Amen. Biden is going for gun control because that’s all they have.

The “vaccines “ don’t work and are killing people.

They economy is a disaster and they did it on purpose.....fact.

He has the lowest approval ratings ever. They have to change the subject to even mitigate the looming disaster in the upcoming elections ....if the elections aren’t tampered with ( if they are then we will have to make some decisions)

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The mainstream media know perfectly well that their audience is ripe for the bullshit du jour. They cater to No IQ/Low IQ's incapable of mustering up an original thought. Sheep.

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“There will be no fifteen-day anal sex hiatus to crush the curve”.

…crush the curve…

This may be the best double entendre ever unintentionally written.

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MSM. Main Stream Media....., Men who have Sex with Men. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Such a great overlap.

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“Antidepressants have warnings for both suicidal and homicidal ideation and the FDA warnings indicate those reactions to be at almost double the rate for those under the age of 25. That is not just killing yourself or someone else but having persistant ruminating thoughts of both suicide and homicide, along with the same persistant thoughts of various methods of killing – thoughts Eric complained of within only weeks after first being placed on Zoloft. Putting a gun in his hand is NOT what produced those thoughts, but a drug did, and the drugs even carry a warning that they can produce that!!

With only me and a couple of others working to gather these cases over the past two decades out of 70 school shootings we have had 68 school shooters on antidepressants … you know this has to be only the tip of the iceberg. Seems pretty simple math at this point! List of shootings & meds: http://www.drugawareness.org/ssri-nightmares/school-shootings And here is the same list of school shootings in a video version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpFoivbZH1o&feature=player_embedded


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You could do worse than listen to Michael Savage's last two podcasts. He is a prophet of our times. What role do "recreational drugs" play in these shootings?

Is monkey pox another diversionary tactic?



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None of these, per se, are important except as another nail in the coffin of freedom. Instill enough fear, hatred, anger, distrust, etc, and we will eventually clamor for the totalitarian government to rescue us, as we docilely march to the modern versions of the gas chambers.

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Excellent - I agree 100% - I would love to connect with you as I want to produce a handout document- small booklet with events, photos etc - that will expose all the criminals - I can be reached at 786-344-4413. I will be happy to share the concept with you-as I am looking for someone who can help write the content - Randy Perini

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"Bang on!"

We see you....

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