Which, as you and I both know Dr Paul, is a testament to the man's patriotism and courage.

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Paul, did you see what happened down in Australia? A prominent Christian leader in Sydney, a Bishop in his church, has been attacked while preaching. It was a stabbing attack, three days after another mass stabbing attack in a shopping centre. Riots have reportedly broken out. There is a substantial Lebanese Muslim community in or close to the area in Sydney where the stabbing occurred. There is a history of hostility between Lebanese Muslims and non-Muslims. Some years ago Lebanese Muslim rape gangs terrorized young non-Muslim women in the city and there were anti-Muslim riots. The Lebanese Muslim community is reportedly very heavily vaccinated. Jab clinics were operated from Lebanese Muslim centers. Claims that the attacker shouted "Allahu-akbar" have not been confirmed. However, it's interesting that the Bishop who was attacked was anti-jabs and anti lockdown:

"Bishop Emmanuel rose to prominence during the Covid pandemic by criticising harsh lockdown measures which he branded 'mass slavery'. He claimed vaccines would not work against the virus because living 'normally' would boost immunity."

Sydney church stabbing. Riots erupt at hospital after Bishop was attacked at Christ the Good Shepher…


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Sad to learn this is happening in Sydney. We get no news at all about Australia from American media. So it's hard to know how unusual or common an incident like this may be there. I suspect it's rare.

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Gateway Pundit has carried a couple of stories on this incident, which followed the mass stabbing and killing of mainly women by an unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic in a shopping mall in an upscale Sydney beachside suburb a few days earlier. A brave policewoman shot him dead as he lunged at her with his large knife. He had even stabbed a nine month old baby girl. The mom as she was dying threw the baby at two men who caught the baby and rendered first aid to the baby and the mom. The baby is in a serious but stable condition in hospital, from what I last read.

Angry Christians Clash with Australian Police Following Stabbing of Leader and Worshippers at Wakeley Church: ‘Bring Him Out’ (VIDEO)


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I appreciate the additional information, bad as it is. The shopping mall rampage is horrifying.

The congregation (likely most if not all other Christian Arabs?) in yesterday's crime didn't appreciate the city's police intervention as they'd have preferred to punish the perpetrator on the spot. A dangerously volatile situation all around.

The Arab immigrants don't appear compatible with the culture they've intruded upon. Does Australia roll out the red carpet for them like the U.S. does? If not, what sense does it make for then to travel so far to recreate the same violent society they left behind?

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The congregation are Assyrian. From what I understand Assyrians are not Arab and the religion is a type of catholic and orthodox Christianity. Apparently the attack has been determined to have been an act of islamic terror. I can understand the congregation being very angry. There was a similar angry confrontation some months ago between a different church congregation in a similar area of Sydney and transgender activists who were trying to prevent a conservative speaker from being heard. A past "conservative" prime minister of Australia (known for his fondness for black American women and for losing his trosers in a seedy hotel in Memphis) decided it was a good idea to bring in hordes of Lebanese muslims who settled mainly in Sydney. Many of their descendants are now prominent in organized crime including outlaw motorcycle gangs. Since the Lebanese muslims were imported Australia has rolled out the red carpet for Somali and Sudanese muslim migrants, just like the US does.

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I never would have imagined this was happening there.

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The weather can be hot and many young Australian women at the beach are scantily clad. In contrat the muslim women often wear some sort of costume resembling a burka. Even one piece bathing suits raise the ire of some of the muslim men. This led to angry riots against the Labanese muslims. some years ago

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Biden knew he could not legitimately beat Trump.

Here he is admitting he would collude with the courts to keep Donald Trump from becoming President again.


Adult film star Stormy Daniels said in a statement on Tuesday the alleged affair with Donald Trump never occurred.

Keith Davidson, a lawyer for Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, confirmed the statement was authentic but didn’t offer any further


Adult film star Stormy Daniels, in the midst of a publicity tour fueled by past allegations of a 2006 sexual relationship with a then-married

Donald Trump, said in a statement on Tuesday the alleged affair never occurred.

Keith Davidson, a lawyer for Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, confirmed the statement was authentic but didn’t offer any further






Matthew Colangelo, 48, worked in the Obama admin as a senior Labor Department official joined the DA’s office as senior counsel in Dec. 2022.

He was appointed acting associate AG in 2021 when Biden took office, the third highest-ranking at the DOJ.




An attorney who advised disgraced Trump organization lawyer Michael Cohen provided Manhattan prosecutors with voluminous documentation, including

contemporaneous emails and memos, purporting to show that in 2018 Cohen wanted Donald Trump to help cover his legal bills and repeatedly claimed he

had no evidence incriminating the former president in a hush money deal with porn actress Stormy Daniels.

"Cohen said he had no information against Trump," one memo summarizing attorney Robert Costello's interactions with Cohen stated. That memo, dated

April 2019, recounted Costello's interview with federal prosecutors about conversations he and colleagues had with Cohen a year earlier.

Costello, a former federal prosecutor who has represented famous clients like George Steinbrenner, Leona Hemsley, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon,

told Just the News on Tuesday he provided Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office with more than 300 pages of emails, memos and texts

chronicling his dealings with Cohen.

He said his documents showed Cohen took out a bank loan known as a HELOC — on his own — during the 2016 presidential election to pay Stormy Daniels

$130,000 under a nondisclosure agreement so she would remain quiet about her alleged relationship with Trump. Cohen bragged he kept the situation

quiet so that Melania Trump and Cohen's own wife wouldn't learn about it, Costello said in an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast,

recounting what he said Cohen told him back in 2018.

"He said," Costello recalled, "'I didn't believe the information, but I knew that this was a situation that would cause embarrassment. So I

negotiated with this lawyer, and we worked out a an NDA ... for the payment of $130,000.'

"And I said, 'Did you get that money from Donald Trump?' 'No.' 'Did you get it from any Trump Organization?' 'No.'

"I said, 'Did you take that money out of your own savings or checking?' 'No.'

"I said, 'Well, how'd you get the money?' He said, 'I took out a HELOC loan.' 'Why would you take out a HELOC loan to cover something like this?' He

said 'because I wanted to keep it secret. If I took money from my account, my wife would know about it. I didn't want my wife to know about it. I

didn't want Melania Trump to know about it.' He said, 'That's why I did it that way.'"

"Now, if you're gonna do it that way, that means you're keeping it from Donald Trump and Melania Trump," Costello added, summarizing the story he

offered grand jurors and Manhattan prosecutors.

In a 2019 summary of Costello's interview with the U.S. attorney's office in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), Costello alleged that in 2018

Cohen wanted to talk to Giuliani, then a lawyer for the 45th president, about getting Trump or his insurance company to pay Cohen's legal bills.

"Yes, during the long conversation on June 23, 2018, Cohen asked me to talk to Giuliani and ultimately to Trump about Cohen applying to Aeon

Insurance, under the D&O policy, to pay the legal fees, and Cohen did not want 'the big guy' to oppose Cohen's request," Costello said, according to

the summary of the interview with federal prosecutors.

Costello also provided a contemporaneous email with a colleague from June 2018 in which he recounted his conversations with Cohen about Giuliani and

payment of legal bills.

"He asked me to communicate with Rudy and have him tell the President that all of these stories about cooperating are bullshit," Costello wrote. "To

tell him that he is not talking to reporters. He is not talking and friends (cq). These stories from sources are fiction."

"I believe the issue for Cohen is money," Costello explained in the email. "Who is going to pay for these lawyers."

Cohen did not respond to requests by email or text from Just the News for comment. His lawyer Lanny Davis declined to answer questions, instead

offering an attack on one of the reporters in this story.

"I decline to comment to Mr. Solomon who, sadly, in my opinion since I was once a great admirer of his, no longer practices fact-based journalism,"

Davis said.

In interviews with MSNBC, Cohen acknowledged having contacts with Costello, but suggested the former federal prosecutor was "'making up stories" to

the grand jury and carrying out "a typical Trump play."

In those interviews, Cohen also claimed he did not believe he had waived his attorney-client privilege from his conversations with Costello. "I don't

recall waiving anything," he said. "But, again this is, I don't know what he's talking about."

But one of the documents that Costello provided to Just the News shows that Cohen signed a declaration in 2019 for federal prosecutors waiving any

claim of privilege from his interactions with Costello.

"Although I do not believe that any of my communications with Costello or other lawyers at DHC are subject to attorney-client privilege, I hereby

waive whatever attorney-client or other privilege that might be argued have attached to such communications," the February 2019 declaration from

Cohen stated.

You can read that document here:




The FEC voted 4-1 to close the inquiry after failing to find that Trump or his campaign “knowingly and willfully” violated campaign finance law when

his former attorney Michael Cohen paid $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her from disclosing an alleged affair.

Cohen was convicted in 2018 of lying to Congress, tax evasion and other charges relating to the payments to Daniels and other women. He served three

years in prison.

His attorney said Cohen testified in court that the payment was made “for the principal purpose of influencing an election.”

The FEC’s Office of General Counsel issued a report in December finding that there was “reason to believe” that Cohen and the Trump campaign

knowingly and willfully violated campaign finance law.

I could do this for years... Bottom line, there was no crime committed.

Dr Paul may well be correct, this might be a trap to put his life in danger.

They will fail...

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Crime or no crime, these Stalinist bastards don’t care.

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None of their tactics will succeed!

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Court houses bring prisoners into the courtroom from secure locations ,not on the street , all the time.

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