Of course they did cuz the Dr from UNC who had worked on gain of function, also had grants from a heart association for this very condition according to his Cv. . They knew. 😡

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Mar 19, 2023·edited Mar 19, 2023

Day after day, as I read more and more revelations about WHAT PFIZER KNEW about the severe dangers inherent their experimental shots IN ADVANCE OF conspiring with the FDA to foist them on the American public -- and the world -- I'm thoroughly frustrated and outraged in knowing the truth continues to be kept hidden from the general public by our worthless popular media and our RUTHLESS Biden Administration.

What more can we possibly do?

Are most people this ignorant and/or willing to stick their heads in the sand?

It's not really that hard to discover the truth.

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Goebbels said "We didn't force the Geman people. They gave us a mandate and now their little throats are being cut."

People, either because they were too dumb, or too trusting, took the jabs.

Dr. Malhotra was one of these sheep. One of the world's top cardiologists, he lacked the requisite intelligence to figure it out that these jabs were cardiotoxic.

Instead, like a good little sheep, he believed in Pfizer and the benevolence of govenrment.

He pushed the jabs and the people's throats were cut.

Far too late, he awakened from Pfizer's and the government's spell.

He had been metaphorically, and in a sense also literally, drugged and raped by Pfizer and the government.

Just like a rapist, Pfizer knew what it was doing when it ambushed its victims.

It knew that its jabs increased the risk of myocarditis but it showed callous disregard and reckless indifference for its victims.

Awakened from his slumber, Malhotra now tells the truth about Pfizer.

Pfizer is a psychopathic entity.

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Recipients of the Covid " Vaccines" could very well suffer Heart problems, after stresses, Sports, Anxiety? Any sudden unanticipated activity...

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I am fairly certain the jab gave my mom myocarditis. How could the docs miss it? She had all the symptoms! She died of heart failure at 81.

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And yet they are wrongfully still allowed to be in.

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In the US, all medical criminals are deemed as associates and comrades of the state and immune from any fraud.

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You all know WHAT??? We have ALL been bamboozled since they started vaccinations’.... smallpox on.....Go do research. Read : “ Turtles All The Way Down”, Dissolving Illusions” by Dr Susan Humphries.

So, everyone hears “ vaccination/vaccine” and we all have been indoctrinated to think “ safe & effective “..... but in actuality, NONE are! GO RESEARCH and READ!

Trump won’t save us--he’s part of it... same as Putin, XiPing...

We. Have. To. Save. Ourselves.

Get Good w/ God..... form local community, local food sources...

This. Was. Planned...for a long time!

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Dr Alexander. Did you see the Truth Social message from Trump. He expects to be arrested on Tuesday.

The battle front has moved on from the vaccines. Don't be left fighting on a vacated field, you can't then fight on the current front. The battle is for liberty.

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Pfizer is mad at us. We aren't buying enough of their quality product. That's the real problem. Tony, Ted, Ursula, and Albert all said so. Shut up peasants!! Roll up your sleeves

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I have done several transcriptions of testimonies by people who took the jabs and ended up with heart damage. I could do an endless number of them. Here is just one:


December 10, 2021

(taken from https://t.me/covidvaccineinjuries)


WOMAN: [I'm sharing] my story so that if something's happening to you, you don't overlook things and you get seen. So on Thursday the 18th of November [2021] I received my second [points to shoulder to indicate injection]. And I was feeling OK, up until 5 days ago, I started having heart palpitations and when I first had heart palpitations I initially thought, you know, like, ooh, that feels different. I thought maybe it's a bit of indigestion, maybe I was just tired. And I tried to think of all the things that could be causing my heart to race. And I had feelings like my heart was jumping out of my chest. I'd have dizzy moments where I'd feel dizzy and get hot flashes and I'd start feeling real sweaty. I actually put up a post on on Facebook just saying, you know, that I can't really sleep, and this was two nights ago and quite a few people started commenting and messaging me, saying, you need to go to the doctor, you need to be seen. But if you know me, I'm also a registered nurse, so I'm pretty stubborn. I have an auto-immune disease, I've been paralyzed in 2018. I finally went after having heart palpitations, I started getting a bit more conscious I guess and scared when my chest started tightening and so yesterday I decided to go to the doctors. And they took one look at me and told me that I need to go straight to the hospital. So I did, and when I got to the hospital, within 15 minutes they had stripped off my clothes, were taking bloods to run blood tests, and having a ECG, a chest x-ray. I was sent to that part of the hospital where it's allocated for those who have been [points to shoulder to indicate injection] or had the [points to shoulder to indicate injection], and so I got sent to that part of the hospital. And I was like, man, why are you guys running all these tests like I'm having a heart attack? Like, I don't really fit the criteria of someone who's having a heart attack. I'm young, I'm fit and healthy, I exercise daily, I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke, I don't take recreational drugs, I don't take any drugs. I don't take [unintelligible]. And so they were rolling out everything for me but, yeah. They basically diagnosed me within an hour of my bloods coming back saying that I had pericarditis. They have told me that this is because of my second [points to shoulder to indicate injection] and my heart is really inflamed, and it's swelling, and so they sent me home today with three different medications to bring down the swelling on my heart. I'm on 24/7 watch in case I have a cardiac arrest. The part that I guess really scared me is I was actually the seventh patient that they had seen yesterday. They say it's rare, that it's not really common that people get pericarditis or myocarditis. It's actually really common. I was the seventh person yesterday, and so that sort of freaked me out.



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i take these documents as a guilty plea.


this was no negligent homicide but premeditated MURDER

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They had marching orders!

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Be an organization

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