A friend of mine had cancer that was in remission, she got the jabs and the cancer came back big time this time it went into her brain and killed her. Did the jobs do it? I don’t know I can’t prove they did but I’m sure suspicious plus I have a jammed brother-in-law, who is healthy and had a stroke, my dentist went into anaphylactic shock immediately and almost died. One friend of mine said all her friends are dying. She’s always going to funerals did the jabs cause all this I don’t know, but it sure is suspicious the people that invented these jobs or geniuses, they made an instrument of death That kills people in so many ways. It’s difficult to pin it on them. It’s interesting that humans are afraid of weapons that shoot through the air but they have no historic or cultural or genetic means of being afraid of injections so they line up for the kill shot.

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The vaccine* manufacturers had to have known that cancer, along with a slew of autoimmune issues were likely. They were during animal trials.

mRNA tech has been around for around for more than two decades. Yet all of the testing done during those years always resulted in failure.

Before Wikipedia scrubbed their website, and the Wayback Machine scrubbed theirs, the details and intrinsic issues with mRNA tech were listed. They were not issues that could be "fixed" in a few months right before a new illness pops up. The problems were with the way the animals reacted to the injections.

Many different companies have spent billions of dollars attempting to perfect mRNA tech, and abandoned it. Their testing never progressed past animal trials.

That is, until COVID. Then all of a sudden, they magically fixed it?

I can tell you they didn't. That's why Pfizer worked so hard to keep the human trial data from being released, because it proves that the vaccines are dangerous.

There's no way that after more than 20 years of research, they didn't know that all of these autoimmune issues would present themselves -- when they were known to present themselves in animal trials.

I wish I would have screen captured the Wikipedia page before they wiped it. That was before I knew that the vaccine rollout was a depopulation effort.

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Nanotech toxicity causes this.

ANTIOXICANTS are the key to survival and improvement.


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I absolutely hate what these monsters are doing to humanity!! I am looking forward to the day when these psycho's get a taste of their own medicine!!😣😣

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😓God bless him and all these victims! 🤍🙏 We were prevented from saving them and they’re getting away with murder and the vaccinated world is too scared to look and to afraid to help... so our majority of takers become their quiet and silent defence!

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Why aren’t we organizing MASSIVE PROTESTS IN THE STREETS

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We never hear anything about these effects anymore. Suddenly & Unexpectedly is the order of the day. People are just dying younger purports the Commie media to now include FOX.

We are so screwed unless Trump wins. It’s good by Miss American Pie . The levee will be dry.

Big Pharma, big media & the medical industrial complex will bury us unless People wake up!

They are too distracted to pay attention!

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ACS Amercian Cancer Society was created in 1913 by Rockefeller to study and 'gain of function' on cancer

Look today, COVID & mRNA was all Rockefeller Foundation funded ( bill gates & all )

So to think that mRNA ( a mil bio-weapon ) that is ran by the same people who have been controlling the cancer research for +100 years, to think that next gen mRNA is not meant to cause massive profit making CANCER for BIG-PHARMA is well stupid

By 1920's Rockefeller begat what today we called 'modern medicine' back post 1915 they called it "Oil Based Medicine" before 1915 90% of all USA used holistic medicine, ROCKEFELLER got holistics banned in all states and made mary-jane&opium illegal to grow and created the AMA/big-pharma monopoly, Even AMA which began in 1800's as a barber's bleeding guild, in 1920's was taken over by Rockefeller to become a gateway to becoming a doctor in the USA.

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How Many kids are affected? I want to know.

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I’m gonna change the name to “warp speed cancer”

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Let me guess. Nobody can explain it. Nobody knows what may be causing it. But, all those 'nobodies' are absolutely certain it isn't caused by the Covid 'vaccines'.

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The Florida legislative session is coming to a close and health freedom warriors were LIED to by Gov. DeSantis.

The governor promised he'd support SB222, an all-encompassing, broad, and robust health freedom bill that would be model legislation for other states.

Instead, we were informed by a staffer of Colleen Burton that DeSantis is actually supporting SB252, a fake, watered down, narrow, and almost moot medical freedom bill pertaining ONLY to Covid-19 and that leaves the door wide open for other incursions on our rights in a future pandemic.

Friend of the show, Nick Caturano, wanted to sound the alarm bell about this so he asked me if we could make a little video to see if we can make a last minute impact before SB252 gets signed into law.

While Nick has publicly stood by and spoken at some of Gov. DeSantis's press conferences, he felt the need to write him an open letter expressing his disappointment over the governor's purported support of fake med freedom bill SB252.

If the governor does indeed support this bill, it will be a slap in the face to all the medical freedom warriors who supported him in his recent election.

Find out more about the bills here:

Compare the two bills: https://civilrightsflorida.com

Read about SB252: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2023/252/

Read about SB222: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2023/222/

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University of Georgia student died after a brain bleed while on spring break and then a catastrophic stage 4 cancer killed her. The Daily Mail has the story. People like myself carefully told people what was happening only for DM to censor many comments telling the truth.

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With all due respect- it’s too late for studies. There is no more time. It’s just too late.

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This happened to both my parents... my father 3rd jab January 2022 dead May 2022... after surgery to remove white strands from his intestines...my mother 3rd jab Jan 2022 pulmonary embolism July 2022 then whilst in a care home got a 4th jab feb 2023 ... dead two weeks later ... covered in massive bruises around her torso and neck...safe and effective means safe from prosecution and effective at reducing the worlds population.

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