Fauci’s Budget for decades has rewarded his yes men and women and has punished

Those who challenged his narrow views on how to attack infectious diseases! Big Pharma has had his back in his career and our political leadership left and right didn’t have the guts to question Fauci’s follies !

This has allowed the preplanned Covid crisis become the greatest crime against humanity!

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The first time I saw a debunking of the lab leak hypothesis, I saw that it was completely illogical and nonsense.

I realize most people have far less training as scientists than I have, but I was shocked that any (self-proclaimed) expert could fall for the debunking.

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You are savagely seeking the TRUTH and it is so refreshing. The only advice I have to be careful to not let the RAGE CONSUME YOU.

It almost did to me given the horrors I have learned over the past 3 years.


But true SEEKERS will be able to quiet the NOISE OF DELUSION and find LOVE in their HEARTS again.

Words matter, and now that I KNOW PERFECT LOVE DRIVES OUT FEAR, I intend to lead with that, and see where the KNOWLEDGE takes me.

Who knows, maybe if I listen close enough I might actually find WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING.

God bless you for your passion. May HIS LOVE overwhelm you in the best way. Your CLARITY on these matters will only come in to better VIEW. 🤍

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A common research practice in general. If researchers and institutions want to insure future grants/monies they have to support the propaganda of those providing it.

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I would say it is standard operating procedure. All that matters to most researchers is to get funding for any reason to stay in business. Never mind that these researchers are never going to present anything that goes against the standard medical narrative. They are never going to do meaningful research that might discover something that questions the status quo of medicine. It's all a shell game and Mengele fauci was the master player. Research labs are essentially running in place and have not come up with much to help humanity after the $100's of billions spent.

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Paul and others…

Find Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger on Twitter…February 27, 2023

VERY important WHO whistleblower…God Bless this highly intelligent,wonderful, courageous woman!

Paul…have you talked to her yet? She spoke at the January, 2023 Stockholm meeting trying to spell out clearly the WHO GLOBAL goals…eternal pandemics using FEAR!

Check out her interview with Dr. Jane Ruby on Ryan Cole’s gross unprofessional behavior towards her!

Also…how come many of the American doctors are not focusing on the NANOTECHNOLOGY (grapheme oxide) in these vaccines…only hearing spike protein narrative over and over?

How do you think these Satan’s are going to control us? Go study NANOTECHNOLOGY to fully understand…BIOTERRORISM 101!!!

Also, keep a tight eye on this writer with a serious background…

O’Biden Regime World War by Lex Greene @ newswithviews.com

ALL AWAKE hands must be on deck soon for the last peaceful option!



Mother/Grandmother Lion who is done with things that do not matter since we are in a very serious war for our Freedom and Liberty!

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That's how science works. An application for a grant to study "Effects of toxoplasma on feline behavior" would be far more likely to be successful if the description of the proposed research was modified to add e.g, "under current conditions of climate change." In a study on the effects of mRNA vaccination, a statement such as "In previous research, all of the animals administered the vaccine died whereas none of the animals in the control group who did not receive the vaccine died" has to be qualified with words such as "indicating that higher doses of the vaccine and more frequent administrations may be warranted when the vaccine is administered in vivo in human subjects" in order to get grant money.

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Congressional hearing.

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Just a coincidence, I'm sure...

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Ralph Baric is LITERALLY SAYING they created SARS-Cov in North Carolina, Chapel Hill, funded by NIH NIAID:

"Using the SARS-CoV infectious clone as a template (7), we designed and synthesized a full-length infectious clone of WIV1-CoV consisting of six plasmids that could be enzymatically cut, ligated together, and electroporated into cells"



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Does anyone have the names of the two bought off virologists please? Thanks.

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A 14 min video showing how this works for the narrative (lies) desired ...


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Uh, yeah.

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I am soooo waiting when something about Marion Koopmans is comming out. She is the Dutch one of the so called WHO investigators who after their trip were absolutely but perhaps not, sure covid came from the animal market. I think she also signed that Lancet 'lableak is conspiracy theory' article but I might remember that wrong

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again, so much evidence it is 5g radiation and not a virus:

1. wuhan china in nov 2019 finished installing THE FIRST 5G GRID IN THE WORLD.

2. 5 G SYMPTOMS are IDENTICAL to “covid19” symptoms - it affects oxygenation of the body, if turned on too high, U JUST DROP DEAD, EXACTLY as seen in the viral videos of “covid” from china (followed by millions of ppl disappearing and reports of suspicious spike in cremation activity)

i grew up under communism, i trust it is much worse than we can imagine.

3. the fake pcr test proved flu was rebranded as covid and the scamemic was over 97% inflated numbers of deaths and cases. NOT A REAL MEDICAL PANDEMIC.

4. top world carbon specialists, scientists & phd spanish researchers, among others (la quinta columna & ricardo delgado, andreas noak, franc zalwski etc) proved graphene poisoning and toxic nanotech in vaccines, highly compatible and complimentary w the new 5g surveillance state technology. THE VACCINE IS THE REAL VIRUS!

5. the same happened in 1918 and the spanish flu scamdemic - it’s a REPEAT, at much larger scale. then it was introduction of radio and failed meningitis vacvines goven to american soldiers at fort reilly, who were then sent all over the world... blame the spanish then, blame the chinese now.

just look up sone mask adds, u will gasp as i did : KISSING ADS W MASKS JUST LIKE NOW - test drive genocide

COVID IS 5G and graphene poisoning, the real virus is THE VACCINE, the lab theory is another psy op- as long as u BELIEVE IN THE FAKE VIRUS, they DON’T CARE WHICH FAKE STORY WE BUY INTO.

as long as we say covid, not vaccine and not 5g and not graphene.


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The biggest question since we know the lies and truths, is who will hold anybody accountable? The entire government is corrupt!

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