This Gene Therapy is not a vaccine and was never designed to produce an immunity, it's a bioweapon made to cull "useless eaters" and they are not stopping there. Next pandemic with "different pathogen" is coming according to Kill Bates, and the "vaccines" will be ready on no time

Thomas Renz: “This Is Quite Literally the Most Egregious Crime Against Humanity Since World War II”


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I’m so worry about those kids that parents decided to let them be lab rats. 💔

I’m not sure if it’s because their ACE2 receptors are not developed for the immune response but those spike protein will certainly wreak havoc in their bloodstream. 😔

Right now 9/10 vaccinated 2-3x are dying in UK.

Don’t those parents read anything?

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You know how it works. The dose is the toxicity so more toxicity less death from Covid, just hide the data on all case mortality. Ha!

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