It’s the …

Increase in all cause mortality breaking all previous records.

Increase of every known disease in all age groups

It’s the number of obituaries that use the the words, suddenly, unexpectedly…

It’s the ….lack of information from autopsy and actual cause of death….being written on death certificates.

The machinery once used to protect truth…eradicated by the very people given guardianship on their nations health…

BIG RED FLAGS….demand an autopsy if your loved one dies…demand to see the hospital records…insist on publishing the actual cause of death when you place an obituary in a newspaper paid to protect big pharma!

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3 vietnam wars in a fraction of the years .. and nobody is noticing?????

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World leaders pushing these killer shots should be put on trial & charged for murder

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There is a cadre of pharma connected physicians on Twitter that have banded together to claim that it is 'Long Covid' or some kind of 'Stealth Covid' (if the deceased has never tested positive) that is responsible for these deaths. It's obvious that they are pushing hard to make the virus (and not the gene therapy injections) the preferred "narrative" for the emerging popular awareness of these incidents that can no longer be handled with outright denial. They are backed up on these long pseudo-medical threads by the usual Leftist journalists and other "highly educated individuals". It's like they are incubating the concept together right now.

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United States reported 3,353,787 deaths, for the 52 weeks of year 2020 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,920,345. That is an increase of +433,442 deaths (+14.8%).

Up until Week 14 the US in 2020 was experiencing a negative rate of excess mortality (-11,872). This all changed in the exact week the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. It was precisely at that point that they began producing dead bodies and this occurred in nursing homes and in hospitals, NOT in the general public, and initially occurred ONLY in 15 states who began mandating the exact same protocols. These deaths were ONLY in people who were already extremely fragile, were placed in isolation, were given extremely toxic Pharma interventions and the median ages were ABOVE normal life expectancy.

There was no pandemic- ever.

Additionally those who died during this initial period called "the first wave" were almost universally POOR and many were disabled. They were killed by human intervention. Those interventions are punishable offenses.

United States reported 3,457,517 deaths for the 52 weeks of year 2021 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,947,287. That is an increase of +510,230 deaths (+17.3%).

Year to date, United States reported 2,548,784 deaths for the 41 weeks of year 2022 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,338,304. That is an increase of +210,480 deaths (+9.0%).

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These are working age Americans. And I suspect that the figures are underreported. There are labor shortages all around this country in case you haven’t noticed. I contend that It can be attributed to people dying from the jab and/or are permanently disabled from the jab and we will never get accurate government released figures to document this. It’s not “nobody wants to work“. Unemployment lasts at best, six months. It’s because people have died or been permanently disabled which has created the labor shortage. The labor shortage alone can deconstruct this country..

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Looks like Bill’s plan is nearly twice as good as promised!

10 to 15% - The Aging Viking


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Some died suddenly

"They" lied, not suddenly

Real intelligence is a function of pattern recognition,

followed by taking appropriate action

We will win this war together

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"Tyler Reddick had to pull out of Sunday afternoon’s NASCAR race in Martinsville after suffering an apparent head injury. ... Reddick could be heard on his radio saying that he had never felt that way before."

Note, he was not involved in a crash before pulling out nor was it reported that he was involved in any incident during the race weekend.


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According to big pharma, every drug they market is safe and effective. So move on...we are saving the world and unlike the government we never lie.

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When will we know if the rising numbers are still going up in August September and October of 2022?

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If anyone doubts the deaths, tell them to read the obits for a week. Simple as that. If they're the 'stats' type, then tell them to look up previous annual death data.

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Can anybody please provide a link to the book " Turtles all the way down "

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When will they come clean about this???

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Age 38. Heart doctor at Dartmouth.

Died suddenly

Is there a way to offer her an autopsy by Arne Burkhardt or Ryan Cole?


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