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Paul, the green monkey kidney SV40 bugs are in all polio vaccines both Salk and Sabin live bugs; therefore we note all generations for sure prior to 2000 have SV40 bugs that cause lung, brain and bone cancers. We know from Sasha that there are at least four mRNA variants, from high bug counts to zero, and she reported that the variants are found geographically, as in targeted populations. We can assume individuals are also targeted for infection or protection (via the zero jab).

We also have reports of various snake poisons. We have sv40; and we have ecoli, but I suspect the ecol is the deadly 157:H7, a hunch. Given that mRNA jabs are loaded with both the above and the nanos, we have two thoughts: the nanos are immune to organic bugs; second, pharma nerds, using ecoli and sv40 and more, that are used to weaken OTHER bugs, like polio, malaria, tuberculous, leprosy, dengue, and so on.

Since pharmas are establishment, I suspect that some bugs of the above, more bugs not listed above, or all types of bugs, USING off the shelf unused already known to be fake vaccines (flu, cold, polio et al) were placed within the fake mRNAs. ALL recorded by pharmas in a mass population forced study. If my above hunch is correct, we have perhaps 200 fake vaccine layer study going on.

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