It’s a big club and we ain’t in it.

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This should tell us everything we need to know, they knew and they're corrupt beyond words.

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Well said. And yet, who is more corrupt?

Those who do the wrongdoing or those who endeavor to keep them in power?

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I have heard it said: "One cannot be a modern Democrat without pretending to not know certain things."

The RINOs are even worse. Listen to the sound of crickets from the GOPe.

They are lower than an infecting fungus on the rotting foot of a diabetic.

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It’s has been said by Dr David Martin that the the US government owns 50% of Moderna. He clears the patents for these drugs internationally so this is a fact. It is racketeering to force the population to take a drug and benefit from it. A drug that NZ is now claiming through their funeral directors is 95% of all deaths happening now are coincidentally 2 weeks after vaccination.

So riddle me this? Why are people shocked that the Congress is moving their money around? Shocked that Aquitis ( spelt) is owned by the Pierre Elliot Foundation and owns 40% of the development of the lipid nano invention. Justin has order last year 410 million vaccines for 38 million of us in Canada. I believe around 6 billion vaccines have been given out world wide. I guess all of this is censored from the public. Better look up Dr David Martin as the patents and EO ‘S are all public knowledge. Someone is making a lot of money.

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So what else is new? Who is going to do anything about it.? The same ones that benefit from it? When hell freezes over.

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I remember in January 2020 telling my husband something is up 200+ CEOs just cashed out and retired. Probably making way for the ones that would play along. Never dreamed it would be this bad

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It is not illegal for our political caste to make a profit from insider trading...

Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading

because she did a tiny fraction of what

her friends in congress

the senate

the west wing

the capital


and and the dozens of hundred illustrious others in the u.s. caste

do to u.s.

every single day...

None of Those precious pervs nor their kids are ever subjected to the laws, rules, regulations, taxes, etc they ensure they use to screw all of u.s. & the media brainwashes the masses to believe endless lies that guarantee u.s.citizens never realize all of the lies

#1 biggest Lie- “we are still the USA & we are free”

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Don’t forget the hundreds in Congress who were treated with ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin while the rest of Americans were denied any interventions for Covid besides Remdesivir and vents if in the hospital. Truly disgusting and horrifying.

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Oct 26, 2022·edited Oct 26, 2022

There are racketeering laws. There are institutional relationships that are RICO vulnerable.

When politics is conducted as an ongoing criminal enterprise, the machines of politics (corporate embodiments of political parties and sycophantic corporate embodiments and networks) do not enjoy the immunity of congress. Those in office have some liability for private actions. How they privately participate in private corporate collusions may present novel opportunities for prosecution.

Rarely does qualified immunity extend to indemnify private participation in a willful criminal enterprise.

Point being, the will to prosecute is the issue. The abuse of selective prosecution evidences the failure of equal protection under the law.

There is nothing more offensive or perniciously threatening than to live in a state where the abuses of selective prosecution and the unconscionable extension of qualified immunity have become normalized.

THIS is taxation without representation; our most essential principles of law and justice betrayed.

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Insiders are always insider traders.

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There is no accountability for insider trading by these corrupt politicians!! They pass bills to make money for themselves and steal taxpayer funds for their pet projects and other corrupt dealings. Just like all the money stolen for Ukraine! It has nothing to do with the Ukrainian people, but funneling money for the corrupt politicians like Obiden, Obama, Pelosi and the rest of these thugs!

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DC isn’t a swamp. It’s much more like a septic tank!

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If the US does provoke Putin to use nukes, The Swamp would be incinerated, not drained. Close enough.

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Did you expect them to sit back and not take advantage of the greatest scam of the last 10,000 years? After all, what better things do these useless people have to do with their time and our money (paying their salaries)?

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