At the age of 69, I had a Pfizer shot under coercion. I have never tested positive for COVID nor had COVID. The result was pericarditis, hypertension and a number of other issues.my social circle isn’t large, but I know of several others, mostly highly vaccinated. One ended up with similar conditions to me, one ended up with a pacemaker. It’s no t that these issues don’t arise in older people, it’s the way they are categorised. Any adverse event is considered expected because of age. From personal experience it’s difficult to get a diagnosis or access treatment. Make no mistake stale this bioweaponw was designed to kill the people they told everyone they needed to protect.

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This myocarditis in a certain age group only is something I don't understand. I heard Dr. McCullough explain how clots lead to Ventricular Tachycardia, which explains Sudden Death syndrome in athletes. Is dying suddenly related to myocarditis? Does the working hypothesis based on catecholamines link up with myo? After all, death means that the heart has stopped.

Why don't we see people in their 40s, 50s, and on dropping dead on the road? Or while having sex if the argument is that excitement pushes the heart to fail? From what I read, older people are dying of cancer (potentially due to PEG). Why are they spared the clot effects?

Does anyone know?

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Mark Crispin Miller has done long running substack coverage of died suddenly news articles from all over the world. There are many middle-aged sudden deaths. None of these have been evaluated for cause (lockdown, lack of medical care, early diagnosis, massive stress, vax, boosters, long covid etc) but the sheer volume, I think, necessitates assuming that some percentage are having sudden cardiac events due to the vax. (I don't want to assume all the deaths are due to the vax, though I feel like that's probably true, but better to be analytic I think) I have read a number of different hypotheses on what is actually happening with SADS, the etiology. Maybe they will discuss that tomorrow in DC.

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These are good questions you've raised. In the study that Dr. A posted here, the determination was limited to the observation that myocarditis (diagnosed by autopsy) ultimately brought about cardiac arhythmias which then led to outright cardiac failure and subsequent death. Another link in the chain or dot to be connected but clearly an important observation in the big picture of the range & scope of harm these injections have caused.

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The spread, shed, and injected versions of the agent trigger many thousands of adverse reactions with myocarditis being just one. Extrapolating from a prior posted study on a Canadian province and assuming the ratios are around the same, shot-related deaths from myocarditis and pericarditis in the US are around 8,000. For young men, it's less than 1,000.

Yes, one can die suddenly from myocarditis or other issues. In 2020, some infectees died suddenly, but officials kept declaring that wasn't possible. It didn't fit the narrative promoted. This study showed sudden deaths on ventilators were from thick deposits of albumin and other blood proteins. Maybe the same has been happening in some jabbed.


On the road, sudden deaths probably cause bad accidents or occur at the pumps. This motorcyclist dropped dead while riding in China.


This truck driver dropped dead at the gas pumps in China.


Suggest asking the local paramedics/fire department how many of these cases they've responded to in your area annually in 2018 to 2022. You may not have seen any because the numbers are too tiny. I don't know why influencers keep obsessing over relatively small numbers of deaths in certain reactions. Injured have far exceeded deaths. Neurological problems are much more common.

I've been following the stories of various cancer sufferers diagnosed since 2020. I think the agent itself not the PEG is the trigger because this afflicted many infectees back then. Oncologists have been saying they've never seen these situations before. I think they've been misdiagnosing and mistreating blood clots and/or autoimmune responses as cancer. None of them have made any sense. From what I've read, cancer or cancer treatments can create clots in addition to the various versions of the agent.

When a full body scan has been done to check if the "cancer" has spread, imaging usually has shown spots in the brain and often times elsewhere. Without taking a biopsy, doctors automatically have assumed it's all cancer. Can't be anything else, right? So, the vast majority have been declared as stage 4. The spotted organs haven't negatively impacted their health so far.

The vast majority I've been following have been in their early 20s to mid-40s. So, far only one woman in her 50s died. She was diagnosed with atypical cancer in a lower lung in Mar 2020. That was removed and everything was fine. In Nov 2020, she was diagnosed with cancer all over her entire body with softball size tumors which may have been blood clots. She endured treatment for about 18 months, but it kept making things much worse and creating more and more huge tumors. Then, she gave up and entered hospice where they euthanized her.

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Let's look at this the other way.

Any death within 30 days of injection is cased by the injection, unless proven otherwise.

Any cancer recurrence within 6 months of injection is caused by the injection unless proven otherwise.

Any new rapidly progressive tumour within one year of injection is caused by the injection unless proven otherwise.

Any sudden death is absolutely caused by the injection unless proven otherwise.

See Dr. Cole's slides in the last half hour of Senator Johnson's panel today. If you stain for Spike protein in your autopsy specimen you find it. Unfortunately, a differential stain for N protein, or any other SARS-CoV-19 antigen, will not be negative as we have all been exposed by now.

I have not been in the clinic since Jan., 2020, but I had my first Covid infection three years ago after (inadvertently) successfully treating a patient with interstitial lung disease and confirmed coronavirus on NAAT testing.(Without the ILD I would likely not have been as aggressive with the steroid.)

I take your point about scans likely identifying proteinaceous clots as cancer, but with no biopsies or autopsies, which were generally forbidden from 2020, we cannot reliably diagnose the situation.

The spike protein is a multiply-talented toxin design, which has worked well to distribute the pathology and allow "authorities" to deny the morbidity and mortality.

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Definitely agree that Mark Crispin Miller's reporting has been stellar. One of the biggest issues all along has, until fairly recently, been the relative lack of autopsies making accurate determination of cause of death next to impossible, or speculative at best. I agree it is vitally important to maintain objectivity, it is highly likely for ex that causes other than the so-called vax were/are to blame in a % of cases. All the more reason to require autopsies in order to come to proper and credible conclusions. It would certainly appear that now we are seeing more autopsies we are also seeing more evidence of death by lethal injection, delayed though it is.

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Marks column is really an obituary. It’s taken from world deaths that are reported. Almost none were attributed to vax. In my opinion 80% were attributed to vax(or more)

However it’s importance is the amount of people termed as “died suddenly”. That indicated to me that since real amount of deaths never were public and it must be more than we can imagine worldwide.

It also tells me that survivors must be VERY VERY angry and VERY VERY scared as well as those first responders and funeral directors.

If this continues to grow larger and it will, the asleep will wake up and at that point I think the true murderers will clamp down on us all for fear of their own existence.

What do you all think about this possible calamity

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Not sure who I heard recently addressing what is likely coming in terms of the numbers of dead & disabled as representing a state of affairs many are in no way prepared to handle psychologically, emotionally, or spiritually. (Might have been David Martin?) It's an impending calamity to be sure, and I think the "died suddenly" meme is already showing signs of having reached a scale most are already unable to handle, let alone when it becomes even more blatantly & undeniably manifest. What I found most valuable in MCM's reports is his willingness to keep up the coverage, grim though it is, such that at a certain point even the most intractable deniers are ultimately forced to come to grips with the tsunami of evidence of excess mortality that is off the charts when compared with anything previously seen. As to what the true executioners might come to feel is their only path to self-preservation, we who stand for humanity simply cannot be passive, this really is the hill one must be willing to die on for there is no other and no one coming to save us but ourselves.

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I fear you are right

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The WEF, NWO, WHO have all picked up their timeliness the past few months. 2030 is way too late for them to control the awaking sheeples.

They must get the hammer down before the 2024 election.

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It would appear they have come to realize their window of opportunity is closing quickly. There is a quickening and a palpable sense of urgency among the Globalists and the NWO crowd, maybe even desperation as they have all of a sudden discovered to their horror that too many are waking up much faster than they ever anticipated. Crunch time is here!

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Maybe. It’s pretty scary

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The big "ace in the hole" they still have is the central bank digital currency (CBDC) scam, which this global financial collapse is pushing toward. Many excellent financial analysts are appalled at the apparently stupid policy choices being made by our "elected" "representatives", all of which seem to be leading to destruction of the current fiscal system, along with escalation of the Ukraine mess. The choices are of course stupid from any normal point of view, but to the mind of the psychotic despot seeking global control, the results are very likely proceeding as expected, i.e., production of extreme human suffering, stress, depression, and death. From their point of view, forcing us "deplorables"/"useless eaters" into desperate anxiety creates a malleable mass of humanity that will be begging for relieff even if it costs loss of personal freedom and privacy.

Stay awake, informed, do not sink into artificial dualistic group identities intended to divide-and-conquer us, and resist!

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They can lie all they want, but the truth will come out in the end.

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And who will be left around alive or uninjured to care ??

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Dec 7, 2022·edited Dec 7, 2022


Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination

Video Clip w Dr. John Campbell

Twitter https://twitter.com/AsherPress/status/1599907176113270784?s=20&t=QlkXtRqdufghiOCKQlEMrQ

Rumble https://rumble.com/v1z2l10-autopsy-based-myocarditis-after-anti-sars-cov-2-vaccination-dr.-john-campbe.html?mref=1bxo9j&mc=69gy3

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Given how well established the detrimental side effects of the Covid "vaccines" have become, why hasn't malpractice based on the same thing not become indicated?

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If mNRA degrades within a matter of weeks, then why are we seeing turbo cancers, strokes, and fibrous clotting months later? I have heard that Ivermectin can not only act as a preventative and remedy, but can cure Covid side effects. Is there anything comparable to deal with the mNRA vaccines? Something that might act as a detoxifying agent?

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perhaps some cockroaches

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For those who want more on this subject, Howard Steen has Dr. Burkhardt on video and in twitter threads:



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