I feel complete and utter confusion every day how the vast majority of humans have so clearly been conned and am baffled how there could still be anyone with any brain activity whatsoever unaware so much that they can honestly feel justified in defending the responsible parties for what is rapidly becoming a communist, socialist, fascist, you name it, hellish existence that most are very unfamiliar with but are about to find out just how undesirable of a “life” it will likely too soon become. How can any of this nightmare not be just that...a nightmare straight from hell?

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I think Dr. David Martin has a lot of answers as to who, how, & when.

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"Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey", book by Dr. Peter Breggin. THE authoritative story of The Covid Crime Against Humanity. It will be remembered in history as the Bible of the possible downfall of humanity. Close to 700 pages, 1,100 or so references and citations. Names names, dates, patent numbers for the virus production and enhancement techniques. He's now working on the follow-up to the Globalist Criminal Cartel's plans to eradicate and sterilize, lobotimize and enslave humanity. That is, when he isn't wasting his precious time preparing for the BS lawsuit for "defamation" brought against him for $ 25,300,000 by Dr. Robert Malone, the trojan bully who has a history of intimidation and silencing people with whom he disagrees with by naming them as libelists and slanderers.

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The facts:

There was a "mysterious" respiratory outbreak at the Greenspring retirement community in June/July 2019. Symptoms were described as fever, cough and pneumonia, but the CDC, despite testing multiple samples, could not determine a common pathogen. In August 2019, the CDC closed the biolab at Ft Detrick due to safety concerns. Greenspring is approx 80 miles from Ft Detrick. In October 2019, at least one athlete stationed at Ft Maede went off to the Wuhan Military Games were everyone got sick. Ft Detrick, Greenspring and Ft Maede make a very nice triangle on the map.

The conspiracy theory:

They knew that The Virus leaked from Ft Detrick in the spring of 2019 and couldn't be stopped anymore. To obfuscate the origin of The Virus, they introduced it to Wuhan so it could spread from there. Of course they also knew that no one would believe the wet market story, but they very conveniently shifted the blame to the nearby WIV because it is just too obvious.

Of course they would never do that. Like they would never blow up a pipeline. The Russians blew up their own pipeline and The Virus came from bat soup. Cheers.

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My understanding is that the biological war is only a small part of the scheme of things, a battle. I believe it is a silent war with silent weapons and the enemy is not China, Russia or America but a more insidious entity pitting one nation against another to exhaust resources and weaken nations to the point that they will welcome this entity known by some as the Cabal. Absolute power and control are their desired goals.

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Let's assume there were no accidents in the Covid-19 scam. Therefore:

Cohort 1 wanted to gain money and political power by pushing the Covid-19 lockdowns and the vaxxes, neither of which was justified. This same Cohort, the far-left totalitarians, have promoted the false Global Warming and Green Energy scams for decades.

Cohort 2 wanted to cull humanity to reduce global population - the death toll from the toxic vaxxes is ~13 million to end2022, growing to more than 19 million by end2023. The Covid-19 vaxxes have also greatly reduced human fertility, as pregnancies have declined alarmingly and miscarriages have increased sharply since the toxic vaxxes were introduced.

There are some individuals or groups who belong to both Cohort 1 and Cohort 2.


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Ukraine mass murdered it’s own citizens and blamed Russian soldiers. Why wouldn’t our government attack us and blame China? They’ve been attacking us for the past 3 years but too many of us are blind to the truth or denying it all together.

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I agree 100% we are at WAR!! With our own government! Absolute power corrupts absolutely!! Tyranny at its best.

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Wuhan was the “accepted” cover story as “Covid”’s origin. Initial spread pattern in China not consistent with a lab leak.

UNC Chapel documents reveal discussion of a “Covid” m-RNA vaccine ready for trials on 12/12/19. So they had already been corroborating with dirty big pharma for some time by then. Ralph Baric tinkering with viruses there since at least 2015.

Most public “Covid” just flu/cold picked up by PCR test. Instant Pandemic just add PCR test. All

Flu moves into Covid category during PCR test reign.

Stored blood samples show Sars-Cov2 was around since July, 2019. Same month Trump called Ukraine & asked Z to investigate Joe’s corruption (Metabiota). Trump held aid to Ukraine for mos until Congress made him release it. He got impeached twice trying to expose this Ukraine corruption.

I think it was released out of Hunter & Joe’s lab in Ukraine.

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I have not heard the word sabotage being used in the events that are transpiring. Ohio train wreck food processing plants, burning, chicken, farms, burning. Gasoline pipeline, shutting down, electric substation being destroyed. Are the saboteurs coming in over the Mexican American border? Are we asleep? Is Putin retaliating for being suckered into invading Ukraine to protect the Russians living there? What is the reality?

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This is written into the CIA/FBI files as modem operandi.

Written there by the Cabal, Deep State, Shadow Govt. Meant to overthrow USA as the last bastion, and once that is successful, world domination ensues ruled by the New World Order.

The virus was released as the Problem, people stupidly begged for the jab, which is their solution they wanted everyone to take to significantly reduce the slave population they would manage in the end.

Follow the money.

Vanguard, Blackrock...owns everything.

Rockefeller, Rothschilds, JC Morgan Chase.

The bankers own everything, they control everything, this is all a movie we are watching, every story has a purpose to steer us in a direction they want us to be looking at...whilst they are subverting our very freedom in the other direction. By the time we realize, the damage has been done.

The Cabal owns the media. They are the source of the brainwashing of the populace, with all their nonstop repetitive bullshit, that the sheep lap up as if it is true.

They want us;


DIVIDED (we fight each other and easier to dominate/control)

stressed (thus sick, as the immune system shuts down when in fight/flight mode)

What we need are Nuremberg 2.0 trials and hangings in the public square.

Because it is the same origin that never truly lost WW2 that we are fighting against....still.

Project Paperclip.

infiltrated the CIA and all top levels of govt.

This is the FOURTH REICH...their ultimate goal.

WEF, WHO, UN, Red Cross are all involved.

Human Trafficking and pedophilia is rampant, their biggest secret.

That is how the ultra rich entertain themselves, when money can buy everything else and money becomes meaningless to them. We are just peasants...serfs...to them. They treat us like stupid sheep, and unfortunately, the masses often respond like stupid sheep and just do what the media tells them.

Look back, far back into history and you will see that money corrupts...money IS power and control. The fractional reserve money and fraudulent USERY (interest) system IS the control mechanism, always has been, since Christmas Eve 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was slipped in with only 12 Senators by Rockefeller.

Rockefeller created the medical schools...to eliminate herbal medicines that actually work, in favour of using his petro products to 'treat' rather than resolve and derive profit under the guise of healthcare. He controlled the curriculum because he built and funded the schools. ONLY pharma treatments are allowed to be used. Nutrition is not taught. Prevention is not taught.

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All I know for sure is that my wife and I suffered through the worst bout of flu-like symptoms in December of 2019 that had to be from SARS-CoV-2. Had to sleep on my stomach with my head hanging over the edge of the bed for three days. Unbelievable.

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I hope there are more people awake than I think there are...

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Will Jones of The Daily Sceptic asked me to summarize all of my “early spread” evidence in one document, creating categories for “cases,” likely dates of infection, “sources” for these claims and include my estimate of how convincing this evidence is (strong, moderate, weak, etc). He also asked me to include “notes” on these cases.

It’s my “notes” that made this document quite long (5,450 words!) so this is definitely only for readers or researchers with a great interest in this topic. Still, Will’s suggested project was a good one as I have now produced a document that provides all of this data in one place and maybe some researchers or journalists with more resources or talent than myself will stumble upon this document in the future.

A few highlights:

The document identifies at least 130 Americans from 16 states who had antibody evidence of infection in 2019. Given that we don’t know the unknown people who infected these people, one could double this number.

Per my research, there have been “antibody-positive” early cases reported in at least five countries.

I point out that the real number of likely “early cases” is unknown as officials have not released information on the number of “early cases” these agencies received via antibody results reported to their agencies by clinics performing such tests.

I argue that results of published antibody test likely undercount the number of prior infections.

In my summary, I include the likely early case of John Perry, a man who became infected in North Carolina in early January 2020. Mr. Perry’s likely case is significant because he reports that he was contacted by public health officials from South Carolina and North Carolina, who asked him questions about details of his case. Mr. Perry anecdote strongly suggest that at least some public health agencies WERE investigating early cases, which they have never reported to the public. I find it hard to believe the CDC was not aware of his case and others.

I appreciate anyone who might pass along the link to this article to officials or journalists who might be interested in this topic.


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Humanity is currently an endangered species,we need to keep our eyes, instincts and intellects on the predators. God gave us a brain and mind set us use those tools and continue to love one another. We need to pray for the enemies they need to be converted and repent as does all of humanity. God's love to all.

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There are many that feel that this country/ world cannot support the number of people living here. We are using up all the vital resources and food supply, a lot of these are environmentalists and "elites and deep staters". So, I know that the University of North Carolina started this virus production and when it became gain of function it moved to China! This is known as a fact, Dr. Drazek and his Chinese partner moved to Wuhan, so when China states that the United States introduced this virus, they are almost correct. There are many biolabs that are located all over the world, most of them belong to the US. The United States denied this, but it is the truth, this administration has done nothing but LIED to us. The Democrats, namely Obama is responsible for these labs. I am sure that biden and his sick family have built and created more, namely by his compound in the Ukraine. That lab and compound and their tunnels were destroyed, and 35,000 children were rescued from there by Putin. Why is Ukraine so important to biden, it is all about money laundering and child and sex trafficking for both the democrats and some republicans! We really need to get out of the UKRAINE!

there are many BIOLABS

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