I was looking forward to a Trump/Biden debate. Who couldn’t use some comic relief.

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Biden is busy working on The Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Presidential Library ..

..to be patterned after "Br'er Rabbit's Laughing Place"

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Yeah, but while Trump is the most entertaining president we've ever had, he should have let Brandon talk a lot more in the first 2020 debate. I sure hope Trump doesn't make that mistake again if he gets a chance.

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Let's get real. The Left used Joe to further their agenda. They dangled a carrot that compelled Joe to obey. If he didn't, they would have uncovered his crooked deals (which we already know of) that he had with corporations worldwide where he used his political leverage to secure.

The Left got what they bargained for with Joe because, let's face it, he has proved to be completely and absolutely useless, but, he was their man they could manipulate using Obama to pull the strings.

Let's go through each reason to reveal why crooked Joe was the man that could pull off what the Left deep state operatives wanted to achieve.

1. Joe was there to push the Covid-19 narrative and inject every arm with poison to succeed:

(a) siphoning $B's from everyone worldwide and,

(b) achieve their depoulation plan.

A double whammy!

2. Was Joe there to ensure a huge cache of weapons was left behind in Afghanistan? What should have been a gradual evacuation by the US from Afghanistan was questionable to say the least, as the US Military left behind $80B worth of military equipment to the Afghans. Discarding all this equipment could be because the US government didn't give two hoots as it was already paid for by tax payers or, it was to equip Afghans and perhaps sell on the black market to other Muslim militia groups. When we know of the $B's having been given to Iran by the US government already, the latter reason should be no surprise if the equipment left by the US Miltary was to give Muslim terrorist groups a military advantage.

This scenario could also have some connection to the present Israel/Hamas conflict in Gaza where Palestinian civilians are being used as a shield against Israeli attack.

Although my heart goes out to the grievious assault on Palestinian civilians caught in the crossfire, this is unfortunately the horrors of war fomented by men with evil desires for power and greed.

3. Joe was there to prop up the military industrial complex (MIC) by giving $B's to Ukraine so they could buy weapons from US military industrial corporations. Much of the tax payers money the US gave Ukraine in aid returned into the pockets of the MIC and politicians who received their miniscule kickbacks for declaring the war. Blood money!

I might add that the war in the Ukraine, which is really America's war, could have been a cover up for the Covid-19 plandemic genocide depopulation plan that never succeeded as we notice by the push back from people rejecting the covid narrative spun by Gates, Fauci, Collins, Baric, et al Inc.

Another thing to consider is Putin initiating the war against Ukraine could also have been behind the Covid-19 cover up.

Nobody can be trusted. Only the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ can be trusted!

There is much more to this conspiracy that came by way of the privileged elite class of 1% . Follow the $B's because that's where it leads to.

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Nov 8, 2023·edited Nov 8, 2023

I wish you were wrong, but your comment fits the evidence quite well. The only thing I think is tenuous is the tight link between Covid-19 and Ukraine. I expect that the main link is that both the plandemic/scamdemic and the completely avoidable WWI-like war in Ukraine were driven by the same greed and malevolent minds.

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My answer to your question. I wrote:

'Another thing to consider is Putin initiating the war against Ukraine could also have been behind the Covid-19 cover up'.

The vaccination program in Russia was nearly as intense as it was in America. In Russia the medical organisation there never gave Russian citizens the right to informed consent before vaccination. So it could be that Putin took attention away from his citizens to his failed vaccine program that brought injury and death though I may be wrong.

What I do know is that Putin wanted to destroy biosafety-level-four (BSL-4) biolabs in the Ukraine where biological warfare weapons were in development. This is one of many reasons he invaded the Ukraine. Another reason being that Ukraine was trying to usurp terroritory that belongs to Russia like Crimea and territory East of Ukraine.

Here is a video of host Justin Ling investigating the enquiry Sen. Marco Rubio made with Victoria Nuland as to whether there are biological weapons research facilities in the Ukraine. The BSL-4 labs Rubio enquired about are the highest level bio security labs there are. In the video you will notice that Rubio with his first question to Nuland leads her to answer honestly about biological weapons research facilities in the Ukraine funded by America. This puts her on the spot. Rubio's second question to Nuland takes the focus off America's involvement and puts the liability on Russia. Sneaky! But the cat was already out the bag.

Here's the video below.


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Thanks for sharing. Yes, that’s a link, and yes, the part of the video at 1:02 made me smirk. She was correctly accusing 🇷🇺 of doing what 🇺🇦 also does and what the Left consistently does.

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Will they put Gavin Newsom in his place? Newsom is the worst governor California ever had.

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Whenever I hear Gavin's surname, I think of Michael Savage ranting, "Gavin 'Any-twosome' Newsom".

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Get ready for Grusome Newsom, Gretchen Witchmier and their bestie Michelle Obama /Oprah Maui Winfrey

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I thought her name was Mikhail Obama.

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In other news, David Axelrod was found dead of an apparent suicide, leaving a note nearby. He shot himself twice in the back of the head, a method known as Arkancide employed by many friends of the Clintons decades ago.

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And Camela is NOT eligible to be President. Who will step in between now and the Dem convention next summer?

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Why is Cameltoe not eligible to be President? She's has all the qualifications a Woke candidate could possibly ask for: She's got a big mouth and a loose tongue to boot, she has no morals, she's an idiot, she slept her way to the top, she's dumb as shit and -- oh yeah... She's black...

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She would be the perfect Democrat UniParty president.

First, she's stupid.

Second, she's black (sort of).

Third, she's even worse than Joe Biden.

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That last item is almost impossible to imagine...then again, up here Justine Castreau doesn't even have the excuse of being senile....

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There isn't going to be an election in 2024, Dr. Paul: You know it, I know it, anyone with a brain knows it... 🤔💩

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Ukraine just suspended "elections' until after the war..

..and extended the martial law already in place.

Since US Creep State runs Ukraine, this looks like another clinical trial.

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Bingo. Just like up here in Canuckistan, Justin Castreau's majority government is pretty much guaranteed...

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If The Dummy is gone, there will be another more sinister fascist democrat to replace him. Retardicans will eventually be excluded from the fascist government. You can bet your booties that the fascist dems will never relinquish the gains they have made in destroying America. The only way that will happen is with physical force instigated by those who still want to live in peace and freedom.

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No, I continue to be right about everything, but I underestimated how STUPID almost half of Republicans are, and how spineless Fox and other Conservative media are.

There are a whole bunch of Conservative voices who know Trump is going to be convicted of many felonies and can't win. But they have been independent voices. They will be a powerful voice before Iowa.

We haven't seen any polls of Trump vs Gavin Newsom, because the pollsters want Trump to win.

Thankfully DeSantis got Newsom to agree to debate. Dems want to see how Newsom debates before crowning him the successor to the very ill Joe Biden.

And you get your Fake News about DeSantis from Lie Social.

Trump is still using all his remaining funds on trying to attack DeSantis in Iowa, with Lies.

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Biden was already AT a stage of dementia that disqualified him from being in charge of anything when he ran for POTUS the first time.

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I believe the Dems have already decided that Newsome will be the next president (if they have their way). The only unanswered question is how they are going to lower the boom on Biden and make it look like chance and not planning when he bows out and Newsome declares. I believe they are also working actively behind the scenes to defeat the election integrity movement and assure that the election results will be "adjusted" so that no-one other than a Democratic will be elected as President. The globalists are almost certainly working with them, as Newsome is clearly aligned with the globalists. They can not afford to have anyone elected who is a populist, and opposes globalist initiatives, such as Trump, DeSantis, or Kennedy.

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While Brandon's salad days may be over, Kamala's word salad days have just begun. Until the Demonrats replace that dumbmaniac duo, we're in for a lot of verbal harrisment.

Of course if they put Gavin N and Mikhail O on the ballot, America would be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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As I said all along, Biden will not be the Dem nominee if they think there is any chance he would lose.

Most likely it will be Gavin Newsom, whom DeSantis will debate in 3 weeks.

It was a brilliant move by DeSantis, to debate the eventual nominee.

Meanwhile, Trump is months away from becoming a convicted felon.. Probably will collect at least 5 Felonies.

MAGA Republicans are so dumb to support such a loser.

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You've been wrong about almost everything to date l so your post is very encouraging. DeSantis campaign staff are jumping shift and going over to Trump at an impressive rate. Florida is Trump country. DeSantis has been, as Trump has acknowledged, an average Republican governor. But he's gone as high as he is capable of. He does not have the IQ to win a presidential campaign or be president. Shame on him fir givind Newsom. Newsom is very unpopular in California but will wipe the floor with DeSantis. DeSantis is making Trump's tak of defeating the eventual Dem nominee harder but Trump will prevail regardless of who that nominee is.

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