Very powerful poem that remonstrates the reality of the past 3 years. Well said Margaret Anna Alice.

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How can we hold them accountable? People are starting to realize that they were bamboozled but they don’t see all the deaths that have been taking place as homicides. They are seeing people with wide spread cancer, people who have myocarditis (the masses have no clue what that entails) they just think oh they have a heart problem and that’s that.

I honestly think they are using the border and fentanyl as cover. How many dealers or drug cartels do you know that want to Kill their clients? They tell us it’s so deadly, if you touch it, it will kill you! Drug dealers for the most part try the product or at least has physical contact with the product yet they seem fine it’s just the clients that are dying. We’re I live if someone finds you dead and you have any fentanyl in the same house you’re marks as an overdose. I’ve not heard of any older people O.D.ing they are having heart attacks. The younger people are overdoses. One of the healthcare facilities in my area was giving people $100 to take the shot!! You didn’t even have to be a patient of theirs, you could just walk in of the street and they’d stab you then give you $100. The druggies got taken advantage of. People that were mandated to take the shot would get those on drugs to use their ID’s to get the shot. They got the vaccine card without taking the shot and the one druggie got to keep the $100. A lot of them have turned up OD’ed lately you know after years of using drugs. Fentanyl has been around awhile People have been using it for years.

A friend told me the other day that 2 of his wife’s coworkers had widow makers on the job on the same day. One in the morning and the other that afternoon. One was early 40’s the other early 30’s!! Both very healthy and athletic. He didn’t connect the dots until I asked if the shots had been mandated at the plant. They had taken the first 2 shots and that was all.

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These two clips are from a single original livestream video recording for FaceBook September 18, 2021, which was removed.



MARVA PESCHIER: Good night everyone. I am Marva Peschier. I came to tell the whole world what people is doing to the nations of the world. My son took the vaccine on Friday this week. On Friday night he fell off his bed with a massive stroke with bleeding in his head. He was bleeding. He was bleeding from in his brains. This afternoon I went down to the hospital in Mt. Hope and they pronounce him dead. I am sending a message to Mr. Prime Minister Rowley and I am telling you to stop this nonsense because it's killing people. It's killing people and you are lying and saying that the thing is not killing nobody but people are dying every single day.

People, people, take heed! My son is dead because he took the vaccine. He dead, he dead. [lamentations in the background] They're lying, they're lying, they're lying. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and I am speaking about the lies that the people are telling you. [in the background, screaming and crying] My son is dead! He's dead! He took the vaccine. He took the vaccine and he died in the two days' time. People here lying to you all I'm telling you.

Share this live*, share it to the world, let the world know that it's time for us to come out and speak the truth, speak the truth and speak it ever. They are killing us! People of Trinidad and Tobago, people of the Caribbean, I'm begging you all, people over the world, stop this nonsense because it is killing people! It is killing people! The people that the healths, I'm giving this message to the Health Department of the world and all the people who took time to put this thing together and know that the vaccines are killing people. My son is dead. Can I get him back? God, vengeance belongs to God, people.





MARVA PESCHIER: [clip begins about halfway through the above-mentioned video, repeating everything there to the conclusion of that clip, then continuing]:


God, vengeance belongs to God, people. I will pray and I will pray and I will press it and kingdom come. Listen to what I am saying, people. I now came from the hospital. I now came from the hospital. My son is dead. He's dead. He's dead with bleeding in his brains and blood clot. And the vaccine give him blood clot in his head and kill him! He didn't sick at all. People! People! Take warning. Take warning. Take warning. Take warning. This is all I have to say. This is all I have to say. And I'm asking you all to share this live. Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya. Share this live! And let them know! And I'm telling people not to take this vaccine I don't care, I am telling all don't take the vaccine, it killing people! It kill my son and now going I'm bury him. Look, he died! And now came from Mt. Hope died. He died. I want you all to pray for me and my family. God bless you all in Jesus name.


# # #


*"live" refers to this livestreamed video. According to Jeremy Porter in his article "Trinidad Pastor Mourns Death of Son," RedVoicemedia.com October 5, 2021, this was a FaceBook Live video recorded September 18, 2021.


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I appreciate you're peeved with what has gone on but why did you fall for it? Why did you listen to these people? I didn't. I don't have a doctor's degree or any degree but I knew covid wasn't real, I knew the vaccine was a bioweapon. I didn't wear the mask. I knew it was nonsense. Why didn't you? Why didn't practically everyone else? Because they believed the media. They believe in authority. They trust authority so much that they will put anything into their body the white coats tell them to. This is a learning experience. Asking for killing is not going to do anything because Fauci et all are not the problem - we are. The people, the people who obey authority. That's it pure and simple. This opportunity to find this out about oneself shouldn't be missed. Because when it's realized that we are the problem - then we also can change it. Waiting for them, or to revenge yourself with more killing, more court cases (and which court can you trust now?) is futile. They are ambushing us as I write, they are injecting the meat with mRNA vaccines, they are contaminating the world. And all because everyone pursues their instrument of enslavement - bank-issued money. It's so simple really.

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When one looks at the results, indeed. Also I think it needs to be further investigated how far "up the food chain" this goes.

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Bless you, Paul, for your passionate, unrelenting commitment to speaking truth, saving lives, and seeking justice 🙌

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go to military tribunals and you will see who is getting what also if you go to realraw news.com you will see as well. it may make your day.

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Justice demands it.

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In meanwhile we should contribute with our comments to the lack of transparency decisions they are making for us: https://www.regulations.gov/document/FDA-2022-N-2810-0001

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