUST US!

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