Strange, that I just had my husband's 70 yr old cousin move in a couple months ago to help him since he only gets ~$800 CPP + Old Age and can't afford to rent anywhere to survive, and I am proceeding to get him off all of his harmful pharma drugs. He was practically a snail moving zombie 2 mos ago. He is now extremely alert, aware, moving around, doing chores and no longer cognitively impaired.

Took him off of;

- statins

- initially reduced his ozempic to half the huge double doses they had him on

- daily insulin needle, as it was crashing him nightly to dangerously low levels

- eliminated Ozempic a week ago, and he is LOSING weight, not gaining it, but then, I started a Keto diet a few weeks ago, and he has been following it somewhat. Mostly his meat consumption is UP and carbs are significantly lowered. He is also more full, due to the meat content, and not eating the oatmeal cookies he was before.

And what blows my mind, is that he has been on metformin 500mg 2x/d for years and a few weeks ago, he went to pickup refills (not his metformin), yet they gave him a big bottle of new pills that said "TRIAL" on it. Not on his prescription list and never had them before and his Dr. didn't discuss anything with him about a change or increase since his sugars are in control and bloodwork all came back good at his last 3 month appt. I looked up the medication and it is 1000mg metformin + another medication 2x/d, effectively DOUBLING his dosage of metformin daily, to the maximum of 2000mg/day!

When I looked up the 'indications' for this medication, it said;

- NOT to increase seniors over 65 yrs to the maximum dosage

- to do increases gradually at 500mg/week!

- only to be used if the current dosage was not working to keep sugars in check

He is always in the normal acceptable range, as he has a constant monitoring device in his arm. He is keeping to his diet regime very well and not tempted by any sugars in my house, as I have been off sugar for years.

So, why in hell would the pharmacy try to kill him with this overnight doubling (ultimately possibly TRIPLING!) of metformin without any instructions on any reasons for the increase, and how to safely increase the dosage in increments. If he had been in the dopey shape I found him in originally, and gotten that bottle of pills, he would have just started adding the 1000mg metformin dosage 2x/day to his current 500mg 2x/day for a total of 3000/day...well beyond the maximum dosage limits and he would have been shitting his pants all day long. Because that is what he said happened when he first started the metformin. It was horrible. They might have killed him!!

Also, 1 of the first things I did, was get him on high doses of liquid VitaminD and large doses of Vitamin C.

Our medical system is totally f*kked!!

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Wow and how many side effects was he having due to all of the meds and high doses. I also want to add that you should get help weaning him OFF of the metformin and put him on the supplement Berberine, it is clinically proven to work as well or better than metformin with 0 side effects. That man needs to thank his lucky stars that he fell into your care, he would probably be dead by now, especially with the "Trial" meds that the mass murdering medical system/big pharma tried to sneak on him!

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Thank God he had you and you caught this! This makes you wonder how many more seniors are being murdered this way? I absolutely despise Big Harma and will never set foot on their death hamster wheel.

God gave us everything we need to stay healthy and cure any ills,

thru nature. And that’s good enough for me.

Allopathic sick care kills! Take charge of your health, by starting in the kitchen!

When taking high doses of vitamin D, make sure it’s D3, with K2 and add magnesium to this regimen to get the vitamin D where it needs to go.

Otherwise your setting yourself up for kidney damage and clogged arteries.

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That is so scary. My brother's cholesterol is in range and his PCP keeps pushing statins. I guess the doctors don't know what else to do, but to prescribe these things and/or they get some kind of kick back from that.

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Jun 27, 2023·edited Jun 27, 2023

If he gets to the point where he’s rigorously following keto, I wonder if he even needs berberine or high doses of vitamin C versus moderately high doses of vitamin C

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That's what happens when you screw with your LIVER! I just got off entivio and prednisone...my ass fell to the ground surrounded by gobs of cellulite. AND high triglicerides, high blood pressure, pre diabetes, weight gain, muscle weakness and failure....etc....yippeeee..long road back to health. And no help from my doctor...Doctors are just drug dealers now...Thanks to the socialist Canadian Health care system...it's FREE and it's DEADLY..LOL!!!!

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The issue with many monoclonal antibodies is that the body produces more antibodies to counter them, and this can cause a lot of other issues over time. They're an incomplete treatment because they don't treat the root cause (although they are proven to be life saving & can restore health, to a degree).

Google "quercetin IBD". and "NAC triglycerides" and "NAC ulcerative colitis ". And search both with "diabetes". And "pregnenolone high blood pressure " , "pregnenolone hormone imbalance". And "Serrapeptase IBD" , "serrapeptase liver".

Sorry, don't know anything that will help with that butt issue. Except exercise when you recover enough to tolerate it.

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Jun 28, 2023·edited Jun 28, 2023

God Bless and thank you for your reply. So kind of you! I got the BP down with meditation. Yup. Back to normal. I use nac and quercitine.i will check out the prednisone and serrapeptase. Thank you so much for your info. As for the butt...it's coming back! 🤣🤣🤣 but you r right. Exercise is slow right now and even thoigh I have been off the drugs for 9 months , I swear, it's still doing some strange things to me. Nervous system stuff. THEY say it only take 6 mo the for the body to rid itself

I'm not convinced. Could be the nature of entivio. At any rate, God is good and healing has commenced. Cheers!

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Why does an energetic healer use entivio and prednisone herself?

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I thought I would give it a try. I couldn't stop the bleeding. I simply couldn't change the energy. Call it a healing crisis. Call it what you will. Never the less, I thought I would give it a go in the hopes it would change the energy and give me a break from myself. I won't do it again. I believe I have worked through the trauma...I hope that gives some insight into my slide into hell...cheers!

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Thank you for explaining. I am very sceptical of any kind of energetic healing. People in that realm have stated that "illness is a decision". I find that problematic, to say the least.

I hope you get better soon.

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Jul 1, 2023·edited Jul 1, 2023

Oh you bet...there are some real nutbars in the so called "profession". I do not have a practice. Never would. I joined a science organization called the Trivedi Foundation to do double blind experiments on biofield energy transmissions and how it affects both animate and inanimate objects. For my own interest and hopefully to help people realize our human potential and to really acknowledge that we are energetic beings. Not just mechanical and chemical. As far as the illness is a decision paradigm. Our subconscious and unconscious can carry very weird , self defeating programing. However, I know of no one who would consciously choose a crappy life or a DISS- ease. ( I am sure there are exceptions) Trauma, however, can create energy blockages. Ineffective "healers" always blame the patient....Doctors sometimes do that too. From what I have seen, most of us inherit our belief systems. Sovereignty of thought is rare. Thank you for your kind reply and I do know exactly what you are talking about as it has been used on me many times🤣

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Hi Paul,

You lose weight by:

1. Consuming less sugar laden crappy processed food and beverages.

2. Getting off your lard arse and moving around.

People struggling with weight, I've observed, always eat so daintily, cutting their food into small mini bite sized morsels and eating very slowly and chewing endlessly.

I've observed this many times when lunching with heavily overweight clients and colleagues, and it always strikes me as some sort of pantomime act performance, as if to say: "I'm not a greedy vacuum cleaner guts slob. I have legitimate metabolic conditions".

However, back at the ranch and in private, they're wolfing down whole roasted chickens and bottles of mayo and loaves of white bread, and that's just for starters before each proper meal.

Being overweight and being fit is also OK. I know people like this, who enjoy their food, alcohol and their lives and who have huge personalities and are a joy to be with.

You want to be a happy person with a healthy appetite and do some form of exercise. Not a sad feeder looking for love at the bottom of a double chocolate milkshake.

Also American junk food portions, at the lower end of economic class, are simply massive. How can people eat so much?

Many years ago, my wife and I were traveling in the US and we went to Orlando for a weekend. The amount of overweight young people was astounding. My wife lost her rag when some young bloke in a wheelchair got to the front of the queue for a popular amusement ride. She screamed out from the back:

"Why's he getting to the front of the queue? Is he really ill? Or is he just a greedy slob who can't stop shoveling his gob with food?"

She hadn't been drinking, because it was around 10am in the morning and she only kicks off at 12 midday. But the area was dead quiet after her rant. You could literally hear a Big Mac drop onto a wooly carpet.

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You and your wife sound like dreadful people, the kind who, when they go visiting, incite would-be hosts to turn off the lights, close the blinds, and lock the doors.

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Well, that's a first.

And I can't see where you draw that conclusion from.

But hey, each to their own.

Happy days Victoria.

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Barry you keep me sane

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Thank you Ulysses ;))

Have a nice Tuesday.

Best to you.


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Jun 28, 2023·edited Jun 28, 2023

I wish it was that easy. I've tried everything from 800-1500 calories. I eat low carb, and watch my added sugars. I've been keeping them around 9-12 grams a day. I avoid HFCS, artificial sugars, etc. and I can't eat what most people eat. I find most food to be disgusting. I avoid social events because I am not comfortable eating around others and feel that I am being judged. I walk several miles a day everyday. I also get up and walk around several times a day at work. I rarely watch TV- I find most of it pretty inane. I cut the grass with a manual lawnmower. I am not a fan of mayo, bread, chips, french fries, ketchup etc. I don't drink soda, or alcohol. I only drink water and cold brew herbal tea which has no sugar. Sugar in tea is disgusting....even as a kid I could not stand sweet tea. I have been practing intermittent fasting for years I have no idea what I am doing wrong. On the plus side, I am on zero meds, and my blood pressure, etc are all in range. It's just that my weight is a problem that I haven't figured out how to fix.

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Dearest Kelly,

I was meaning to write to you earlier today, but the bitch of a work day kind of got ahead of me and it only ended now at 6:20pm South African time.

I am no doctor, but it seems to me you are doing all the right things and you should not worry about being overweight.

So much of the anxiety is in people's minds. Will he/she like me because of this or that? I don't look the way I should. I wish I looked more like him/her; I was funny/free spirited like him/her.

All this is nonsense. You seem like a very nice person and you should go out more often and be around people.

Human beings are social animals and isolation is not good.

I have an elderly client whom I am the High Court appointed curator for, as she has lost her marbles. Her adult son - a man of 40 - has not left his mother's house for over 15 years. When lockdown came into effect, he must have had an orgasm, because he then had a valid reason not to leave the house.

I do feel very sorry for him, because he is bright and kind and is simply wasting his life. But he will not even meet with me in person to have a conversation about what his plans are for the future.

As much as you may have social anxiety, so does the other person, and if you allow yourself to open up to a chance, or take some sort of a measured risk, then wonderful and unexpected things can and will happen.

Everyone wants to be loved; but love is a risky business, and the premiums are always so high; but you have to start somewhere.

Best of luck to you, Kelly.


Barry xx

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Thank you!

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Hang in there Kelly. You have to be healthier than you were. You have to weigh less than you have. I am starting to think that if you have had insulin resistance for years and years, it is a bugger to correct.

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That could be it. I've never been big on sugar, but I did drink diet coke for a while. I stopped drinking that five years ago. My BP, and everything are within range. I've never been on any meds, but my fasting glucose has been borderline for years. I just can't seem to get the weight off- and I am dealing with menopause as well- so that probably doesn't help.

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Oh goodness- that can make weight loss so much more challenging. It’s like whatever metabolism you once had comes to a halt. Are you getting good fats? It’s the one thing I have learned is that all that low-fat dieting was plain wrong. Butter is my friend again!

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I probably need to even see how much fat I am getting. Once in a while I will have a slice of Kerrygold or some other butter from grass fed cows. It could be that I am not getting enough fat. I am going to try working on building up more muscle mass.

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Speaking of Big Macs, the real issues with a typical McDonalds meal are:

1) The soft drink

2) The fries cooked in some unholy and overused oil

3) The bun

4) The condiments made with HFCS

They are what enable people to eat massive portions thus causing the weight gain.

If only people were just eating two all beef patties, lettuce, [real] cheese, and pickles.

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For maintaining ideal weight, the following works for me:

1) Eat real food, including plenty of animal-based products and natural oils (like ghee and olive oil).

2) Avoid sugar, corn syrup, and most other natural and artificial sweeteners.

3) Avoid processed foods, especially processed carbs and seed/vegetable oils.

4) Stop snacking and investigate intermittent fasting.

5) Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, while avoiding sunburn.

6) Exercise moderately.

7) Sleep long enough each night.

8) Find non-drug and non-alcohol stress coping mechanisms that work for you.

9) Pray.

10) Communicate with friends

I originally set out to practice the above to reduce my evaluated blood pressure (which plagued my parents and some grandparents). It took almost two years to get my BP down into the excellent range, but within weeks I noticed many significant health benefits that I wasn't expecting. That list has grown to about a dozen benefits, including taking ZERO prescription meds and ZERO OTC meds, whereas I had been taking meds for chronic conditions in the past.

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I am on a similar path- so good to know you were successful!! Thanks for sharing.

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You're welcome. I've learned a lot from Dr. Sten Ekberg and Dr. Berg (no relation😁) on Youtube. Lately I've also been following Pottenger's Human, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr Shawn Baker, and Dr Anthony Chaffee, though I am not doing carnivore.

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Thanks- I will check them out. I already listen to Dr Berg and Dr Hyman. They have helped me immensely. Your list sounds very familiar 😁

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Still better than Olestra

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“Greasy, oily bowel movements and an inability to control them” has to be the best side effect statement ever💩

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Thanks for the infotainment ...

It's a nice break from the march towards extermination.

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I am a Type 2 diabetic and Ozempic was prescribed to me and i took it for about 6 months. During that time, I started to lose my sight, so that driving any one of my 3 cars became problematic and when I had a test for new glasses, my Optician was so concerned that he sent me to his Specialist, I thought to lose my Drivers License for good.

In the meantime, it occurred to me that the cause for my loss of eyesight could be the Ozempic injections, so I stopped those and my eyesight slowly improved ,so that when I eventually agreed to see the Specialist, my eyesight was as good as it was ever going to be and I passed her tests with flying colors - to such an extent that mt Drivers License was renewed for another 2 years (standard practice here) and a further 4 years after that, which is most unusual, only subject to a physical which I can easily pass.

I am 76 now, so that puts me in the Drivers seat for another 6 years forwards to 82 at least - awesome!!

Ozempic sucks - I saw my Doctor a few days ago and told him to cancel Ozempic scripts - I told him it was my body and he would do what I wanted him to do without argument - he got the same treatment from me re vaccines - he looked like a stunned mullet - sort of, not used to being told what he will and won't do, regarding my health and welfare.

Ozempic, so far as I am concerned, sucked.

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Thank you for explaining. I am very sceptical of any kind of energetic healing. People in that realm have stated that "illness is a decision". I find that problematic, to say the least.

I hope you get better soon.

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