Until the 'virus' is proven to exist, to replicate in a host, to transmit to another person and cause the said disease, these discussions are nonsense.. it's like discussing about how a pink unicorn may behave in certain circumstances, or how old is Santa Claus.

All the discussions about variants, the 'efficacy' of the 'vaccines', have no meaning..

Virology is a fraud, and virologists are snake oil salesmen, nothing less:




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Actually all of that is demonstrated... the reference is here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-022-01780-9

You and your ilk are disinformation experts, poisoning the well as it is called, with this ridiculous claim viruses don't exist. Poisoning the well is meant to split people opposed to the abuses of this manufactured health crisis and easily discredit those who fall for this unadulterated bullshit. Shame on you if you do this on purpose, otherwise you are just a foolish Dunning Kruger artist.

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"disinformation expert".. you make me laugh 😂😂😂

Where did you learn that, from the TV, right? Only the TV holds the right information, no one else?

Anyone that holds a different opinion than yours must be a disinformation expert, right? Because you can't counter their arguments with proper evidence and facts?

Talking about Dunning Kruger, my friend..

Did you even watch/read the links I sent?

Your link to the 'study' is exactly what is wrong about 'virology'..

Please, watch the links I sent already, and don't make a fool of yourself again..

That is my advice to you today.

Peace, brother.

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I don't watch TV. I am well aware of the many frauds in science and medicine, for decades now. I have denounced them regarding COVID since early 2020. But having worked with many viruses for 30+ years, it is obviously laughable for me when someone shows up to claim they don't exist. I have watched these videos and, sorry, it is all Dunning Kruger. Since poisoning the well is an established disinformation technique, I feel compelled to denounced such claims. Nothing against you. Peace.

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Sure, buddy. Typical of virus pushers, all you can do is name calling and ad-hominems.

You didn't address any argument, any issue presented in those links. Nothing. Nada.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to debate Stefan Lanka or Mark Bailey, for example, would you?

'30 years of working with viruses' - my ass.. what did you do, wiped the floors in a biolab? You wouldn't even know what the purpose of a control experiment is, much less what a virus is and what is supposed to represent.

But again, I did not expect anything better from a 'virologist', really.. it doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

I hope you sleep well knowing you are a fraud.

Peace to you as well.

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I am not anonymous, I post with my real name. Put it in google scholar, you'll be able to see what I published. I have had a few debates with members of the viruses-don't-exist crowd, it was always a waste of time. For the same reason you don't play chess with pigeons. To debunk your links would yield a laundry list of sophisms and non sequitur. Frankly too much work for what it is worth. The people producing these videos have never worked with viruses, they represent the archetype of the Dunning Kruger fallacy. Think about it, you are try to tell to a virologist that viruses don't exist (yes some virologists are frauds, like in any profession, that does not mean virus don't exist; to conclude that would be a non sequitur), what can I do but laugh like a baker would laugh if you were to tell him that flour does not exist or a mechanic that engines don't exist. They would laugh at you. I provided you with a link of an article demonstrating the Koch postulates are verified, that not only is the virus repeatedly isolated from symptomatic patients, but it can cause the same symptoms when inoculated in healthy volunteers. Find the flaws in the article if you can. Best of luck. You'll need it.

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You are master of disguise, very specific to 'virologists'.

Did a brief reading of the study.

It is a non-randomized study. I also don't see a negative control performed.

Also, PCR test was used for detection, which is meaningless at best.

Seems like another low quality study to me, although I may not be the best person to recognize it.

I bet if we present this 'study' to Sam Bailey, Stefan Lanka or even Christine Massey, they can pick quite a few holes in it..

But hey, you believe in viruses, what can I tell you? One can see pink unicorns if he holds eyes closed for a while, too..

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We see the incompetence and get infuriated. But, we need to find out if it is incompetence or something darker. If any input into the RNA of choice for the mRNA based Covid vaccines can be found to have any kind of link back to the WEF, we need to know that to provide a measured and appropriate response.

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I got distracted and it feels like a parent realizes that their new babysitter is a pedophile.

It's all 100% planned, there is no incompetence. Buckle your seatbelt it's a mish-mash

1. NYPost - 10/12/2021 Lawrence Tabak, NIH, in a letter to James Comer, admits it funded gain of function work

2. Gates foundation gave $54m to "global health in China" $3/4m to Wuhan University, less than two miles from Wuhan labs. Wonder who's money that was. NYPost 11/24/21

3. bill gates has a position on the WEF board. He has given Eco-Health $millions, in spite of the fact that Eco-Health violated terms of agreements 4 times, by researching new viruses. I could not find that they rescinded his grants. Probably not.

4. Because of the link between gates/eco health/WEF, my guess is yes, there's a big link

5. The more I dig, the more disturbing it gets.

I worked in AIDs research 1985, "he" was a bottom feeder scum under the mama's protection of kill-ery. That's how he has gotten away with so much for 40 years Destroyed the career of Judy Mikovits, PhD in virology, because her research was ahead of his. Later took parts of it and credited Robert Gallo.

Remember Anthrax? He and Robert Mueller (yes, that one) harassed the scientists so much that one committed suicide, and another won $6 mil.

Still waiting for the AIDs vaccine are we?

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If you want a rabbit hole dig into Gates links to Moderna....way back from 2010. And how the sequencing of Covid mk1. Matched the Moderna spike vax in the mid 2010s. Fluke? On a good day less than one in a billion trillion chance. But the fauci and co claimed it was ‘coincidence’ good luck finding anything on Google. Gates gave Google circa 30 billion for “vaccine education to prevent spread misinformation”

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Gates is, was and always will be disgusting. I worked in AIDs research, Boston, 1985. gates was a university drop out, tinkering in a garage (I think it was), even then was promoting the eugenic movement of his father. I could have invested, but did not for that reason. No regrets. fakesey fausi was in his new position, his rottenness was politically protected by the queen of suicides, and has been for 40 years. Bob Mueller (yes that one) was heading that division of the FBI. Does the name Whitey Bulger ring a bell? When Trump was elected, Whitey was quickly transferred to another prison and shock of shocks, immediately murdered in his cell.

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