Hello. This is Rupert Sayre, the associate of The Shadow. Just a quick update on the man I'm helping with his Covid Injection Illness and the microscope research.

The man's feet continued to be inflamed and increasingly swollen until he started to limp. At this point he again started to take the Zelenko Protocol as his lab results showed that (the low dose Vitamin C) form I was giving him was, for the most part, harmless.

The swelling in his feet stopped and has been reducing a little daily. At the same time his feet became red and rather bruised. He continues to take the Zelenko Protocol (Zinc, Zinc Ionophore, Vitamin C, Vitamin D) daily and I'm hoping he will continue to take it for the long term and possibly completely neutralize the Covid Injection's ill effects (Pfizer, one dose in the spring of 2021).

As for the microscope research, I checked the saline, the man's blood, and my blood this weekend. There had been some cotton fibre contamination from the cloth I was using to clean the microscope and I have taken this into account this week.

It seems that the large unidentified clump that I saw in the man's blood (1) last week was a large blood clot and it seems that the Zelenko Protocol has partially disintegrated these large blood clots into smaller ones. I hypothesize that these large blood clots were blocking the man's blood vessels and causing the swelling. I also hypothesize that with his taking of the Zelenko Protocol, the redness and bruising that is occurring near his skin's surface are smaller blood clots that are occurring there.

I later checked my own blood and it also has these blood clotting forms which I am under the impression are fibrin (2) proteins that form nets that trap red blood cells to clot the blood in order to stop bleeding from cuts. At the same time, it seems that my blood has some blood clotting occurring but not like the large blood clots occurring in the Covid Injected Man's blood. I am not currently experiencing any known Covid Injection related symptoms.

I think the large blood clotting occurring in the Covid Injected man's blood is related to the blood clots being found by embalmers such as Richard Hirschman in the U.S.A. (3)

Regarding the Zelenko Protocol possibly dissolving these blood clots:

The Covid Injection man was taking Vitamin D alone and his feet continued to be inflamed and swollen.

I don't know what effect the Zinc would be having. He's not getting more than would be in a normal diet.

The Quercetin he's taking might be having a beneficial effect. (4)

The Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid might also be having a beneficial effect. I suspect this because it is an acid so it could dissolve matter. (5)




Splanchnic Vein Thrombosis with COVID-19 Illness and Vaccination

Abdominal Catastrophe Carries High Mortality for Both Victims

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™

Feb 10

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

...Because the Spike protein on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 causes blood clotting, most venous thromboembolic syndromes are seen in both COVID-19 patients and those who took the vaccines....





fibrin, an insoluble protein that is produced in response to bleeding and is the major component of the blood clot. Fibrin is a tough protein substance that is arranged in long fibrous chains; it is formed from fibrinogen, a soluble protein that is produced by the liver and found in blood plasma. When tissue damage results in bleeding, fibrinogen is converted at the wound into fibrin by the action of thrombin, a clotting enzyme. Fibrin molecules then combine to form long fibrin threads that entangle platelets, building up a spongy mass that gradually hardens and contracts to form the blood clot. This hardening process is stabilized by a substance known as fibrin-stabilizing factor, or factor XIII....





9 months ago

Unbelievable blood clots: video from embalmer Richard Hirschman

In 60 seconds, you'll see something only found in vaccinated people. This is what happens to some people after getting vaccinated. Is there any wonder we are seeing so many vaccine injuries and death?

This is taken from an artery in a man who died after COVID vaccination. Richard is seeing these clots now in 83% of the 35 cases that he did this month.

I offered to show all my videos to the CDC and FDA, but I seriously doubt they will ever get back to me. They just don't want to have to deal with evidence like this.

See https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/i-offered-to-share-embalmer-videos




Quercetin turns fibrils into protease-sensitive, structurally loose and non-cytotoxic forms

Walter M Chesnut

Jun 13, 2022

Please note in the above image Curcumin’s effect on fibril formation.


I have been searching for answers to the systemic amyloidosis and anchorless prion pathologies of the Spike Protein. I believe Quercetin could prove to be a very powerful therapeutic in combatting these pathological mechanisms.

What I find most interesting about Quercetin is that it breaks apart prion fibril formations. One wonders if this could potentially prevent or remedy the fibril aggregates being found by embalmers. Please note, I do not believe the fibril aggregates are any sort of “nanotechnology.” I believe they are rapidly induced and developing “prioloid” aggregates....



(Google Translated)

...The inside of a blood vessel is covered by a layer of specialized cells (so-called endothelial cells), which form an interface between the blood and the vessel wall.

The endothelial cells have several functions in the blood vessel. They prevent the blood from solidifying (coagulating), regulate the diameter of the blood vessels and thus the blood supply to organs by sending out signaling substances, and then they control the attraction of immune cells and the growth of the cells of the blood vessels.

If the endothelial cells are damaged, it can mean that the blood clots more easily, so blood clots form. The blood vessel also finds it more difficult to regulate the blood supply to the organs, and immune cells are attracted to the wall of the blood vessel, so that an inflammation-like condition forms in the vessel.

Vitamin C has been shown to be important for both maintaining the function of the endothelial cells and - if the damage has occurred - for promoting the growth of new endothelial cells in the blood vessel....

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I have taken the same combination of supplements too, but I tried this one and it really helped after I had to return to work in the office. I developed tinnitus again after recovering from it last year and I found the TWC formula reduced the symptoms, in addition to helping with pain that I started to have in my hands. I know everyone is different though and I am still taking other things. I also found that liquid collagen, echinacea, grape seed extract, apple pectin and turmeric and elderberry gummies can sometimes help.

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I have taken the same combination of supplements and they do help with some lingering symptoms. A combination product would be great.

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The video is restricted and private on Rumble. Is there a way to access it? TYIA.

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Yes! Ty 🕊💞🙌🏻

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