To the young and everyone else, as i stated at my work place; Im not taking the shot even if you got a gun to my head.

I would rather get shot and killed, than take this shit!

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They all need to stand before a court of law!

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As the entire judiciary and police are captured and working WITH the criminals (or abandoned their oaths in the case of police on guard) then the remedy lies in us using the International covenants and treaties, law of treaties and The Law of War Manual to bring out Restorative justice, reparations, restitution and, through this, offer one final chance (however small) at redemption to those responsible. Lakeshore.sovereignassembly.com/peace-treaty

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I told my hairdresser whom Ive known for 27 years NOT to give her young boys the shots, the next time I saw her she had given them both 2 and she's now had 3, how do we stop this insane eugenics program?

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Through the Law of War Manual (https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/2997317-DoD-Law-of-War-Manual-June-2015-Updated-May-2016 ) we have the ability to seek a truce with the combatants, in this case the Liberal crime syndicate/privy council, where we present a peace treaty declaration with terms that include the opportunity for their redemption, and subsequently a demand that they pay restitution/reparations for the bioweapons and unlawful mandated covid measures (ie business/school closures). The treaty will include the concept of restorative justice in that restitution paid will assist the repair of the damages done on a local level and implemented by the actual victims in their own communities; not by any level of the contaminated “government” bodies. Included will be a 12-step demand plan, which is being used by several counties in the US right now, to totally halt and remove any mRNA devices (ie the “COVID” injections) completely from the communities. This treaty declaration will be presented to the parliament to act as the negotiator with the perpetrators on our behalf.

Therefore, if you want to include your COVID damages reparation list (ie the harm/loss/trespass you’ve endured since 2020) and vaccine injury/crime report it will be added to the list of those who have already done so. You can submit your list(s) to lakeshore.sovereignassembly@gmail.com under the subject heading “My Treaty List”.

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The bottom line is that there has been a gross breach of trust and criminal negligence by medical regulatory bodies, the shameful police services who have turned a blind eye to the evidence presented, the politicians and the list of complicit perpetrators that goes on and on.

When all of the structures in society are contaminated with grifting/conflicts of interest, including the judiciary, there is only a military way left to us for resolution (ie The Law of War Manual) to find justice and protection from the corporate defacto government crime syndicate that is functioning outside the democratic process. The ongoing scandals of the Trudeau government are being exposed on a nearly daily basis: the Trudeau Foundation China election interference and the privy council cover-up of the actual vaccine injuries that are taking place; The recent false flag wildfire rampage, which is intended to push a climate change agenda; the continual attack on the children and families with what is being pushed in schools as “education”.

Enough is enough! This has to come to a complete stop by having the complicit perpetrators identified in their genocidal medical deception and their act of democide revealed. The only solution to the madness that is left is having the military step in and local community members take action following the rule of law, the law of treaties and the Law of War Manual. Lakeshore.sovereignassembly.com/peace-treaty

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To mr Malone step up, sack up, and answer the good Doctors questions.

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“The myocardial injury seen in these postvaccine hearts is different from typical myocarditis and has an appearance most closely resembling a catecholamine-mediated stress (toxic) cardiomyopathy” August 2022.

At the time of this publication every compliant medical person on the globe should have ‘downed tools’ and walked away from the jabbing job.

To continue in silence, with this professional knowledge, as most did, is beyond human.

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video attached to tweet

Posted August 6, 2022


PHARMACIST: [inaudible] speaking.

FATHER: Yeah, hi, are you a pharmacist?

PHARMACIST: Yes, how can I help?

FATHER: Yeah, hey, I've got a question. My wife, against my wishes, brought my seven year old son in there yest—, sorry, a few days ago, for a covid jab, and he's now in the hospital with myocarditis. And I was obviously not very happy with you guys or with my wife. She told me that she was not told that was a potential side-effect. So why wouldn't you have told her that?

PHARMACIST: OK, sorry. So it's quite a rare side effect as well.

FATHER: No it's not that, no it's not, because I've been doing research, it's common. In the US there's tens of thousands reported to the CDC site. So why are you not telling parents this?

PHARMACIST: Um, we might scare the parents and they don't want to get their child vaccinated.

FATHER: So, so, you don't want to scare parents with something that is actually happening, that's happened to my kid. Are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind! You don't want to scare them? You need to give them the right information so they can make a proper decision! What is wrong with you! You don't want to scare them! I'm recording this conversation as well, and this is going to a lawyer. Thank you for admitting that. So why don't you tell them? When someone comes in there and says, hey, what can go wrong, what do you say, sore arm? Have you seen the amount of [inaudible]? Have you seen it?

PHARMACIST: Has your wife ask before asking giving consent to give the child—.

FATHER: Did she ask what the side-effects are?

PHARMACIST: Did she ask? I'm not sure because I wasn't there.

FATHER: Doesn't matter. You're supposed to tell people, this can happen. Now my kid— so you know what the prognosis is? You know what it is? Possible death within 5 years. Twenty percent of people with myocarditis die. It is a permanent damage to the heart. It is not temporary.

PHARMACIST: I'm sorry about that.

FATHER: He's facing a heart transplant. Because of you! Because of --


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We know injury and death is postvax.

So why are they still given? 🤔

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Start tracking the number of patients that have required an AICD since getting the mRNA shot. You may be surprised!

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