I decided to wait and see what happens, to their suspicious "free vaccine". Turns out to have been a good decision.

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Care is required here. The insurance company guy said deaths were up 40% on 2020. That could also be said as deaths are 140% of 2020’s total.

But you can’t say that deaths are up 140%. They’re not.

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Jan 31, 2022·edited Jan 31, 2022

my friend is tripled and in the hospital now with unknown infection (10 days of non subsiding fever) and some indications now that there are issues with his kidneys and gall bladder, scared. And worried its because his body is reacting against the triple :(

edit: he is early 50s and has never been hospitalized before. seems little too coincidental

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UK govt about to announce on Monday that Britain's NHS workers will not have to be jabbed - at least 100,000 medics were preparing to walk from their jobs resulting in the NHS collapsing.


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Jan 30, 2022·edited Jan 30, 2022

I just posted a shared saying on FB. Here it is. "It's A Different Type Of PAIN When You Don't Cry Anymore And You Just Take A Deep Breath And Accept It." I've already cried for our planet Mother Earth and Our Humanity. For The Last Two Years. I am out of tears. This is. . . . . . . there are no words for it.

No, I am crying again now. The Pain goes thru my Soul. There are no time or space or boundries to it.

but I am ok. I now this Pain Well and I Am Not Afraid. I have been Well Prepared. I buried my terminal 8 year old infant/child son Gabriel, who was an Absolute Blessing ~ A God Given Angel, and I Know I came here For This.

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Dr Zelenko rightly points out that the vaccines are the bioweapon.

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