We're Thai. The government started pushing this stuff (AstraZeneca) on school children and me and Mrs kept our three away from it, we'd have pulled them from school if mandated and if forced, we have Dr. B. Master and Nurse G. Lock to inject tyrants.

Injection uptake in Thailand probably is very low. People paid a few hundred Baht, the doctor registered they'd been "vaccinated" and the stuff went in the bin. As soon as the first injuries hit social media (Thai's are Facebook ting tong), that was it. No one went near the stuff.

Thailand was also the first country to pay compensation for vaccine deaths and injuries and of course, our own Professor Sucharit Bhakdi is Thai. And a legend. He was one of the first to call this scam out with his book, False Alarm.

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Have you checked out Karen Kingston's substack, she has allot of data on what these shots really are, she says the spike protein isn't what were told it is. Either way, people are being harmed in ways we've never seen before.

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Dear Dr. Alexander

I wish to thank you for your continued efforts and also for your tutelage of non-cognichenti such as myself who due to my\our circumstances can not as yet contribute to your work, which I will do as soon as these improve.

This is a note to let you know that the above link "Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Phil Krause: https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrEeCIqjlFjs38AvAoXFwx.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1666317994/RO=10/RU=https%3a%2f%2fstarkmanapproved.com%2ffdas-unsung-heroes-marion-gruber-and-phil-krause%2f/RK=2/RS=8AHlTY9Enmt4fLJEwADsA0jsCT0- " is now non-existent and is returning 410 - nor does there seem to be a backup available. Would this link be a suitable substitute: https://starkmanapproved.com/fdas-unsung-heroes-marion-gruber-and-phil-krause/ ?

I remain, yours faithfully


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Im a 54 yo male. Im never vaccinated and I’ve had Covid twice. Once in the summer of 21 and again about two months ago. The first infection was pretty severe. I had a bad flu that lasted for about 10 days. Second time I had it it was just three or four days of cold like symptoms

BUT on both occasions I actually passed out early on in the course of the infection

I am extremely fit individual. I can ride a road bicycle at a high rate for many many miles

I have a low resting pulse between about 50 and 60

It seems like even the natural infection makes people produce spike proteins that can cause cardiac arrhythmias and abnormalities

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