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There have been Islamic no go zones in several states in the US for decades where the police will not enter. The fact this isn’t know is beyond belief. Most of them happen to be within 30 miles of significant infrastructure, nuclear power plants, dams, power stations and the like.

Glad to see people waking up, but damn, I certainly hope it isn’t too late.

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CHAZ was the start in Seattle. The “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” was anarchism under the guise of social justice. How is it that the Left purports to be all about justice, but rejects civility?

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Up to a thousand illegal immigrants a day entering the UK now, nearly all young males from Albania and further East.

Their cost to the taxpayer at present is £2bn a year.

Worth listening to funeral director John O'Looney on this. It could be they're being brought into the UK to be an army against British citizens.

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How do you get a world goverment. Then look at what any social or economic issue is. And place it in the column. For world goverment. For a strong nation state.

Open borders. Check

Teach Shame of history. Check.

Cancel culture. Check.

Make it so nations police can't make people safe and ready to turn to me force who promises a different result. Check.

Cleanse the Military of those who are most patriotic. Check.

Take away 1st amendment so you can't say this. Check.

Take away 2nd amendment so you can't resist this. Check.

Allow illegals in without teaching civics history and passing test and who will have no national pride unlike legal migrants. Check

Create shame of culture. Check

Destroy the churches. Check

Destriloy the family. Check

Destroy the connect of God and hope. Check.

Make the citizens poor weak and hungry su they will accept it. Check. Check. Check.

And so on. And so forth.

Once you see that is their aim it all fits. There are no extras.

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Evil. Main job of the gov is to secure the border and protect the people.

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Sweden became the rape capital of the world by redefining rape to woke ideology. Free Assange!

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Clean them out - in this country you either live under our laws and culture or get the hell out and go back to the hell-hole from whence you came....

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All by design-I fear.

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For instance, look up Islamberg NY

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We are preparing our property to protect our parameters with barbed wire and other safety precautions to protect our home. Also getting wood to cover the windows when necessary! Now that there was no red wave and the democrats/rhinos were successful in stopping it, all hell will break loose in the next two years. I have to laugh at the prospects of people talking about a new President in 2024 because it won’t happen! Nothing was done for 2020 voter fraud, they ignored that it would happen in 2022 and we all know Trump won in 2020, but too many never Trumpers hate America enough to let us all go down! I believe its going to be a brutal winter with them sabotaging fuel and energy for homes! And don’t forget all the food being intentionally destroyed from manufacturing facilities, livestock and crops. Don’t think for a second there won’t be thugs roaming around and coming into safe neighborhoods to steal, kill and destroy! They know most people are ignorant to what is happening and don’t think it will ever happen here! I told my brothers to prepare and they think its funny! I will never be anyone’s slave or a “they can own nothing and be happy” moron! And you can take your bugs and shove it! Gun owners of America had better join forces and organize! We are being invaded, they have violated our constitution, our military is now a joke and our military equipment has been given or abandoned purposely to destabilize America! We have been taken over by enemy combatants like Obiden/Obama and all the others allowing this to happen against the Constitution! We are close to a city who imports these illegals and its become one of the worst crime ridden cities in the country and way too close for comfort! We are tops for child and human trafficking! The time to act is now to protect your family anyway you can!

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Nailed it.

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Four years ago my husband and I took a trip to Wisconsin and changed planes in Minneapolis.

First thing I noticed were most of the ground personnel at the airport were Muslims.

Anyway, sitting at the gate waiting for our connection to arrive there began a clamor.

This Muslim guy starts yelling at an older Muslim woman. Very threatening I might add. No airline personnel made a move to tell him to leave the premises. Made me madder then a wet hen!

The Muslim guy stomped off after his tirade and then it was quiet. Turns out this guy was an AIRLINE employee!

Now, I have to say I was a Flight Attendant for more then 18 years and it was only 6 years since I quit my job.

You could have knocked me over with a feather!

That kind of behavior would have cost that POS his job when I was still flying!

Obviously this bum was a product of Obama sending 80,000 Muslim “refugees” to Minneapolis.

Now, that we are a country without borders (thank you, Joe Biden) we have become a 3rd world country.

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They will feed the illegals so they don't look for jobs. And then end the money to the illegals who will all be hungry. They let them in not as family units. So yes they will steel your women your daughters your sisters your mother's and hurt them. Not all will be bad but how many will it take to hurt many women?

When the illegals are hungry. the orchestrator knows what they will do. Reducing population will be a matter of sitting back in their compounds and watching. Popcorn and bourbon. Imagine now if they give weapons to the illegals too. That border needs closing and send them back. UK you have a coup. What would Winston do. Rishi? He is lettering them in and sending out your tax dollars. Theft in office. Treason? Find your Winston rise and lead your communities. You are not incapable. Ask God and the Holy Spirit. And then you will have your guidance.

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GOD HELP US ALL! Onward Christian Soldiers! Onward!

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Yes and the politically correct media in Sweden just refer to the criminals and rapists as "foreign" instead of correctly identifying them as Islamic foreigners.

There are hundreds of "no go zones" throughout Europe and Sweden. They are ALL Islamic origin. Fire trucks and ambulances need police escort to run a call into them. 60 Minutes TV show tried to do a piece in Sweden on them and were attacked while police watched from the entrance.

Latest is these guys are throwing grenades around their own community and outside.

Women throughout Europe and Scandinavia have been warned NOT to go out alone after dark.

It's been an unarmed invasion of Europe by young military aged single men. Wonder how many weapons are stored in Mosque basements? What could possibly go wrong?????

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Meanwhile my friend from Columbia is jumping through hoops to become an American citizen. She’s an asset to the community.

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