Im worried while we're looking at the war and lab leaks, the WHO is moving forward to control us, we must keep our eyes on them.

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Good for you Dr. Paul, Stew, like Kanye and Scott Adams, has finally begun to name and call out our true, evil, long standing enemy!

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James Roguski has done a brilliant job of keeping us informed about the WHO's work and what we can do as US citizens to inform our representatives and fellow citizens. I highly recommend his substack!

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Zelenskyy wants U.S. Troops slaughtered is a bit over the top. Stew Peters put out a good video but it’s more directed at those of us wide awake. Normies may find him a bit wild and a little too forthcoming. People need to gently wake up to the level of corruption that is Ukraine. Many now are just realizing the inconsistency in our Mainstream media, not sure they are ready to find out the why....we need to focus on laying out the picture, slowly and thoroughly. This is my personal opinion. I’m possibly wrong.

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Israel is behind this and behind COVID, the two convenient crises of the WEF Israeli front. The late head Chabad Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Schneerson said that the Slavic peoples in both Russia and Ukraine are obstinate peoples whose line must be ended (exterminated).

Schneerson said this is what the Jews always do to other peoples (Isaiah 19:2), he wanted to create a war in Ukraine between Russia and Ukraine for Jews to be able to take Ukraine for a Greater Israel just as Zelensky, installed by the Israeli-controlled CIA and MI6 simply gets the Slavic Caucasian people even in Ukraine to slaughter each other and the Russian Slavic soldiers, so that the Jews can then migrate into Ukraine to fill the artificially created vacuum.

Zelensky also of course says he wishes to create a 'Greater Israel', what a cohencidence.

No wonder the Chabad Lubavitcher WEF agent Putin (actually working with Chabad Lubavitcher WEF agent Zelensky) wants to prevent DU being used there, as that would lead to permanent radioactive pollution of the rich black Ukrainian chernozem soil that is prized so highly that the Jews want to take over from those they are now exterminating to take it from them. "God gave it to us" they will say, like in Palestine.

The vast majority of the remaining 800 million Caucasian people now living in this world in Europe, America and Russia especially are being sucked into this by hostile dual nationality Israeli foreign power military occupation government officials infiltrated into governments around the world to suicide the Gentile peoples they now control.

This man tells it like it is;



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They want You to pay for the slaughter of your own children,their gruesome, painful death in the Frontline of a foreign war.So...how stupid are you?

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Well he was wrong about not seeing any J6 tapes as Tucker has started and is being shown all over. Some good ones were on Celia Farbers blog, I like the 2nd one by the Hodge Twins debunking Officer Sicknicks MSM and government story about his death.


Here's another one about the Shaman fiasco narrative being destroyed and includes the Miranda Devine interview. I would like to see the whole show, but have no cable and don't like much else on Faux news anymore.


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Kelly, Karent Kingston is a fraud, just like Whitney Webb. Do you know how many patents are filed for frivolous and absolutely insane patents? Because Kingston shows these patents, doesn't mean they were ever even accepted, and those who filed them can use any name they wish. My husband does this for a living. Let me tell you, I've watched these players for all my life, and I can spot the frauds in a NY second anymore. Some are far better than others, Whitney Webb for instance, but she's been caught now too. Stew Peters, Jane Ruby, Whitney Webb, Karen Kingston and so many more are out there to draw you into believing their nonsense so when you tell people about what she's said, you look like a fool.

It is purposeful. They're making money by fooling the gullible American public. Everything is so evil and rotten, we don't need the sensationalized lies to make it worse. They put this garbage out so as to destroy the truth we try to disseminate.

I give up, this is why we're failing and they're winning. It's not even worth being on this substack page.

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I have asked you to stop harassing me.

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Please stop harassing me. I have nothing more to say to you.

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Writes bilbobitch’s Newsletter

4 min ago


edited just now

Sure she is the most evil zionist hell bitch but she's nothing compared to Cass Sunstein the "Brains of Obama", her husband; ( Sunstein is an Obama Chicago bathhouse butt-buddy that got him groomed for POTUS )

It's said that BIDEN admin is ran out of Obama's home in Martha's Vineyard, and its known that Cass Sunstein is his advisor; So it makes perfect sense that his wife Samantha is the public face for Obama's admin;

So what we have seen in recent week that DOE admits that there was a bio-lab leak of COVID, somehow COVID just crawled out of a Bio-Lab and found it way to Iran, Italy, & Wuhan all on its own; Now we have NYT admitting that "Friend of Ukraine" blew up Nordstream;

Seems that everything that they denied a month ago they're now admitting to be true;

It's clear its time to pull the plug on Ukraine, Nuland even feels defeat; Samantha know that Ukraine is out of fighters and no rational serious person considers Obese, lazy entitled, non-binary USSA citizens capable of backing up Zelensky's boyz;

Now its true that Zelensky's boyz last 4 hours and they get one day of training, bussed to the front-lines and told to pull a rifle from a corpse and run find cover; If Zelensky can do this then certainly obese non-binary USSA people can be shipped to Ukraine and dumped on the front line with the same instructions;

Of course problem is BIDEN(OBAMA) would lose their base of parasites;

Never fear comrades, in the next few days NYT will report that Zelensky is corrupt and gone to Israel which has extradition;

Neo-Con/Lib's will lick their wounds and blame Trump for their failure to conquer Ukraine as the "New Israel"; Funny thing is that even the majority of Israelis know that Zelensky is a zionist-nazi "Jew" and refuses to give him a shekel; They know that when Zelensky talks about a "new israel" he's talking about a zionist-nazi homeland free of judaism;

100% satanic is the zionist-nazis running DC, LONDON, Kiev;

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Zelensky has proven one thing that no training is required for battle;

Just grab a guy on the street and bus him to the front line, maybe give him a gun, or better just tell them to pick up a gun from a dead guy.

So all our USSA problems are solved, we all thought that the US people could no longer fight wars, being woke and non-binary; Now we find out that all is required is just a blood-bag, any old human body will do;

All new combat form of battle, just keep sending body's to the Ukro-Nazi/Russia front and eventually Russians will run out of bullets

This is not an unknown strategy, its how GHANDI won India and kicked the British arse, UK simply ran out of bullets in India,

So pack them up, and be the first one on your block to have you non-binary spawn come back in a box;

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The MUSHROOM PEOPLE ( Not Woke, Not Informed )

There are the 'woke' and they are fucked up assholes, then there are the alt-woke who simply are morons as well;

Why is it that nobody ever say's "He's Informed", what the fuck is 'woke' funny I assumed it to be politically-correct rebranded, but MS-Bing-CHAT(AI) tells me that 'woke' came out of anti-fa during Ferguson Riots by BLM. Since then Anti-Fa has been defunded and much of BLM in jail; So called 'woke' remains but it is 'mind control' from big-tech ( twitter, FB, MS, Goog, ... ); What of ALT-WOKE? Just as fucked up, not informed, almost always self promoting talking-heads saying the same fucking thing every fucking day and begging for money from dumb suckers;

So what is the difference between the woke & alt-woke?? Not a spittoon's difference; What the fuck is the non-woke?

Today most of the bullshit comes down to the binary & non-binary debate, first they told us black better than white, then a man could get preggy, now they tell us non-binary humans will manage the herds more fairly in the future and binary humans are to be expunged;

Do you get it people, the non-binary wil be our 'Judges' in the future; Hurry up today and cut off your dick, that's how the big bucks will be made, early non-binary transformers will be the next billionaires;

In summary its a fucking sick society of morons, that are neither woke nor informed; Like we used to say pre political-correct, they keep you in the dark and feed you shit;

What about 'zionist zelensky'?? Zionists want every non-zionist dead, zionists are nazis, they're god's chosen people; They created Eugenics long ago, they are the supermen; Today we often hear that a man can have a baby; This is not new back in the 1910's Bush gave anal birth to triplets Hitler, Stalin, & Mao; With Rothschild/Rockefeller money they raised and groomed the boyz to rule the world; The mothers of the children who anally inseminated Bush was Gates, Ford, Hearst, & Rockefeller; Who is Zelensky? He is an anal birth baby of Bill Gates, and Musk is the maternal seed; Great grand-pa Gates long ago wrote the books on Eugenics which Hitler adopted;

None of this has fuck all to do with Jews, or Judaism; Zionism is 100% satanic.

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Stew Peters fails to identify Putin as a Chabad Lubavitcher agent who is also essential to making sure the arranged war In Ukraine occurs just as the late Chabad Lubavitcher head Rabbi Menachem Schneerson stated that he intended to be made to occur.

Stew Peters also blames 'duh Nazis' for what is happening in Ukraine. He needs to read about the Jewish 'white supremacist' 'Neo-Nazi' Ukrainian military leader who poses as white Caucasian 'white supremacist', all part of the story used by WEF Israeli front organization agent Putin to get dumb Gentile Russians to think that 'duh Nazis' are coming to Russia again.

The Israeli Jewish government and their infiltrated officials in America, Russia, the UK, Europe and Ukraine are entirely responsible for what is happening in Ukraine, Putin is a enemy agent posing as anti-NWO who is equally involved in deliberately suiciding his Russian Gentile Slavic Caucasian soldiers in the meat grinder that the Chabad Lubavitchers wish to use to exterminate all the Slavs if possible.

Putin is joined at the hip with the Chabad Lubavitchers and with Israel, who created COVID via their 'American' DOD slave puppets etc. 50% of all US generals self-identify as practicing Jews, and are thus dual nationality citizens of Israel, hostile Israeli foreign power enemy agents.

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Yes it is and the sooner Putin wraps them up the better. Then clean up the US drivers etc

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Oh, and your Title for this post ROCKS!

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