Good Doctor his real name is Hitpiece, its his job and he is paid to do it.. I let him know that over on Yahoo when he wrote his BS... Demons like him you are wasting your time with.. He is on their payroll and enjoys his bottom feeding life.. He will never attack the people who think they are at the top, but are really low life bottom dwellers along with hitpiece.. People like Fauci, Birx, Daszak, Collins, MSM, FDA are all on the same team with hitpiece, they all have their assignments... Just ignore him you will never ever get truth out of hitpiece.. Hitpiece has not paid the price for what he did along with his crime syndicate, but they all will.. They think they are above the law because the law is crooked to right now, but they will find out they are not above the law of GOD...

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Dr Paul, Sweeden proved you theory was right all along! Reached herd immunity fast and had much lower deaths with COVID than the USA.

It's not the technocrats, it's the mason-crats:

In the USA, some believe in a “deep state” conspiracy involving intelligence agencies, corrupt politicians, military industrial complex, Big Pharma agency capture, etc. Yet, they can’t explain how this “USA deep state” also works in synchronicity, within hundreds of countries, where there’s no FBI, CIA, HHS, etc. Clockwork coordination of COVID genocidal response proved the existence of a “global deep state”, despite there is no global government!

There are no political or economic structures “formally” supporting such global governance. Then, who could run a government in the shadows without no mainstream media exposing it? Who controls global media in order to guarantee global censorship? Who pays political parties and political careers in hundreds of countries to control global politics?

Most still have doubts if Freemasonry (which worships Lucifer) wasn't behind the scenes. Why? masonic secrecy. Why do they need secrecy to the extent of murdering those who violate it? Is it because they are covering good deeds? Not goodness but evil needs secrecy in order to grow unchecked!

In most countries, worship still had restrictions when everything else was opened in full. Casinos were packed in Vegas while churches lock-downed. Why were churches the last to recover freedom? Is there a war between the city of Satan or the civilization of God?

Not explainable through money, power and corruption

“What makes a person want to control and hoard? What makes a person choose wealth or power or accumulating “stuff” over supporting each other thrive? Why would members of our own species want to destroy all life on this planet?

We aren’t dealing with your average Joe’s. They are multi-generations of inbred, disconnected, mentally unstable psychos whose entire existence has been destruction, murder and chaos.” 1

Think about it. If you were a billionaire: when is enough, enough? Is enough never enough? Instead of enjoying life with your loved ones, why would you spend most of your billions with a mafia obsessed to cull humans, risking a revolution and being jailed or executed? This is way larger than a psychonspiracy.

Why would Facebook Zuckerberg give 450 million away to rig the 2020 elections in favor of Biden and democrat governors when he didn’t get that money back from the government? Think: even if you were a billionaire fanatic of the Democratic Party, why would you spend 450 million dollars in bribery, risking jail? And 450 million doesn’t even count on what the Zuck Bucks bought in prior elections and 2024.

Why would a foreigner like Soros, who doesn’t even visit the USA, give away billions to the Democratic Party?

In 2010, masons Warren Buffet (who funded Microsoft) and Bill Gates founded The Giving Pledge to manage the money of any billionaire who, just like them, was a figurehead of the masonic mafia and had to return them the dirty money made from monopoly, usury, insider information, sabotage, moles, government grants and contracts, tax credits and arranged bids, stolen patents, mason or corrupt judges favoring them (e.g. when Zuckerberg stole Facebook), counterfeit money and laundering, drugs, etc.

This is not a coincidence: “Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway “was a seasoned user of tax credits”2 “Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and Warren Buffett control more wealth than the 160 million poorest Americans combined. And Buffett doesn’t mind working the system to keep it that way. His net worth as of January is $87 billion, but Buffett says he paid only $1.8 million in taxes in 2015—a mere 0.002 percent of his wealth. Buffett takes full advantage of tax loopholes. He uses Berkshire Hathaway, a valuable tax shelter, for his investments. The Republican tax bill will save Berkshire an estimated $37 billion, because the firm habitually defers its tax liabilities, which will now be paid off at a much lower rate.”3

Figurehead money had to be put to use under the mason agenda. Not only tax elusion explains why “400 highest tax-paying Americans donated between 8 percent and 11 percent of their income in 2010”. By 2019, the Pledge had raised more than 500 billion from 200 out of 2000 global billionaires. 1 It could now be over a trillion dollars (1000 billion), considering that the 2 founders gave over 100 billion, then it’s less than 1 billion for the rest, if we discount the top 5 donors.

Living Pledge hall of shame: Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), Michael R. Bloomberg, Elon Musk, David Rockefeller (d. 2017), Jeff and Marieke Rothschild, Carl Icahn, Michael Milken (junk bonds scam), ...

They are not philanthropists (from greek, human-friends) but misanthropists (human-haters). They are not giving away their money: they are returning to Satan the stolen money to programs designed to exterminate us. Thank you but, no thank you! Their power is so obvious: their money is not taxed even if it’s destined to the common bad instead of the common good.

Why is it that so many billionaires are evil? It’s hard to believe s that money corrupts everyone: there are many examples that prove it doesn’t. It looks like there is a rigged system that searches to corrupt them (Epstein) and only allows the most evil to become billionaires by destroying the competition with unchecked illegal practices.

If it wasn’t for the freemason cabal, why would IBM masons give pimple college-dropout Bill Gates monopoly to IBM PC? He didn’t even have a software and stole/“bought” it from a Seattle programmer!

More here:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


Gates-WHO: vaccines can’t reduce population, except by murdering

Proof: they were never for reducing mortality, only for murdering!


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i think that if he used your name in his book then you should sue the crap out of him. he is a liar and people who read this may believe it to be true. don't let them get away with it. time is now to fight back against the lies.

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These are easy facts to understand.

If anyone wants a simple math picture consider this;

In one year post c19; 8 million children dies in critical poverty every year.

5 of those 8 million never go beyond 5 years in age.

In 2 years thats 16 million total dead.

(How many died of C19 again?)

In 2005 an economic professor in the U.S made a book / plan to end critical poverty;

20 year plan

Cost 3500 billion usd.

Thats 4 years of US deffence spending.

This plan would have saved 5-700 million people over time world wide.

No money was ever found for that plan.


In less than one year the world leadership in their "brilliant" wisdom to lockdown everything spent over 16000 billion usd.

Despite the dam C19 almost had zero impact on Humanity from the start.

Over 7000 million pluss people live on this planet, how many cases has there been even with the fake numbers?


Almost nothing, when they locked it down the numbers where a dam joke.

April 2021;

1.61% Of the world population had positive test.

Only 2.19% of those 1.61% Died.

The rest recovered, and most recovered swiftly within 14 days.

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Big Pharma dribble to push the deadly RNA injections that are coming from Moderna and many more drug manufacturers who see the rich profit motive they will deliver! They don’t give a damn how many died from the injections or are permanently harmed! Ed Dowd only scratched the surface of the great harm!

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He along with the fool Howard who wrote the book are totally stupid people. Stupid people will NEVER open their eyes to truths whether it is the fake "covid" issue or anything else related to common sense. Ignorant people can be shown truths/facts becoming informed..stupid people no matter the truth/facts presented to them will NEVER accept knowledge and will NEVER become informed. Is it a bad case of ego or brain washing?? Who knows but at this point it has reach the level of insanity. I used to feel compassion for these stupid-s but that has gone. They prefer to be blind and led by the blind. GOD has provided the truth. They decided to follow Satan and his teachings. Each person has to decide whom they will follow and believe. The time is now. Save your souls. Stand for GOD and HIS truth.

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Unbelievable! This entire excerpt is pure lies, gaslighting and propaganda. Take every point this corrupt liar wrote, and the exact opposite is true.

You and all other doctors who agreed with your position re covid, lockdowns and these "vaccines" are 100% correct, and have been totally vindicated.

I suspect the reason for this rubbish is that "our side" of the falsely inflated pandemic/deadly vaccine narratives are winning big, in the sense that now the majority of people know the truth - with those numbers growing steadily.

So Hiltzik wrote this pack of lies as a counter to the truth - to keep as many people in fear as possible so they will continue taking deadly "vaccines," and be softened up for the next bogus "pandemic."

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IF YOU ARE NOT FOR SOMEONE TO FIX OUR USA AS IN PRESIDENT TRUMP, you are of communist demonicrat thinking

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May 26, 2023·edited May 26, 2023

Dr. Paul was right, this guy was wrong. However, the phrase "be hung..." sounds vulgar. :🤣

I presume the intended phrase was "be hanged".

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DO AMERICANS KNOW HOW CORRUPT THE demonicrat govt is? they, even the dem. vp has not taken an oath to defend OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UNDER GOD COSTITUTION FACT

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Covid 19:

19 Standard Deviations From Reality.

Where ...

Dying Suddenly Is Just Another Name For:

Peer Reviewing The Data.


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Demonicrats did not swear an Oath TO OUR USA CONSTITUTION UNDER GOD = Brighteon Broadcast News, May 26, 2023 - MISSING OATHS: Biden officials swear no allegiance to the United States (feat. Todd Callender) https://www.brighteon.com/e5366970-58d0-434c-82c0-e9f1efbd6579

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demonicrats and OUR USA And WE THE PEOPLE DoNOT Mix

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We live in an age where people can say whatever they wish to pull out of their ass and the audience they can reach is so large a certain percentage will believe them. He who controls the media social or otherwise controls the people.

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