Isn’t this what they originally did to Julian Assange to get him incarcerated? Accused him of rape. The playbook is tiresomely consistent.

Listening to Brand over the years, I perceived him as an absolute open book...perhaps a bit too open. He has no filters that I’ve detected.

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You are so right. They will bury anyone who steps on the toes of the powerful.

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Didn't Biden say that F14s would be coming if you didn't comply??? ...sounds like Trudeau; so scared now that he'll do anything

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Where was that card deck when it was time to bash Troodoo with his teacher/student affair with a minor?

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Alinsky, was jewish. Mossad killed JFK over the DiMona Reactor. EVERY single time. Joe Kennedy did not trust the jews. Did not like them.

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Usury, racism, supremacy, lies, fiat fake money plundering gold, world slave system. What's not to like?

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Incredibly shitty race/religion/culture. They claim they are the victims of hatred, while never, ever, asking themselves WHY?

Hail victory.

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Unless under age or held physically captive, individuals should have a maximum of one week to report a rape or physical assault to the police. A rape, in my opinion, requires a weapon and/or threat of violence, not the ridiculous scenario, for example, that a woman cannot consent if drunk. By definition, rapes within marriages or long-term sexual relationships cannot happen. If the complaining party stays in the relationship for even an extra day, that presupposes consent.

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What you don’t understand about rape or sexual violence…is a lot.

Personally, I think Assange or Brand are seen as threats to neutralize, so the years ago allegations that never came up till after they stepped over a line and exposed the dark side, are suspect. Who dug up the accusers? We aren’t as easily swayed into vindictive quick justice. In fact, in cases like Cosby and Harvey W, it was shocking to see the number of victims speaking up to convince the Public of who these Predators were.

Adult women, like children, often blame themselves for various reasons, when sexually violated. Whether every adult woman could report within a week is so varied, and irrational, based on the trauma, the defense called denial, individual circumstances, the wall of Public Denial, apathy, resources of the accused, complicity of so many parties and weak Justice system history, no tyrannical fit or punishing those ‘pesky victims’ can conveniently bottle up this sort of crime.

Rapes within marriages and long-term relationships do happen. There are many forms of Domestic violence. Financial abuse keeps many females dependent, afraid of being outgunned legally, kids taken, homeless, etc.

This is not a simple subject.

Our country seems to be run by those who can pay off, ruin careers or threaten the safety of voices, or their families. Cartels…of sorts.

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You have neither a monopoly on understanding domestic violence nor for surviving an abusive relationship. Your phrase, "women, like children" is very telling. Women are not children, but they are encouraged to view themselves as having less human agency than men. What a disservice. In America 2023, a woman can always leave a husband or lover. She may be afraid (especially over financial repercussions), but currently men have more to fear from women than vice versa. If a woman stays in a sexually abusive relationship, that is her choice, no one else's.

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Dear Victoria, A monopoly on understanding domestic violence or sexual assault is not necessary, nor did I claim such. I did, however purposely get involved with those areas as a Private Practice Social Worker. Even as a Hospice Volunteer worker, I heard the story of the woman who disclosed that she was molested as a child. She had not told anyone before, but wanted to state the truth to someone, before she died. Victims often carry these types of experiences for years. It is shameful to them, as being violently assaulted is being out of control of one’s own body, and often there is nobody they trust to tell, they adopt the perp's definition that it’s their fault, or like one woman shared, it was locked away until one day, it just showed up. When people do remember if they have dissociated, formed other personalities, compartmentalized, distracted themselves with drugs and alcohol or other addictions, it rarely is welcome. Plus it can be such a long agonizing journey.

2023 or any year has enough DV, rape, etc. going on. Maybe the goal when a complaint arises after years, is to use forensic science, gather corroborating witnesses, scour Police records, etc. was money paid to slander or silence someone?

Again, Russell Brand is a voice across the Pond who has dared to tread on almost every sacred cartel crime scene, and we humans have seen what happens.

Assange, Peltier, Manning, Snowden, RFK, Trump, have all kicked sacred cows. Characters are smeared, people defined into traitors or liars and imprisoned or held illegally to neutralize the leak in the Power Grid. These town criers or Investigative reporters risk their lives, health, reputations, financial stability, families, etc.

Also Victoria, unless my punctuation was off on sharing a similarity in adults blaming themselves, as many children do, it was to educate on one of the huge problems victims carry, regardless of age.

I don’t blame you for being riled and angry at these accusations. Let’s just hope it fails to crucify or silence Russell. Burying someone under public scrutiny,judgment, trauma, stress, loss of peace, health, possibly family and staggering attorney fees is a strategy of Predators. Neutralizing those that expose a corrupt system can be tried in any ism…

Broad statements re victims of rape and assault come across as hasty, judgmental, critical, unaware of the faces of human trafficking, etc. Sounds like an Overreach of knowledge claimed…when it is only opinion. For instance,stereotyping, forming opinions and prejudice from whatever limited experience we have of groups of people is just not very intelligent. It is human, but harmful.

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Sep 22, 2023·edited Sep 22, 2023

Traumatized people need help. Rapists and child molesters need harsh punishment. But our laws right now are unjust and hurt all women because they instill fear and distrust of women among men. A professional man is stupid if he mentors a woman or allows her in his office with the door closed. To avoid harassment accusations decades into the future, male business owners would be smart to avoid hiring women at all. To avoid accusations of rape, coercion and abuse, rich or influential men would be smart to immediately kick their wives or girlfriends to the curb at the first sign of relationship problems or hint of sexual discord.

To remediate the inequity in our legal system, we need to closely limit the time during which abuse accusations can be made. And punishable actions must be flagrantly nonconsensual. For example, I have a friend who divorced her husband after 25 years. He regularly sodomized her whenever they spooned, and she hated it. He messed her teeth up once during fellatio. Under today's laws, her now ex-husband might be sent to prison if she wanted to take revenge. But she voluntarily stayed married to the son of a bitch. Her stupidity and lack of self esteem shouldn't lead to society giving him jail time for rape. (I love this woman. She is wonderful and funny and feels guilty about leaving her husband who she still loves.)

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Yes, traumatized folks need help, but they seek it on their own time. Sometimes they break the law and are arrested, sometimes their memory is locked up for years, and their lives tell a story, but they can’t access the memories, even in therapy. Some use hypnosis. There are a lot of functional traumatized people, and those trailing symptoms and labels without healing the origins. The 12 step groups, prisons and foster care homes are full of them. As is every level of business, society and leadership.

If rape were only a hiccup, grown women would not have totally blanked out the experience until something triggers it. Her own mind wants to discredit her memory, it’s that horrendous. Yes, I’ve met them.

What you’re describing re male fear at work or in a marriage reminds me of how ill-prepared we are to embark in marriage. Most wobble along, happy to learn, mature and do better in later years. Sometimes a Divorce serves as a behavior modifier. The selfish, male entitlement is now being called out more, balancing the scale so women aren’t treated as objects or vassal slaves. Women also have more economic opportunities, which does not preclude cringeworthy experience with males. Predators come in all genders, colors, economic, educational and religious areas. Maybe in speaking up and discussing social problems like sexual violence, the scale is balancing out in a healthier place.

I once worked with male therapists, and one of the owners of the business cockily said males get paid more than females when we discussed equality of power in relationships. Some of them behaved on the fringe, their undisciplined unprofessional sexual desires leaking through, as if they didn’t graduate Finishing School. I turned to this male Co-owner, even though he was my Supervisor for Licensure, and said all women had to do was wear a catchy pair of earrings, like fishing lures, catch the husband, and later, when she could no longer hope for change or tolerate his entitled behavior, divorce, take the kids, the house and half of his income. He gulped and was silent.

The friend you mention couldn’t report a rape, but she is emotionally raping herself by not being assertive. She hasn’t owned who she is or what she wants. Even Dr. Ruth would have admonished building trust in massage for instance with no end target or goal, unless MUTUALLY agreed upon.

It’s hard watching those you love, whether it’s your grown children, friends or family members or self,being in unsatisfactor, distasteful or soul-devouring relationships. Usually unless asked for, or you see evidence of physical or emotional harm. As a Mother,I’ve had to contact authorities more than once when my daughters were in peril, and it was involving their observing children. That’s how it’s passed on.

Just remember, this is not our first rodeo in media pushing false reports, paid for by opponents. Smears and slander have worked for years. We now should be demanding proof, and punishing those who are coming up with the cheat or silencing manipulation.

Calmly, we ask for evidence. Not leading headlines for clicks.

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From your latest essay: "The selfish, male entitlement is now being called out more, balancing the scale so women aren’t treated as objects or vassal slaves." That is sexist Leftist language that has no place in a healthy society.

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Interesting take.

Never heard anyone express that take on this subject. Makes a lot of sense when one really thinks about it from a logical unemotional viewpoint.

After thinking about it for a while I would tend to agree.

Excellent points to ponder on.

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I don’t think he forced himself on anybody. Yes he was a slut. BUT even if he did, if you take 10+ years to report it, you’ve lost all credibility in my book.

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I heard he had a bad car wash.

In a river.

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It is a statement of historical fact, but we are evolving over these years.

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RFK Jr just needs to give Zelensky a headjob and pledge that if he becomes POTUS he will give Zelensky US 100M per day and everything will be sweet. If he doesn't, then a conga line of skanky hoes will be rolled out, alleging that he grabbed them by the pussy or held eye contact with them for longer than 300 milliseconds and therefore "undressed me with his eyes" etc etc etc ad nauseam.

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