A friend of mine's wife went from cough to dead late last year from lung cancer in 3.5 weeks. No history.

I can't say it was the jab of course but I've now lost 11 friends and acquaintances in the last 2 years in very unusual circumstances eg fine on Thursday evening , found dead Friday morning.

Two 50 year old careers for my father both died of brain haemorrhage within days of the 1st jab. Coroner refused inquests on both and that was my first real personal evidence that something was mighty wrong.

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My boosted mom needs a cat scan for lungs & she’s a snowbird, she doesn’t understand my sense of urgency that she follows up before she goes up north.

( her name is Linda if anyone is inclined to say a prayer for her. She believes in God but won’t acknowledge Jesus. )

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I am sorry to hear this, Rosalind.

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This is tragic, I’m so sorry🙏🏻💔

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How can an inquest be refused?

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I don’t know but when two healthy people 50 year olds die unexpectedly and about the same time and in the same locality I agree it not normal nor right.

The families at the time did not link the deaths to the jabs but I suggest it might well be a batch issue.

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God bless every doctor who is actually being honest about the deadly Covid injections.

God bless every whistleblower in every field they work & in every country, who are risking their careers to bring forth the truth & hopefully find treatments & early detection for the evil atrocities the “elites” & Big Pharma has caused so many.

Many who pushed the Covid “Depopulation” Injections should be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity!

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My girlfriend's husband took the Pfizer shot in April and June 2021. He was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer in Nov. 2021. He just died April 2023.

On a side note -

My girlfriend who has taken multiple mRNA covid shots is in the hospital right now (again) FOURTH time for pneumonia.

Another girlfriend took the mRNA shot and died 12/5/2022 of an upper respiratory illness of "unknown" origin. She literally fell off the toilet and died suddenly.

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This is real…it is happening worldwide…

The human body has a cancer sentry and two main pathways to stop cancers growing at the rate they are now.

It stands to basic reason that if you switch off the cancer sentries toll like receptors 7 and 8 …if you repeatedly inject boosters into yourself you end up with more igG4 which disables igG1 which then stops programmed cell death and apoptosis of any suspect cell.

Cancers love two main sources of fuel….glucose and glutamate.

Cancers hate oxygen , Astaxanthin and tocotrienols.

The owner of Valasta. (Www.rawlife.com) is a biochemical scientist who had stage 4 cancer…so he created Astaxanthin bound to a glucose molecule….you take daily…the greedy cancer sees the glucose and chomps it into the cell ravaged by big C….at the same time the Trojan horse Carrie’s Astaxanthin in too…the cell with cancer dies….all good cells remain healthy….I know what I would do faced with no other options!

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Jun 12, 2023·edited Jun 12, 2023

Seen it up close and personal.

1. Relative with leukemia in remission, disease exploded after booster.

2. Friend's father 10 year cure of leukemia, it came roaring back after booster with death in days.

3. Friend with stage 4 pancreatic Ca, 6 weeks after booster.

4. Non-smoker with stage 4 lung cancer after booster.

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A friend, recovered from colon cancer before covid 2019, got both vaccines in sept/october 2022 and pretty sure a booster in Jan/23. In OR by march/23 for tumors in liver and just finished chemo and see's doctor on Thursday, they are seeing something on scan. This woman is a champion in so many ways and loves deeply. I don't know her well but God needs her. I did mention I don't like those vaccines at all before she was going to get it and she said she's a cancer survivor and doctor wants her to get it. I just didn't know her well enough to say more. She's a minister and has said that conspiracy theories are out there. Why do I have discernment and she doesn't? I have survivor guilt some days.

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What's worse is I'm only 1 of 5% who said no to jab and any test in Canada. I'm 62 and so disappointed so few held their ground. Trudeau has to go.

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It’s been a tough few years standing strong against the pressure coming from every direction. It has become a bit easier now that the devastating truth can no longer be suppressed because it is so very bad.

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Just found out last week that my sister in law (55 years old) has thyroid cancer. This is basically that famous lymphoma that you can get after you take the covid shots. She is triple vaccinated. I tried very hard to warn them, but they told me I'm a conspiracy theorists. Do you know what they said to me? These covid vaccines have been given to 6 billions of people. If they are so dangerous like you say, everyone who took them would be dead by now. They don't have a clue how these things work! They are totally clueless. But they stubbornly refused to hear me out and read anything I have sent them. And now they are paying the price.

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I feel you. It's like living in a bloody horror film. I kinda knew who would hear and who wouldn't. The main stream media sure did a number on the masses. I'm 62 and sick with Lupus, I don't have cable, but just had a gut feeling about this and having auto-immune disease just didn't make alot of sense. I just listened to a report from Geert and we are about to see a Tsunami of deaths soon. I pray we can manage through Jesus.

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These are deliberate time bombs... each batch has a different timeframe.. people are walking around thinking everything is all right... be proactive NOT reactive... in other words start taking supplements that restart your immune systems and remove the very thing biding it’s time to strike... STOP any further boosters... rebuild igG1 (bovine colostrum) take serrapeptase or nattokinase for at least 6 months after your last vaccination... start taking astaxanthin... and Tocotrienols... fisetin and pomegranate these act as autophagy and mitophagy agents ... you need to remove dead and defunct cells and mitochondria.. this should remove most of the damage caused by these idiot scientists.

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I understand & it’s very frustrating. They have blind faith in the jabs. They discredit anything not in the headlines.

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Jun 12, 2023·edited Jun 13, 2023

Who’s going to admit they made a terrible permanent health-altering decision? Particularly if they aren’t feeling any side effects. The headlines are full of experts validating the “vaccines.” Then there’s us telling them they’re being misled. Who do ya think they’re gonna believe? There’s a fatalistic angle too. Even if we’re right there’s little they can do about it anyway. As such they’d prefer not to hear any wild theories.

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True, & still pushing it on the tell lie vision. And msm.

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Shocking. So young, so quick and so deadly. I wonder why none of this was seen during the original fake mRNA trials? Or, was it hidden? Or, as someone has suggested, the trials used a different substance that was switched when the injections went into the market.

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Batch variation. Either deliberate or piss poor QA/QC.


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Right. I live in NE OH and while myself and family are unvaxxed most people we know took at least one shot and so far have not displayed any negative effects. My wife’s boss has taken three shots and seems fine. Personally I think the batches varied. Maybe on purpose or via sloppy QC. I also think like with any drug therapy some unfortunate souls experienced side effects while others did not. There are many possibilities the manufacturers can hide behind. The bottom line as far as I’m concerned boils down to informed consent. Weighing the risks, benefits, and alternatives. The shots weren’t worth the risk as near as I could tell.

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Give it a bit more time. Unless fabulously lucky to get saline, the people who took them are seriously damaged. Must be.

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Jun 12, 2023·edited Jun 12, 2023

I’m not entirely convinced that’s true of everyone. My elderly in-laws, elderly neighbors as well as a plethora of middle aged people we know have not experienced anything odd and for most of them it’s pretty much been three years. Eventuality the old folks will die of something. Probability is either heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer’s. Personally I have not witnessed anything that can be definitively attributable to the shots. But that doesn’t mean nobody else has, or that I trust big pharma at all.

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I hope you are right; however, it is extremely difficult to kill a human without using murder weapons (knife, gun, poison etc). The fact that these things are killing young, healthy, people in a wide variety of ways is extremely troubling. Even normal vaccines, ie not gene-therapies, can cause severe disease and/or death decades afterwards. In one case it was the offspring who tended to get cancer at around age 40. Am just saying that three years is not very long as far as side effects go.

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Jun 12, 2023·edited Jun 12, 2023

If the goal is to wake people up and ensure dispensing with Nuremberg, Informed Consent, and VAERS never happen again, I think it’s a mistake to point fingers and tell people, any day now you’ll pay with your health for your hasty decision!

First, it is a bad idea because nobody likes feeling judged. So they’ll be instantly defensive.

Second, since they feel fine they’re going to dismiss you as possibly wishing them harm.

To those that took the shot(s) and still feel ok all this focus on health effects can too easily be written off as irrelevant.

Here’s a list I wrote a while ago of all the things they got away with EXCLUDING damaging people with so-called “vaccines.”

Most of this is a lot more obvious thus more difficult to argue than predicting a future systemic health menace.

Evildoers learned they could get away with many things from the Plandemic. They saw…

- They could get most of the world to bow to their will over a well-played phantom menace.

- They could dispense with the Nuremberg Codes overnight.

- They could use protocols to oust political leaders they didn’t like.

- They could eliminate Informed Consent.

- They could inflict biological experimentation onto 5.5 billion people.

- They could get most everyone to disregard the long-standing VAERS (Vaccine Event Reporting System) safety data.

- They could collect billions of DNA samples via PCR testing.

- They could convince young and healthy people to believe they were in mortal danger when they weren’t.

- They could redistribute wealth to their distinct advantage.

- They could show people who fancy themselves as sovereign who’s really sovereign.

- They could reinvent the medical landscape to fit a No-Rights Transhumanist agenda and make it sound virtuous or, at least, inescapable.

- They could use a manufactured pandemic to accelerate the WEF’s Agenda 2030.

- They could sucker otherwise learned, intelligent people to walk in lockstep to a bunch of illogical lunacy.

- They could use the political divide to their advantage.

- They could monetize hospitals into killing patients by denying proper care and blaming it on covid.

- They could make everyone believe there is actually such a thing as a non-essential worker.

- They could make contact tracing, passports, and vaccine compliance cards sound perfectly reasonable.

- They could lord over the medical and scientific community over an unsequenced, unconfirmed, unproven to exist virus.

- They could confuse and destabilize critics with a barrage of hypocrisy and lies that you know, move at the speed of science.

- They could fool most into believing masking and distancing worked so well it eradicated influenza.

- They could use a fake emergency to do anything they want, anytime they want, to anyone they want.

- They could get people so frightened and confused they’d horde toilet paper.

- They could disrupt supply chains that led to empty shelves contributing to their delightfully successful fear mongering.

- They could make it so they didn’t have to follow their own draconian protocols at all but you’d lose your job, education, or military service if you didn’t.

- They could get people to believe their killer fantasy virus could be rendered harmless by plexiglas, at restaurant tables or, by protesting.

- They could make elbow bumping great again.

- And, the greatest evidence that their brainwashing was 99% effective…..

…..Music masks. Masks with a hole.

Seriously. In any other circumstance you couldn’t make this level of stupidity up and expect anyone to believe it.

Bravo to the hypnotists.

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I understand not seeing many, but it's been set up in such a way that a person's immune system is getting damaged as time goes on. When one is presented with a virus, pneumonia, bacteria your immune system is not going to put up the fight. I followed Alberta's hospitalisation week by week when it showed vax/unvax. When Omicron hit (most had 2 shots) in Dec 22 although very weak virus hospitalizations spiked. Dramatically. When they got their 3rd 50% of those in hosp. were these folks then 2 and 1. Unvaxxed 10%. When a real virus hits next, people will drop ;(

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My point is, while waiting for that to happen there are plenty of other points of clarity that can and should be brought to the forefront but aren’t. The specter of the grim reaper isn’t worrying most of the vaccinated. That angle simply isn’t working. While waiting years for the other shoe to drop we should focus on the lies, contradictions, heavy handedness, and wrong headed pathways we were all led down.

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May I ask your general location?

I know many people in Florida who illness or death seems to correlate. Many friends and family in upstate New York ( j&j) seem fine so far.

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NE Ohio

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From what I’ve personally witnessed it seems that some “lot numbers” of the Covid depopulation injections were a lot more deadly than others.

Of course nobody was collecting & testing different lot numbers of the Covid injections so it cannot be proven but I have a lot of family & friends that live all over America, in Red & Blue states & strangely there seems to be a lot more deaths & injuries of those who took the Covid injections in Red states.

This is just my own observation, as well as other people I know.

Sure wish more autopsies were done early & testing of the Covid injections from the beginning!

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VA still pushing covid shots on veterans.

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THIS JUST IN: Breaking News.

A fully jabbed friend is currently en route to Halifax, for a "bucket list" type reunion with his fully vaxxed dying friend who was recently diagnosed with a Stage 4 turbo cancer...

They're going to a lobster festival!! (Woo hoo!)

The dying man's fully jabbed wife recently passed as well. From a turbo cancer.

She'd just inherited 20 million Canadian dollars... so I guess 'money is no object' now because, as my friend pointed out, "he can't take it with him".

Canadian People be dumb as a sack full of hammers. By and large.

PS: Dr. Makis is behind a Substack paywall nowadays. I unsubbed. (Didn't inherit 20 million. After losing my business and income...)

Thanks for reporting Paul...

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I am very disappointed. I see some podcasts of him with other people on Rumble.

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Give the devil his due.

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BRCA1 impairment, along with others.

Grab a stiff drink.

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein, Binding Affinities to Associated Markers & Cancer Pathways


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Commonality? All got the Covid "Vaccines".....

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I think the same can be said of you, Dr. Alexander.

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Did Dr. Alexander push the toxxine?

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Know of two people who have had terminal "turbo cancers" 😔

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Not a Doctor here, but are these sudden "turbo" cancers or sudden chemo and surgery deaths? Combination of both?

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I have one friend who is doing ok after extensive chemo and radiation for “ the strangest bladder tumor his dr ever saw”. He took the jabs to travel & had to cancel trip for treatment.

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