who woulda thought ability provided by God was greater than an injection provided by Satan?

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God always wins in the end. Oh, and no human made omicron. That's God sending a natural "vaccine" to us stupid humans to stop the covid me-too freakout madness. Thank you Lord.

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I am compiling nearly 4 years of research and writing a book on the Spike protein and how to heal from its effects. I will cover the research on the toxicity of Spike to the various body systems, the difference between the jab and the virus, vaccine shedding, the toxicity of all of the components in the jab, DNA integration, and many other topics. I will also cover in depth the natural molecules and methods that can combat Spike and lead to healing.


If you preorder the book, you will be the first to receive copies, and you will also receive an electronic bibliography that hyperlinks to all of the reference articles. I plan to have the book finished in 2-3 months.


Also, forgot to mention- there’s free shipping if you preorder.



Any research / insight on if “carriers” pass on any DNA changes resulting from the vaccine?



Yes, I will cover that



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Part 1:

Once again it becomes necessary to address the many canards that pop up when people talk about “natural immunity” without bothering to understand the processes involved.

There’s innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

Both are natural immunity.

All adaptive immunity, whether gained by suffering a disease or by means of a vaccination, is natural immunity BECAUSE THE PROCESS BY WHICH SPECIFIC ANTIBODIES AND T CELLS ARE GENERATED IS EXACTLY THE SAME.

The innate immune system collects and presents antigens from pathogens to the B and T cells of the adaptive immune system by antigen presenting cells. If they’ve never been encountered before, the B cells design unique antibodies to epitopes on the antigens and the T cells are imprinted to bind to epitopes on the antigens, regardless of its origin (infection or immunization with one or more pathogen antigens.

Outcomes may vary, but that has nothing to do with the “naturalness” of the process.

1. If you have an anergic adaptive immune system, you have a greatly diminished response.

2. If you had only a very small amount of the antigen, you may have a correspondingly weak adaptive response.

3. If you had only a single antigen you will have a more limited adaptive immune response than if you had a variety of antigens from the same pathogen.

The smallpox vaccine in the 1950s had something like 500 different viral protein antigens. If your adaptive immune system was working properly then you will have had more than enough antigens (both quantity and variety) to create a great enough variety of antibodies and T cells to take out the smallpox viruses acquired from any normal exposure.

But if you were to give that successfully vaccinated person (or even one who had “naturally” recovered from smallpox) a large enough initial bolus of the virus, it wouldn’t make any difference how robust his original adaptive immune response was, he’ll be dead meat if he doesn’t have sufficient antibodies and T cells to counter the virus—and it only takes less than ten virions to initiate the disease state in a smallpox-naive person.

If you were to give someone a vaccine with only a single smallpox viral protein antigen, he will NATURALLY make specific antibodies and T cells to the epitopes on just that single antigen. Is that “natural immunity”? Yes. Will it be sufficient to knock out a real smallpox infection before it can present as a clinical case? Maybe. Maybe not.

Apparently so, in the case of some single antigen HepB vaccines made by recombinant means.

Apparently not, in the case of a single C19 viral antigen, whether produced by recombinant means* or as the result of being infected with the gene coding for it introduced by any of several cell transfection methods employed by viral RNA products.

But neither has anything to do with the “naturalness” of the adaptive immune response.

Part 2 follows

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Part 2

If you’re bitten by a rabid animal, you WILL develop a variety of specific antibodies and T cells. Will they be enough to save you once you start to show symptoms? Nope, you’ll be dead meat.

Those who say you have better or stronger adaptive immunity if you’re actually infected with a disease-causing agent and then call that “natural immunity” are simply just laughably and tragically wrong.

How do I know?

Because that is not the case with rabies and HIV. And it’s not the case with the viral RNA products that infect your healthy cells with a single viral gene.


Because it’s a numbers game and because the innate nor the adaptive immune system is capable of detecting a virus. They can only detect viral proteins. The broader the variety of proteins and the greater the quantity, the broader and stronger your adaptive immune response will be.

It makes absolutely no difference whether the viral proteins came from your innate immune system collecting the bits and pieces of viral proteins after attacking virally-compromised cells during a “natural” infection or from your innate immune system getting the bits and pieces of viral proteins in the course of cleaning them up after they’ve been introduced into the extracellular fluid compartment in your deltoid muscle by injection.

In both cases the mechanism of the adaptive immune response is exactly the same, but the outcome can vary in several ways and for a variety of reasons:

1. With just the viral protein antigens injected into you in a viral protein vaccine, your healthy cells won’t be infected. In fact, they cannot be infected. Why? Such a vaccine lacks both the means and the materials to do that. So you can bypass all the dangers arising from that.

The only question is about the quantity and variety of viral proteins there are:

If both are sufficient, then your level of adaptive immune protection is exactly the same as that from having been infected by the viral pathogen, except that you don’t have to risk the dangers of infection by the pathogen. This is why viral protein vaccines (as well as bacterial protein vaccines) are so good—you get all the protection with none of the infection.


If no viral genes in the proper form are introduced into the interior of your healthy cells, then the ribosomes inside those cells cannot run off copies of the viral proteins they code for.

If no viral mRNA and viral protein are inside your cells, then the built-in sensors in those cells will not signal the innate immune system that they have been virally-compromised and must be destroyed by innate immune inflammatory attacks launched by the innate immune system.

2. If the variety and quantify of viral protein antigens are insufficient, then you will lack a sufficient adaptive immune response, and though may still be capable of getting infected by the actual viral pathogen, you won’t suffer any other adverse outcomes in the meantime.

3. But in the case of the viral RNA products, not only will you end up with an insufficient variety of viral protein antigens to provide an adequate adaptive immune response against an encounter with the actual virus, in order to get that inadequate adaptive immune response, you must first suffer all the consequences of having healthy cells in multiple organ systems being invaded and infected by a single viral gene.


Because that’s how all viral RNA products are designed:

Like a virus, but unlike a viral protein vaccine, the C19 viral RNA products contain the means necessary to invade a healthy living cell without immediately killing it. The means employed is one of a few different cell transfection reagents that have been used for over 40 years to invade cells in cell culture and to introduce foreign genes to study the behavior of the proteins in the context of a living cell but without the complications necessarily triggered by having an innate and adaptive immune system.

Like a virus, the C19 viral RNA products contain viral genetic material in the form necessary to hijack the protein synthesis machinery of the cells they invade and to produce the viral protein the viral genes code for.

Unlike the C19 virus that is limited to infecting cells expressing ACE2 cell surface receptors, initially those in the respiratory tract, the C19 viral products used in the United States are able to enter and infect any cell they bump into.

How is that possible?

Because the C19 viral RNA products are injected into the extracellular fluid compartment in your arm. That extracellular fluid compartment is contiguous throughout most of your body. Anything injected into it, whether pathogens, pathogen antigens, or drugs will diffuse throughout the compartment that is drained by the lymphatic system, dumped through a portal into the subclavian vein, and then delivered throughout the body by the circulatory system. And it literally takes only a very short time, before you even make it out of the doctor’s office, for this to start to occur and for you to begin to have healthy cells compromised in multiple organ systems.

Those cells will necessarily trigger the innate immune system to launch innate immune inflammatory attacks to kill those cells exactly as though they HAD been infected by the C19 virus.

So as a result of being injected with the viral RNA products, you get all the hazards of an ineffective adaptive immune response as well as many of the most significant hazards of an actual viral infection.

And all that happens because of your body’s NATURAL response to the presence of viral mRNA and viral protein detected inside a cell. It doesn’t make any difference if it got there my means of a virus or by means of a product that acts like a virus. Either way, but not like you would with an honest-to-goodness viral protein vaccine, you still going to suffer.

*And just a note here about the brouhaha of DNA plasmids being found in viral RNA products. People are overlooking the fact that this is not an outcome of a viral RNA product but the outcome of any molecular biological procedure used to generate a product by recombinant means, whether a protein such as insulin or a viral protein antigen for HepB vaccine or when cloning a gene in bacteria by inserting it into a plasmid or when producing a large number of them after inserting them into viral vector such as those used by Moderna and Johnson&Johnson to transport the C19 gene via lipid molecules into cells.

If people will look at any product prepared by using plasmids, they’re going to find some. The preps can be purified, but there always going to be a few. If such plasmids are found in human insulin or recombinant HepB vaccine with no significant problems, they’re not going to be any problem here.

It’s really pretty much an exercise in straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel. The stray plasmid is the gnat. Inserting many copies of viral genes into healthy cells to infect them to produce large quantities of a physiologically useless but biologically-active viral protein that has major, destructive, and unavoidable immunological consequences is the camel.

But in this matter, as well as almost anything having to do with viral RNA products, the eyes of the public have been deliberately directed away from the products’ primary mechanism of action.

You really should ask why so much effort has been expended by so many people to do that.

If you have read and understood the preceding, then you will know exactly why.

And once you know why, then many other things will become clear.

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Great work thanks for your analysis and comments,

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I remember reading that there was in fact NO IMMUNITY from the vaccine, that is one of the reasons why even calling it a vaccine was wrong! It did not prevent the illness, the virus was still able to be transferred, did I miss something?

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You missed nothing. And if you didn't get the shots you also missed the only thing the so-called "vaccine" provides - 1000's of side effects.

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I shake my head when I see morons taking 5,6,7 and 8 shots thinking they're protected, plus telling pregnant women the shots are safe after they're told not to eat processed food while pregnant, alrighty then. My natural immunity has kept me healthy my entire life, my last jab was when I was 10, that was 61 years ago.

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The research paper got it right! I see it all around me. Not only natural infection is more powerful but is much longer lasting that any covid shots if there was ever any immunity from it. The price to pay for that " little immunity" was absolutely atrocious.

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Natural Immunity works for us.

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That's what I love "body of evidence" forensic investigation into the C0VID experts that cant.

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Both my children are vaccine free from birth and will remain that way while I live with unknown vaccines banged into me via the armed forces. Never again will I succumb to any procedure that is invasive or unwarranted unless I know the FULL background on it and it's ingredients first!

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Great work ,we are continuing our freedom campaign for justice , The Light Australia uncensored truth, thanks Paul and your team of experts

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When you do nothing and nothing happens, nothing is going on.

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Gonna have to reorder those custom Titleist golf balls with 'Natural Immunity for the Win' on the side ;)

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It's really not a case of natural immunity since there is no other kind. It is not either or. You will never obtain immunity using any type of vaccination because viruses do not exist in the wild.

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