TY for your warning, and we can only wish and pray that your warning will be heard and the vaccines are being stopped immediately, but instead some countries , like Germany, are even doubling down and are planning a MADATORY vaccination for all adults! Crimes against humanity.

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"All this to say vaccines must stop and now!" What happens to those already "vaccinated" if they stop Cold Turkey? Does their negative efficiency keep going south? If so, they would be extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, and maybe many other diseases that a healthy immune system keeps under control. Does their negative efficiency eventually turn around? What proof of that do you have?

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See Geert Vanden Bossche in answer to your question.

It is my understanding that Omi is the perfect opportunity for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated to 'train' their natural immunity. Due to Omi's comparatively benign nature.

Should a vaccinated person take an Omi specific jab, they will be at extreme risk from the arguably inevitable variant that such mass vaccination will create.

It is Geert's considered opinion that mass vaccination with an Omi specific vaccine, whilst Omi is broadly circulating, will place enormous evolutionary pressure on the virus. This will likely lead to a mutation away from the current receptor pathway, resulting in an entirely novel means of entry into the host's cells. This will result in the virus becoming significantly more virulent, whilst maintaining high transmissibilty. Why? Because the vaccinal Omi specific antibodies will attached to the virus, this will delay any response from the host's innate immunity, the virus will then attach to and enter the cell wall using a new pathway (the mutation). By the time the innate immunity is in action, significant disease will be in play with disastrous consequences for hospitalisation and death - particularly in circumstances whereby there is continued suppression of effective early treatment protocols.

Unvaccinated, together with vaccinated who do not take the Omi specific vaccine, will have a more pervasive and robust initial response to the mutated virus. Their immune system will identify the whole virus, not just the Omi spike. This will likely result in a broader 'smothering' of the identified virus, leading to far less viral efficacy in entering the cell wall and causing significant disease.

Bottom line, if you are vaccinated don't get any more jabs - your innate immunity will gradually regain composure. If you're unvaccinated, stay unvaccinated (though if you are, I doubt you need to be told). Most importantly, do not take an Omi specific vaccine. Further, the more people that take it, the more you should avoid it.

I trust I have summarised Geert's hypothesis accurately. Please seek clarification from Dr Alexander and Geert's extensive deliberations. Cheers.

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Mar 13, 2022·edited Mar 13, 2022

Are the vaccinated testing positive over and over again? I don't get it.

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What test is being used to determine if one has "covid' ? I understand the original test picks up a corona virus which could just be a normal cold.

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