Dr Alexander, I have a question for you that perplexes me deeply. I know, share and appreciate your fierce opposition to the deadly gene therapy shots. As I see it, however, we have NEVER had a more virulently, persistently and vigorously more pro-vaccine - especially THESE vaccines- President than Trump who recently, lamely and briefly, said we ought to "look into" adverse events but is still, to my knowledge, stating that he developed "3 wonderful vaccines" and still calling for people to get them.

These are bioweapons, instruments of an iatrogenocide more successful than any other we have ever seen throughout human history, whose disastrous effects are like Fukushima Daichi on steroids, the gift that keeps on giving.

How can you possibly support the candidacy of a person who is unrepentantly responsible for such destruction and slaughter? A President who, while appearing to initiate the process of withdrawal from WHO proceeded to give TWICE the annual US contribution to WHO to GAVI, a major part of the Gates genocidal vaccine machine which is part of the WHO control system?

Please explain to me and to your other readers how this works because I cannot figure it out, no matter how hard I try.

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I believe that question should be answered by Mr. Fauci. He’s the one who funded the research at UNC Chapel Hill by Ralph Baric. Gain of function research should not have been done here in the US but he funded it and then he gave it over to Peter Dacek at Eco health alliance here in New York City and then it went on to Wuhan. I’m sure you’re aware of all of these facts everyone is. So now let’s take it back to March 2020 President Trump pulls in the head of the NIH, NIAID and since it’s a public health emergency, Mr. Fauci (I refuse to call him doctor because he broke his oath to “do no harm”) is in charge. You are aware during the press conference March 2020 that President Trump mentioned HCQ back then, and the distain that he received was unbelievable. Ask Peter Navarro.Ask Dr. Alexander. Mr. Fauci did not want that said, and you and I know why, because the vaccine could NOT be put out there if there was a medicine that could make people better. The vaccine was already in place before March 2020 you and I know that, maybe others don’t but it was. Mr. Fauci broke his oath because people died b/c doctors were not allowed to treat them correctly. Why couldn’t they use ivermectin, HCQ or just even give early treatment with a Z pack, cortisone, budesonide even Quercitin. Instead the message was don’t go to the hospital unless ur breathing is affected. That was a sick. The doctors hands were tied & we saw this in front of Congress in May 2020 when a Pulmonology Doctor

begged to use lifesaving measures. No.. per Fauci.

It is all clear as a bell, the medicine was held deliberately and people died. Gotta get those death numbers up to instill fear. That was the point of using a bioweapon to begin with to eliminate people and have lockdowns, and kids out of school, shut down the economy etc. So please let’s tell the truth here...It was a controlled demolition to take down our Country & Trump &

it was years in the making. Most importantly, nothing in nature can be patented, look at the date we all know Covid was patented long before 2020. ( see Dr. David Martin’s data) So when we want to point a finger at Trump you need to look at years before. To me there’s nothing baffling, it was planned by nefarious people and it’s disgusting because it was genocidal behavior planned long ago.

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Actually, Margaret, you correctly amplify my point. Trump played his part in the Dance of the Sock Puppets Genocide Gavotte with nary a murmur of dissent. And still maintains, for ego or other reasons, that he did a wonderful thing for us.

The deception, the long-planned, long-patented, long-anticipated deadly deception culminated on his watch. Yes, he was only a player in the theatrics, but he never said, "NO! I will not play genocidalist." Instead, he did what every good sock puppet does: keeps saying what the hand up his ass wants him to say.

No, there was no vaccine safety commission. Instead there was a bribe to his grandiosity and ego from Pfizer who just, coincidentally, happened to be in the vaccine business.

If you like an obedient, competent, compliant sock puppet who appears, in my estimation, to be utterly shameless (Trump never heard of the Ku Klux Klan when his father was one of their major long term funders? Trump never said that as a man in power he could grab a woman's pussy? and on and on and on) then you gotta love Trump.

BUT all that aside, SP DJT played the vaccine card hard and IS STILL PLAYING IT.

So, putting everything else aside, my question to you, again, Dr. Alexander, is how does that work? I am really asking so I can understand your reasoning since I respect so many of the things you write in your substack.

I would really love it if you would take a bit of time to answer.

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Yes, perplexing. But in war, optics are necessary to deceive the enemy.

We are at war. Trump has been a wartime President since 2020 when they attempted to take the White House by force. Measures ( executive orders ) were put in place at that time for a Continuity of Government because Trump and his military intel knew the election was going to be rigged and stolen.

The truth is - Trump is still CiC, Commander In Chief. Biden is a resident "president" of the White House, and a puppet of the Obama/CIA/State Department deep state.

There are FAR more important things to consider that are about the loss of our Republic, than WHO is saying good or bad things about the bioweapon.

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You misunderstand my point, Dave. It is not about optics and not about who is saying what. Trump was, and is, the unapologetic perpetrator of the bioweapon campaign which is the most impactful part of the planned global genocide and destruction of humanity, from the genes outward.

How does that get brushed away as mere "optics" or "deception of the enemy" when millions have died, millions more are dying, from the bioweapon, unless WE are the enemy.

Trump has never backed away from his central role in this genocide, which is still in place, still killing.

Let's be real here. To support him for public office, he MUST be held accountable for what are, in fact, very real war crimes.

There is no difference between his participation and Fauci's other than the fact that he WAS the Head of State and, as such, responsible for the actions and decisions of his government, at all levels.

So I ask again, Dr. Alexander, how can you support the Vaccinator in Chief, given what we know about the vaccines and what it was Trump's duty, under his Oath of Office, to know? He was sworn to protect and defend the Constitution and the US against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Did he do that via Operation Warp Speed?

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Thank you, Dr. Laibow, for addressing what concerns many of us. I voted for Trump in 2016 but when he announced a “warp speed vaccine” I felt blind-sided. I was already disturbed that he reneged on his pledge to form a Vax Safety Commission with RFK, and had taken $1 million from Pfizer for his inaugural, so when he pushed the vax I saw we’d been fully played.

I had to face the ugly truth that his entire cabinet consisted of Swamp appointments. “Drain the Swamp” was “Sustain the Swamp” under Trump.

I’d never trust him again.

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I suspect you did not vote for Trump in 2016, nor in 2020. Sorry, but to be overcome by pearl- clutching *dismay*, is suggestive of the same circumvental tactic so frequently used to oppose Trump, by claiming to have previously done so.

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I voted for him in 2016 and again in 2020 — the second time holding my nose because of his “warp speed” poison.

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I’ve always found Trump’s promotion of the Covid shots, even after it was known they didn’t work and worse, troubling.

I don’t know if his huge ego would ever allow him to come out against them.

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It is bizarre isn’t it.

He had to know.

Both his sons were on the reawaken America tours.

I have zero idea WHY Trump hasn’t come out and screamed how he was lied to.

Someday we will find out.

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I think you are being coyly disingenuous. You want him punished for *war crimes*, while claiming you can't *support* him until he is *held responsible* for those. If he were *held responsible*, he would also be ineligible to be president. Why would you claim to withhold support, pending conviction?

Your anger and *puzzlement* are, again, disingenuously placed. You know full well that Trump aggressively called for the use of efficacious alternatives like HCQ, et al., and was savagely mocked, ridiculed, insulted for suggesting those protocols.

Dr Birx has PUBLICLY admitted, smugly, that she, Fauci and company, intentionally lied to Trump about the efficacy of the vaccine, as well as all the other mitigation approaches. You have witnessed Fauci, in particular, contort himself into every kind of arrogant deceit and contradiction possible, on every aspect of *covid* and vaccines.

Moreover, it is Mike Pence who was deputized to oversee and coordinate the covid response and mitigation efforts. I've yet to hear or see any reproach for his oversight, that included the vaccine. He, also, is running for President. Yet the Never Trump shills and pimps *forget* his starring role in the development of the vaccine. Realistically, however, no intellectually competent person is going to believe or assert that either Pence or Trump have the medical or pharmaceutical backgrounds to develop a vaccine, and must rely on faith, that the director of NIAID and a director at the CDC, would advise honestly and ethically. Clearly, CLEARLY, they lied to the Trump team, by Birx's own admission. Yet, somehow this is Trump's fault for commissioning a warp speed development of a vaccine?

Moreover, per the vaccines, he also advised that their development was intended ONLY for the most vulnerable demographics, not as a widespread measure for healthy people.

We have free will. Trump did mandate them, nor use duress. Who did? You know the correct and honest answers to that question.

So what if Pfizer donated to his Inauguration fund? Pfizer routinely donates to campaigns and tangential funds., across party lines. Of course, companies hope to be held in good political favor, but those aspirations are not a requirement for the recipient.

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I fully agree Rima. I have had the same problem and I believe the problem is likely to remain unresolved. This dilemma reveals a red flag because it is a blatant problem of lack of integrity and dedication to the welfare of the citizenry. As a result, I’m NOT in favor of Trump winning the GOP primary, however I will vote for whoever becomes the GOP candidate in the general election. #DeSantis2024.

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Just come out and say you are a Never Trumper, instead of deploying the verbal ruse of having some *morally based* excuse to justify it, without having to say it, lol.

Go ahead, throw the baby out with the bathwater. Trump's presidency was outstandingly successful, beyond the covid sabotage. Looking at the world around you, erupting in probable hot, kinetic wars, inflation, economic chaos---these are all things that were absent under Trump, and you benefited by that.

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Oct 21, 2023·edited Oct 21, 2023

This sounds like a book I'd like to read. We know that the deep state used Covid as a ruse to overthrow the duly elected President. We are currently living under an un-elected criminal regime that is destroying America, from within and without.

America was overthrown by domestic traitors.

Is this available somewhere other than Amazon? I do not use Amazon if I can possibly avoid it. I prefer sellers on eBay.

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I checked, and it is available on eBay also.

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I did purchase the book and am reading it now. What I would like to see is Trump come forward with the truth about what he knew. Was he lied to and fell into a trap? Because it seems from everything under the sun that the democrats started throwing at him after he was sworn in to try and have him impeached failed & then in November 2019 news of a wuhan flu virus started popping up. A month after the Event 201 Pandemic exercise was held, and a joint military exercise with China took place. I never believed the bat story from the wet market. There were too many holes in that story. I’m convinced the pandemic was created to keep him from being re-elected in 2020. Now they are trying to throw him in prison while we has the dirtiest, most corrupt man in the White house Who has lost his mental awareness.

I am hoping to get through the book by tomorrow.

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And in addition, before Trump was signed in, Obama et al spied on Trump’s campaign & that has been proven.. the FBI, Struck & Paige were on the case. Can you imagine if Trump had done that to the Dems. There certainly is a two-tiered justice system in the US and today, and the Dems know it. They literally get away with murder.

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Yes, there was that too.

And not that it’s related directly, but Hillary when Secretary of State under Obama, deleted 30,000+ deleted emails from a private server, destroyed hard drives cell phones and the bleach bit fiasco. I can only imagine now what she was hiding given how the WEF, Blackrock ect. As things evolved over the span of 8 years. And don’t forget Benghazi.

Trump knew what she was getting away with. So much he couldn’t talk about.

Another book on my pile to read that I just got to is Goverment Gangsters by Kash Patel, former Deputy under the Director of National Intelligence and Head of the DOD for President Trump.

Everything they used to destroy Trump affected us, destroyed the economy, ruined lives, killed and injured innocent citizens. This infuriates us all. But 1 thing I’ve seen that is exposing their mad Max destruction of the US all is whittling away at their support. Biden’s approval rating is below 30%. Trump’s support is so big that cheating won’t even help the Democrats. So they have to destroy him.

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So Agree!!! I just got Kash Patel’s book Government Gangsters as well.

On a different note.. just left Walgreens and heard a woman say she was so happy to be getting the booster today because she has a wedding to go to in Manhattan next weekend and she knows the booster will protect her. Seriously! I left the store and saw a dad coming in with his two children promising them a gift for being so good to get their shots. What will that father say when in the future, his daughters ask, “Daddy why did you do that to us?”

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I hate that people are putting this poison into their kids. Stay away from mine. I live in Florida where we have Dr Ladapo as our Surgeon General. He has made his position clear. Jabs are dangerous. I saw data yesterday that showed only 13% of all kids across the country have been jabbed. So a bit of hope.

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Dr. Alexander‘s book explains the reality of what happened. Explains the facts that it was a deliberate set up to take down Trump. To use a bioweapon on a country is an act of war so technically we’ve been in a war since the beginning of 2020. So many people have been killed, permanently injured and it continues under the Biden administration. For some reason death and dying is promoted by the globalists & Biden et al because they are eugenists. We see it continuing abroad look at the Middle East look at the people who stirred the pot...look at the massacres, beheadings, kidnapping. Evil is sadly alive and well. People here are screaming in our streets condoning violence. You can look back to 2020 and it’s all about killing and sadly blood sacrifice seems to be the order of the day. It is sick and getting sicker. Sorry for being so blunt, we all know people who died from the vaccine& how many funerals we all have been to. Dr. Alexander, thank you for this book because there’s so many people that still are living in denial & refuse to open their eyes. Thank you for bringing truth and being there every day trying to get the word out to the sleepers and the deniers.

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How do you explain that, to this day, Trump still pats himself on the back for the “warp speed” vaccine, which everyone — including Trump — knows is deadly? It would be one thing if he had not repeatedly touted it, if he had remained quiet; then I could see a bigger plan—but he’s complicit in pushing a deadly bioweapon and handing us over to WHO & NWO.

Are you aware that WHO is poised to FORCE vaccinate under the WHO Pandemic Treaty? Trump passed the ball to them in a classic slam dunk play.

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Yes, he's sooo complicit that he opposes virtually every effort of the globalists. Soooo complicit that he is facing political persecution unlike anything we've ever seen in our nation's history...including from those who pretend to have supported him. Ahem. So complicit that he continues standing up to them, when he could retire in great wealth and ease.

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If he’s anti-globalist why did he appoint globalists and swamp members to his entire cabinet? Barr, Azar, Mnuchin, Chao, the list goes on and on. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

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Dr Alexander,

I agree with Rima Laibow MD. I would like explanations from Trump. Also I agree he gave to Gavi.As bad as the WHO. I know Trump did some wonderful things during his Presidency , however it is difficult for me to trust him on some of the things he did and he will not come forth and admit wrongdoing. Plus he accepted $1,000,000 from Pfizer for his inauguration.

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Have you checked the donor lists from any and all candidates? Are you aware of how donations are made?

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Trump has no excuses. He spent 3 hours (3 minutes should have done it) with Bobby and, after that, nobody remotely honest would ever trust Fauxi.

Before Trump sold us out to Big Pharma and the Medical Mafia, even before his inauguration, he spent 3 hours with Bobby Kennedy and agreed to investigate the safety of the Childhood Vaccine Schedule. He arranged for RFK Jr, Bigtree, and Siri to meet with Fauxi. Trump then stopped the whole investigation.

Besides being an extreme example of moral weakness, Trump screwed himself because if America had heard the truth about vaccines, Covid gene therapy shots would have never been used. We would have used HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. that would have saved many, many lives and stopped the Global Medical Tyranny Movement in its track. God only knows the longterm damage to the Human Genome from unsafe Childhood vaccines, Covid gene therapies, and all mRNA technologies that will be approved in the future. Plus the Medical Police State that is coming. All from Trump's abysmal failure to protect us.

Those deaths and illness are all Trumps. He was in charge. Until Trump admits his failures and apologize, no forgiveness.

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No one needs your *forgiveness* of Trump, hun. Oddly, your ilk is fine with the current world chaos that was dormant under his watch, but now is an existential threat to much or all of the world. But you *need* to hear *apology* for something for which you will never *forgive*...it's a ruse, a shield to hide the reality that you will never vote for him, and never did.

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You have no idea on what my thoughts are on any of the subjects you profess devine wisdom. (You must be either a Liberal or a Troll). As my friend says to his wayward children when they expound without any factual basis, "you're making stuff up".

Have you ever read Paul's stuff? The greatest Existential Threat that exists to mankind right now is the attack on the Human Genome. That was allowed on Trumps watch.

Since you are wrong on everything you wrote, which is a form of character assassination and slander, I forgive you.

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Once you were able to google Covid 19 Countermeasures injury compensation fund, they apparently

took it down- and it is no longer readily available- However congress did enact legislation HR.7628 and appropriated some funding for it- 2020-2026--However you now must call Human Resources

& services administration- @ 855-266-2427 in order to get the form- My understanding thus far

only 4 claims have been paid-- isn’t that simply stunning!-All that money for the Ukraine, money for

the illegals as now they have a credit card with money on it-- my bet is that Biden arranged for this


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Like being a fly on the wall in the Trump Administration-- and so much more.

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Trump is smart. I believe by him not taking an opposite opinion on the vaccines as his democrat opponent that removes any chance they can use that as a point of attack. He leveled their ability to make a big deal over his vax stance. He knows the truth about that is being told by all the credible medical doctors like Alexander, McCullough, Tenpenny, Buttar etc

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Loved reading the one star Amazon reviews from the brain dead sheeple. 😀

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Clearly was stolen, and the CV measures provided their smokescreen.

Evidences are many!

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This is nothing but a self-aggrandizing substack.

I'll show myself to the door....

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How does the weather feel up in that righteous zone that you live in? Does it make your ego inflated to put such a negative remark? Seriously grow up

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No I have not and am not quite sure how some donations are made.

Have you checked and do you know?

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I don't believe it. And that is as much my prerogative, as it is yours to pretend that Warp Speed is a morally justified excuse to hide behind giving the country over to those who WILL destroy us.

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