What is Trump's position on Gaza-WW3?

All we are saying is give peace a chance!

The USA has become ATM of foreign wars like Ukraine and Gaza: why?


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Trump is officially to the right of Netanyahu

Let's ALSO not forget that Jared Kushner a MOB FAMILY, whose father is life in prison for mob activity, like Chelsea Clintons father in law, also kosher-nostra

That in the 1980's when Netanyahu was a NOBODY he would stay in the KUSHNER home, short of beds Netanyahu would sleep with Jared;

To think for a moment that Netanyahu is holding TRUMP by the strings would be an assumption for morons, when TRUMP sent Ivanka to MARRY into the KUSHNER mob family Trump knew exactly that was buying into the most powerful Mob machine in Israel

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What fo you think of the new version of Old Glory, Prof? It's been the backdrop to speeches by Chris Christie and even prominent Democrats are proudly displaying it. Do you think it improves Old Glory to change it in this way? Would you swear allegiance to it? Would you give your life for it? You can see it displayed on the right hand side near the top of the first page in the article at the link?


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Seems “Krispy Creme” Christie delights in being a tub of boo goo.

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#1 problem in USA is the ZOG financed wars with US-DOLLARS in Ukraine & Israel

Then of course #2 is the ZOG financed genocide in Venezuela & San Salvador that drives the Refugees to the southern USA borders;

Stop the fucking wars and they'll have no reason to leave their homes

Trump is NEO-CON killer a Kosher-Nostra baby raper, anybody that even posts him is obviously from the same cloth; That said p-alex was birthed on Trump posts, long before COVID begat

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Yes, his speech in Kissimmee was great. He said he will immediately deport ALL illegal aliens. Including all the terrorists that have been purposely brought in by the deep state to destroy the nation. He said "mass deportation". And it starts as soon as he gives his inauguration speech, the EO's will already be signed.

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In the meantime, the Orange Conman never apologized for;

bending over backwards 24/7 for Israel

sponsoring Big Pharma (Operation Warp Speed)

not breaking up Big Tech giants like Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (basically all the Covid 'fact checkers' and government propagandists) by continuing to turn a blind eye on their consistent abuse of Section 230. (until the Orange Dumbf•ck was kicked off Tw@tter himself, real 3-D chess... 🤣 )

sponsoring the MIC (record billions spent on 'defense.')

sponsoring Wall Street (hiring Jay Powell and Steve Mnuchin)

not building The Wall

not "locking her up"

hiring neocon fascists (Pompeo, Haspel, Wurmser, Haley, Bolton) and a convicted war criminal like Elliott Abrams

dragging Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London

not Pardoning Assange, Snowden, Manning

hiring Epstein prosecutor Acosta who cut Epstein a sweetheart deal

People Should be Judged by the Friends they Keep & Hang Out with ( TRump spent 25 years with Roy Cohn as mentor, and then 20 years with Epstein as mentor )

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He also said he would build a wall in his last term

Trump says a lot of stuff, but never backs any of it up, the fact that GOYIM would give him a second chance just shows how dumb the USA public is-is

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If the CLOWNS in the DC SWAMP would STOP the HANDOUTS, -- Free Medical, Weekly checks, Citizenship for their babies born on US Soil????? ETC, ETC we wouldn't need a damn wall!!!!!

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job # one last time - operation Warp Speed

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KUNSTLER: HOW Jews in American DESTROYED America and Why they Did it

Kunstler blames the "Democratic Party", Kunstler now loves RINOS this makes sense as today only Mike Johnson & Trump are calling for 100% murder of Arab's in MENA

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Does everybody recall the Batman movie from 2004?? Well there is a scene where Bruce Wayne tells the DA that he'll throw him a party and that his friends will dump so much money on him he'll never have go ask for election funds in his life;


DITTO we have the TRUMP & HRC story

When POTUS bill ( I didn't have sex with that nubile intern slut in my US-GOV office ), when he left wash-dc him and HRC went to New York

Now Chelsea & Ivanka had been friends forever, in fact such friends that both they and their new mafiosa hubbys also went to the WEF Young Leaders summer-camp at Davos many times for weeks, together;

So any ways "My Friends" when HRC came to NYC she came to Trump and asked him to throw a party so she could be NY US Senator, Trump threw the party with his democrat friends and the rest is history

Sadly for Trump, HRC stabbed in the back early on leading him to run for POTUS himself

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Chelsea Clintons "Father in law"


Marc Mezvinsky (born December 10, 1977) is an American investor and partner at TPG. He has served previously as vice chairman at Social Capital. He is the husband of Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Read the KUNSTLER 'How Jews in America, Destroyed America & Why" people, he does an excellent history of how&why USA was destroyed, but the conclusion is that TRUMP must rule the world going forward Which clearly shows that just like Sean Penn, or Neil Young that all our Heroes on the LEFT are bought & PAID ZOG ZIONIST ASSHOLES FROM HELL


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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

RINOS like Chris Christie now need to drop out and endorse Trump. Christie is unfit to clean rest rooms. The new version of Old Glory that incorporates the Israeli flag into the new design, and which some say is better than the original and should permanently replace it, has won the hearts of many Americans including Christie. By proudly displaying the new flag behind him while speaking publicly Christie has won some new supporters. But Christie's display of loyalty to the new flag must be considered suspect. When one of Christie's powerful Democrat buddies, a long time close friend of Christie, was ejected from Lincoln Financial Field for hanging the new version of Old Glory, Christie did nothing to defend him.

Ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is heckled by hostile Eagles fans in Philadelphia over his support for the Cowboys before 'remaining silent as his friend is ejected from their box for hanging a US-Israeli flag'

Chris Christie heckled by Eagles fans over his support for the Cowboys before 'staying silent as hi… https://mol.im/a/12715759 

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... and da vax saved 100,000,000 lives! Right.

Repubbies can't see med freedom because they profit from pharma. When will Trump wake up?

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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

He's awake. 75% of Republicans have had the shots if I recall correctly. Most are, at this stage, still alive. Trump needs their support in the primaries. He is not going to get that support by telling them that they're a spike protein factory and that the the clot shot they took is a slab jab.

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TRUMP also said that he could kill children in Central-Park and NEVER lose one of his base

Trump knows his GOYIM better than they know how to flush their own toilet in the dark

Trump is the GODFATHER of the clot-shot and that hasn't stuck so it will never STICK

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There are many people who "profit" from Big Pharma, and that is through their ownership of the stocks. Probably more stupid Dems, since R's saw they needed to sell their stock before it tanked, which is what is happening to Pfizer.

More Dems in Congress have profited from insider information, and making policies that forced the government to reimburse the evil Pharma companies and subsidize them with taxpayer money, and I hope they lose everything.

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