The "authorities" FDA, CDC, and manufacturers admit that they don't know the possible long-term side effects, how could they, it hasn't been long enough. However, when possible side effects are mentioned, they always claim that they can't be vaccine* related. You can't have it both ways. You can't claim not to know what could happen, then in the same breath, know what is *not* happening. That's not science, that's a Monty Python sketch!

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When will we stop allowing the medicine man from playing God with our DNA?

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The above is not related to vaccines.

It is about our banks.

I thought people should know this information.

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Mar 25, 2023·edited Mar 25, 2023

The ribosome says to the synthetic mRNA . . . "What do I put on here? hiccup, what do I put on here? hiccup, what do I put on here? hiccup." The peptide chain then secondarily folds who knows how?!

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That is what you would expect in a bioweapon, not in a medical treatment.

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Considering the long-lasting toxicity, it appears to me that it was more of a deliberate decision to use N-1-methyl-pseudouridine than a "gamble."

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Does it lead to SADS?

I've just been looking at pro-vaxxer twitter a/c: @1good tern.

The pro-vaxxers have just discovered the phenomenon of "died suddemly" and are freaking out and citing it as evidence of how deadly covid is

I expect they'll soon be usimg sudden deaths to call for more jabs.

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my mind is drawn to mechanisms. Does our body degrade injected or ingested pseudo uridine RNAs and double stranded DNA plasmids. plasmids have recently been found in hexsines possibly unpurified hexsines lots. It is said that Plasmids are used in production of hexsines. Would the microbiome be altered by the lab-used antibiotic resistant plasmids and/or RNAs. Would plasmids degrade prior to mixing with our microbiome located in the large intestine? if our internal structures are intact (no leaky gut). I think our digestion would break these nucleotide contaminants down. what challenges would be our body have by ingesting food, air ect. contaminated by whatever they intentionally or accidently leave in or spray (geoengineering). It seems that intentional poisoning life continues by overusing glyphosate (roundup), atmosphere spraying of metals (intent to reflect the solar rays), ingesting GMO foods and now normalizing artificial nucleotide constructs into food. will these man made harms irreversibly effect Earth's resilient life?

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Frigging with nature at these levels is only ending in disaster. As we all know now.

When? Just when? Will anyone, in any so called health regulatory body, anywhere on earth scream out loud. STOP.

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> Critical Role of Pseudouridine in Synthetic…

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™

Mar 17

Natural RNA is made of two purines adenine and guanine and two pyrimidines cytosine and uracil.

Thank you. I have a question.

Given that "replacement of uracil with its ribose ring (uridine) with N-1-methyl-pseudouridine, a synthetic product makes the genetic code for the Wuhan Spike protein better stabilized on lipid nanoparticles...

What are the natural coatings comprised of which are found on virons, vesicles, exosomes and viruses?

Why do LNPs replace the natural coating virus and virus like rna dna.

You gave the reason for the replacement of racil with its ribose ring (uridine) by pseudouridine.

Why use LNPs that are toxc rather than lipids that nature coats exosomes etc.

I hope someone will take the time to answer the above question. Thank you

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