Thank you for your good work, Paul. I live in Perth, W.A., "The Hermit Kingdom", and I am fully UN-jabbed. My wife and children, too.

I suppose it could be argued that here in W.A. because of the closed border we did not commit "the grave mistake of vaccinating a population while there is ongoing massive infectious pressure with mounting immune pressure (vaccinal antibodies) that is sub-optimal". But the vaxxed population of W.A. are nonetheless vulnerable to the variants which were generated by this process elsewhere in the world? And perhaps even now are "attempting" to generate new local variants?

I will note that my family and I got a strange viral illness shortly after the border here was opened---even my daughter, who never gets sick. Either this was some kind of release timed to coincide with the opening of the border or the viral swarm had arrived at last (i.e., meaning that the swarm does indeed possess sufficient fidelity to persist through time, contra JJ, who I follow and respect greatly, too ... ).

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You did not carry out mass vsccination in a pandemic in WA but Omicron and to a lesser extent Delta swarmed across the border when McGowan dropped the border restrictions.

The people of WA were already experiencing astounding rates of illness in the absence of covid, but with the presence of the jab, in the community prior to the border being opened.

McGowan was warned in advance of what was going to happen when he implemented the failed Doherty Model and opened the border at the height of the Omicron waves that had engulfed the eastern states.

Absolutely he was warned and there are receipts!

Kyle Beattie at University of Alberta in Canada had completed his BigData Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of the effects of vaccination in 145 countries and this was specifically briught to McGowan's attention.

He chose to ignore it, as did all the other state Premiers and Chief Ministers and all of the most prominent epidemiologists and biostatisticians in Australia.

McGowan did not protect the people of WA from infection or transmission.

He, and others of his ilk in Australia and around the world also did not protect their citizens from severe covid, hospitalization, ICU and death

Peter McCullough and colleagues have shown that it is a myth that the jabs provide that protection.

Rebekah Barnett at Dystopian Down Under substack can inform you more of what McGowan did.

McGowan was re-elected in a landslide because the people ofcWA have been fed, and have believed, bullsbit and also because the main conservative party opposing him was a far left hipster who wanted to roll back the industrial revolution and bring in AOC's green new deal.

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Oh, yes, I utterly condemn Mark Mao-Gowan, too. I'm guessing that life for him here in WA, after politics, will be impossible. What a thought! I condemn, too, the mandated measures, especially the death-shots themselves (e.g., the employment mandates) and the border restrictions (i.e., at the WA border as well as within the state itself). The people of WA are weak, gullible, ignorant folk, thoroughly disgraced. I saw it up-close. I suppose the same can be said for half of the Western World. If GVB is correct, many will pay a terrible price. I have to live among these people. Heigh ho.

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I read Dr. Rennebohm's discussion of Dr. Bossche provided in the link, thank you. Have ordered the book. Most of the scientific discussion is way over my head, but reading Dr. Bossche's book will educate. I just want to know what's going on and be fully informed. That's the problem, the average person blindly follows their doctor or the prevailing news of "safe and effective", and ends up poisoning themselves.

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Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche's understanding of viral evolution and vaccinology is unsurpassed.

He has long warned that mass vaccination with a non-sterilizing vaccine in a pandemic would place pressure on the virus to evolve new variants.

Dr. Vanden Bossche is reported to have been working on the development of a "live" attenuated virus vaccine that would "train" the immune system in a manner that would lead to a way out of these recurring waves of virus that have afflicted us.

The Germans are reported to have developed such a vaccine.

It may be sterilizing.

I do not know if it is Dr. Vanden Bossche's vaccine but he may well have spurred its development and it will be interesting to see what happens if it is given an Emergency Use Authorization and how quickly politicians and regulators will be able to get people vaxxed with it.

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