This LNP risk was one of my many warnings against the COVID vaccines over 2 years ago, before many people had even gotten a first dose. https://www.primarydoctor.org/covidvaccine

But simultaneous social media censorship muffled voices such as ours, so too few were warned before receiving that poison.

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Why was this info ignored? Because "depopulation" was the frickin plan all along. There are demonic monsters, genocidal psychopaths, inside and outside government, whose goal is to depopulate, aka genocide, the planet. I'm developing the opinion that we may want to cull the world of these psychopaths before they succeed in culling us.

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The lipid nanoparticles are industrial solvents(I.e. poisons) made in China by Fosun Pharmaceuticals (from Naomi Wolf’s investigative team). The lipid NP penetrates the blood brain barrier and all organ systems

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Why did the scientists who created nano particles allow for their discovery to be used for unsafe products?

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Of course, infertility is a problem in America and now it's going to be even worse for anyone who took the jabs. As far as I'm concerned, young people had best be asking potential partners if they've taken the injections, because if they have, their chances of reproducing normal children are slim to none. This was, as the rest of this evil poison, purposeful. The depopulation cabal fooled everyone with their fear porn over a virus that 98.8% survive. Americans have become fools, and ultimately slaves.

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You eventually get accustomed to the severely brutal reality that government is out to cancel you. Our expulsion from Ottawa by thugs was one thing;this is an entirely new level of betrayal.

It’s like “WTF did I do to them but raise 2 kids and pay high taxes?”

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The “why” is because they don’t care what harm they do. Your question is rhetorical because you know this. Hundreds of thousands perished in US hospitals facilitated by the useless but toxic drug remdesivir ... patients under torture by intubation, starvation and dehydration. The “Standard of ‘CARE’.” Does Fauci care about that or did he brazenly talk about it on TV as if remdesivir was tested and approved for safety? The DOJ and FDA are supposed to investigate and STOP illegal and unethical deployment of bad products and bad practices. But they were long since BOUGHT and compromised. Whatever struggle ensued, it was over as of the usurpation. Financial and political interests prevailed. Canada gets a royalty for every shot. Does Justin Trudeau care if folks accumulate LNPs in their reproductive organs? Were there not INTERNATIONAL financial conflicts that suppressed early treatments? Did Netanyahu care how many Israeli citizens would be killed and injured by the Pfizer shots? And did the US finance it?

This is the consequence of Constitutional collapse. The breach of separation of powers leaves only litigation ... the slow and expensive legal hurdle ... as the recourse for citizens who are perfectly aware of the problems. Litigation, then, requires training of attorneys who at the outset did not have the understanding to argue these cases and judges who needed to be educated during proceedings. We’ve come long way since the earlier episodes of serial denial of exemptions because the judges were so afraid of the fake “public emergency.”

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Holy sh##... and another WTF?? Unbelievable that this was deployed, they HAD to know this was the case... Safe and effective... Forget the safe part... Effective if you want to harm people... This should be headline news... But won't be ... Everything from the mRNA, the nanoparticles, the damn spike itself, other dubious ingredients it's definitely NOT a vaccine... It's a genetic biochemical nano weapon... Bioweapon is almost underselling the multiple components of this poison.

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How ANY person was allowed to be injected with deadly mRNA poisons is a testament to the level of corruption the world has fallen. That governments were allowed to forcefully murder its citizens speaks of a massive operation designed to eliminate humanity. There is someone or a few someones, as of yet undiscovered, at the very bottom of the many layers of this outright medical terrorism. Those are the very people who need to be put to death...no questions asked.

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Hi there Paul,

I have two questions:

1. Has nanoparticle technology ever been employed before as a medical treatment delivery mechanism?

2. What, if anything, does the alleged overlord of mRNA, Malone, say about nanoparticle technology?

Have a nice Monday.


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Very Important question & info!!!

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...crowd control.....

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You ask 'why did CDC, FDA, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, Njoo, Tam & medical doctors

disregard this?' Because they didn't give a damn IMO.

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Astrid Stuckelberger…get to know her here…

Astrid Stuckelberger.com and here…


Dr Jane Ruby interviewed her recently about Ryan Cole’s gross, unprofessional behavior at the Jan. 2023 Stockholm conference

WHO’s plan for ALL humanity…

1. Create FEAR with ‘deadly’ virus anxiety

2. Total control using nanotechnology

What more details do you need to know to get in high gear to save our country?

NONE because…

1. The media and government are still lying for Big Pharma.

2. Vaccines were created by DOD which is only in the business of killing people and blowing people up….NOT health!

3. The entire DOD list of ingredients of their poisonous shot for ALL lots are NOT known and…will NOT be known until Americans learn what needs to be done to TAKE AMERICAN BACK!


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We are systematically and intentionally being phased out. Now Biden wants to vax all chickens in America with mRNA shedding crap. Article in Gateway Pundit

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